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  1. I think your 25th anniversary and 2013 ones are swapped around a bit, I was still living in Japan when Fukubiki Special 2 came out, I have most of the prizes (excluding the A sword and shield and the D mini sword.) As I moved back in August 2011, I know I got them there. I do remember seeing the Heroes one when I went back to visit in 2015, though, but everywhere I went was almost out of my favorite bits. :/
  2. No, the S-E JP store is on complete lockdown, basically, you find it on a third party website, or you find a buddy/service in JP to order it for you. They won't even take foreign issued credit cards, I tried to order something a few years ago to be shipped to a friend in Hiroshima, and no go. She ordered them COD and I paid her separately. :/ Sometimes Amiami gets this stuff in. They sometimes have the cutest shirts, though, I have two I bought around 2008 or so when I was living out there. On that vein, here's Yahoo!Japan Auctions selection: http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/sea
  3. Poor Maribel. That shirt looks pretty nifty, Rock DJ! Do you screenprint? These are the shirts available on the JP SE Store right now, I wanted one of them, but it was between those or the slime umbrella, and I took the umbrella. xD http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/V_MW53054.html http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/V_MW70005.html
  4. Platty, I sense a theme to your replies. xD Thank you for your kind words! The actual covers are rather easy, just some faux-suede, velcro, and foam, but I think you are asking about the embroidery part. I actually have several embroidery machines, I sell a handful of patches on etsy for some extra money, and use them to make some fun projects like this. I think my laziness (and the fact that C&Ds do stink, I've gotten a warning one before on etsy) keeps me from doing giant projects with them most of the time. ...which is unfortunate, as the software cost me $1500 I could totally
  5. Thank you! Part of me thinks I should sell these sometimes, but one, I'm lazy, and two, getting C&D's stinks. maybe I'll make a DQ set for a fun give away in here sometime.
  6. So it's a tradition that when I get a car, I whip up at least a few of these. Now that I've upgraded from my trusty old 1999 Buick Century to my new 2016 Buick Verano (first car loan ever yikes! I've always gotten used before,) I knew I had to make a nice set. I figured I'd represent some of my favorite fandoms, but be assured, the slime always goes with me at the front. The driver's seat in my old car still has a slime cover as well. The extra slime cover off to the left was actually the first one I made, and I accidentally used a smaller design. I'm trying to decide if I want t
  7. It's been pouring here in SoCal, just headed out of work DQ-style! :Dhttp://i.imgur.com/Ang92Mm.jpg

    1. Bururian


      That is awesome!

    2. Anrui Ukimi

      Anrui Ukimi

      Thanks! Gift from a former student of mine. :) Several people at work thought they were supposed to be cute rain drops...well, I could see that too.

  8. Well, overall, it looks pretty interesting! I'll have to wait until I've paid off a few credit cards, I just bought a new car and a new video card for my computer, plus, I'm tapped out from Christmas. Sigh.
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