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  1. I don't understand how people deal with this. I can't imagine sending my son off with strangers.
  2. Didn't know there was a game based on my ex.
  3. Here you go. Hope MediaFire is okay. https://www.mediafire.com/file/nuc5lez50eheoj8/DQ9_VIDEO_Y8GE01_00.trim.mp4/file
  4. Don't question Square Enix marketing. They know what they're doing.
  5. I (sort of) captured the video and uploaded it here. @Woodus if you'd like to have the .mp4 (or even the rom file) let me know.
  6. Well it would've required the purchase of the All-in-One yes. I keep forgetting about that. [emoji14]
  7. Really wish you were gonna be able to do the Dragonlord event. You could've dipped your toe into the multiplayer aspect at least for that.
  8. And he played the best MMO.[mention=6859]Plattym3[/mention] Don't even bother with any others. It'll all be downhill from here. Oh and glad to hear everything went okay with the baby!
  9. I suck at this game. Also didn't know I was playing at others. I didn't win any of them though.
  10. I recently acquired this cart thinking it was a playable demo of DQ9. Unfortunately it seems to just play a video on loop. Has anyone else ever gotten a hold of one of these?
  11. I echo@eal s post. I pretty much lucked into my job. And even though I don't make a lot, it's pretty cushy. Or it was before COVID anyway.
  12. I can't notice any differences at cursory glance. But it's completely compatible with my save files from the release version.
  13. It was given away with an issue of Shonen Jump in 2005. Relatively inexpensive to own as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-PS2-Dragon-Quest-VIII-Journey-of-the-Cursed-King-DEMO-DISC/124143074837?hash=item1ce780fe15:g:u~8AAOSwbWpeh6Mt
  14. They aren't "bad". They aren't as good as they should've been though. The framerate is kinda...laggy when moving around and the smoothed over sprites don't match the environments, I feel. But they're still probably a better way to play than the mobile ports. But if you want to introduce her to DQ, why not buy her XI?
  15. No, it doesn't. At least it didn't last year. I've signed up for 2FA simply so I can get bonus gems for the app though.
  16. From what I understand yes, the Trial prevents you from going beyond a specific level cap. And I do believe that cap is 80. You can still do the quest but won't be able to progress beyond that until you purchase the game.
  17. Thought it would be awful listening to myself, but it wasn't bad at all. Hope I was interesting enough. You can tell I was getting tired 3/4s of the way through the podcast when I stopped talking as much. Was a lot of fun though!
  18. Yep, it's a code for a gesture in-game. Your character will sit down and start eating. The food will be different depending on your race.
  19. Gonna have to pick that up. Used to love playing this on PC back in the day.
  20. "I'm a goo God-King, I swear! Don't Gooogle muatra. Slurrrp"
  21. DQM Super Light had that issue but had the virtue of being an enjoyable game so I got into it. DQ Stars has that issue as well but it feels more like a chore to keep up with everything.
  22. One that that stalls me at first glance are the menus in this game. I don't know why but these Dragon Quest apps always have an overabundance of options.
  23. I have played exactly 3 minutes of it on Switch. I should give it another shot.
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