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  1. The customization in X is really good though even if the character creator isn't to the level of some western ones. Once you unlock the hair color quests and start learning to dye your armor/weapons it's easy to come up with some really unique designs.
  2. I stand corrected! The two do sound similar, though, if you slow down Ghost Ship. I knew I'd heard the track before, just got the games mixed up. Guess this means it's time to replay 3.
  3. Make sure you're listening to the right track. Devil's Tower begins at about 1:45. The tempo is a little slower in Builders 2 but it's definitely the same composition.
  4. I am about 99% certain there are no new compositions. That is Devil's Tower from DQ2.
  5. Did they even bother putting out a release? I don't think there's a single original track for either of the Builders games.
  6. I downloaded it through QooApp. You won't find it on Google Play.
  7. I played a little bit of Golf Story when it came out, but it wasn't long before I dropped it. I wasn't very good at it.
  8. Now if you guys can give me tips on how to deal with the endgame of Your Story.
  9. I think my eventual strategy was: Give up and come back two months later and beat him on the first try. I just thought it was funny because Nimzo is one of the easier DQ bosses. But this was my first DQ game so I guess that was why.
  10. @Choppasmith is the guy. Not sure if he's still working on it.
  11. This was my second topic here and probably why I signed up for the Den. I can't believe I actually had trouble with this boss.
  12. Runs about the same as on PC only it has controller support and touch controls. I liked the touch controls so much I wonder why they haven't ported these to tablets yet.
  13. It plays really well on Switch with the touch controls. Though I was way more into Civ 5 than 6 for some reason.
  14. So I recently purchased this DQX artbook that released in January and while it is too monstrously large for me to scan the entire thing (this would also mean having to unbind it) I did take a small handful of hi res scans of some interesting pages in case anyone wants to see them. I did the best I could without actually damaging the book. Some of this art is really beautiful, I wish I could include more of it. It's just a time consuming process to scan, straighten, and crop everything.
  15. X's casino has an extra zoom stone for a prize...definitely useful. Also has a a prism for the dollaboard, which is less useful but everyone wants more of. And if you think the bunny suit is useless then I don't know what to tell you.
  16. I'm glad you got it working! And thanks for posting your solution. The future thanks you.
  17. I mean, it works fine for me so I don't think its borked. And I got it through Qooapp. Do you know what ver number you have? This is mine.
  18. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?
  19. Listening to this makes me want to finally buy some merch.
  20. I think we were only in there for a few days. Labor itself only took like 7 hours.
  21. Wow! You were able to interview a company that no longer exists? Finally got that time machine working eh?
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