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  1. Are you out of Dead Zone land yet?
  2. I mean, he isn't wrong. Though I would clarify that it improves on almost everything IX did and isn't necessarily just *better*. For the life of me, I can't understand why someone would get so upset and so much dislike a game that they haven't played. It's perfectly okay to say it's not your cup of tea. It's not okay to say it objectively sucks unless you've played it. I got not beef with people who don't want to play it, but hoping that it won't come out in English so that others can't play it is...bizarre man.
  3. Like you, I wanted to wait for a LRG release but I caved last week and bought it. My son loves watching me play any kind of fast moving action game so I wanted to see if it would entrance him like other racing games do. He cries and points at the remote everytime I put it on :/
  4. Apparently it was already a thing a while ago and it's already sold out. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/games/products/star-wars-racer-revenge-classic-edition-ps4 I'm a fool. Nevermind.
  5. In all seriousness, DQ2 doesn't suck though it probably is my least favorite. I would never wish that we no longer receive any future ports or remakes of it though, nor demand that its core elements be changed because I dislike the current gameplay of it.
  6. He got me, I guess I lost this debate. @DragonQuest2IsGood I don't like MMOs either. I love this one. Also, Dragon Quest 2 sucks.
  7. I would be majorly disappointed if DQX came over as just a stripped down singleplayer game. The amount of changes necessary even to just the world design to make this singleplayer would be a negative effect, causing some content to be excised wholly. The game is already solo-able, why do you wish that the fans of the multiplayer components should be robbed of that experience?
  8. Her channel is a full translation playthrough of the main quests. She's about 250 videos in at the moment and believe has just started version 4. I was only 3/4s serious with that response though as I realize it isn't the same as being able to read all the text yourself. As for internet connections, the game is playable out of the box if you're in the US, China, or Japan.
  9. Don't know if anyone is still (or ever did) play this, but I remade Tantegel Castle as a Mario level. Try it out.
  10. You guys really got into this when I was playing DnD last night and I wasn't able to coherently form many thoughts on the discussion. It's over now but I have a bunch of word vomit built up inside of me that needs gotten out. So here is my ramble. I mean this is fair, but there's always room for the market to change. Out of all the arguments against X succeeding in the west, this one is the strongest. Not even that, you can just recruit the God-level players as NPCs. There are at least two major DPS Battle Masters that I can think of on the Den Team that you
  11. Didn't realize season 4 was out.
  12. You're A ) looking at the final form of the final boss of v1 (so he's atypical for the majority of DQX bosses), B ) a final boss fight done at 2 time difficulty, and C ) a four year old video. There have been a large number of changes made to the game in recent years to make the game much more accessible especially in early game content. You really don't start encountering the tougher bosses until around version 3 (which for me, wasn't until I hit the 500 hour mark). And even then they are all perfectly solo-able. The only time you need to bring along real people is if you're doing some of t
  13. Yeah I'll second what others have said. The biggest reason why I want DQX to come over is because it is absolutely nothing like you're typical MMO. Most of the things you've described@ignasia do not apply to DQX.
  14. I've played a bit of PSO2. They could not be more different.
  15. You were asking about 16 bit Switch RPGs recently right? I can't believe I didnt think to recommend Evoland 2. Although not entirely 16 bit I enjoyed it.
  16. How reliable is that site? I was under the impression, that SE has not released sales numbers in many many years? And, look we all know that DQ10 is a long shot. It has been that way for a very long time. But in a world where Phantasy Star Online 2 can come out nearly 9 years after release, I believe there is hope to be had.
  17. I try to double check my posts for autocorrect nonsense, specifically so you won't have any pun-making material. I missed one.
  18. I'm definitely all for more PC ports, being a slight PC snob myself. But I'd also like to see the Zenithian trilogy on Switch. Though, to echo an earlier point, if I were only given one choice, I want Draggin Quest X. That game is at least 10x better than I ever thought it would be and had joined the likes of 7 and 5 in my Top 3 DQ games.
  19. I had no idea Switch emulation was here yet. It usually takes years before emulators can catch up to current gen consoles. Definitely cool, from a technical standpoint at the least.
  20. I heard about that. Presumably DQX will have an FF event? I haven't seen any postings on the DQX site about it yet though.
  21. These Chinese companies might as well just be referred to as the Chinese govt itself. They usually just exist as a means for China to insert its ideology into western markets. It's disheartening how much they are getting away with it.
  22. I mean, I dont judge anyone who uses daycare...do what you gotta do and theres something to be said for giving kids the social interaction. But that's my baby. I also don't understand how people deal with sending their kids off to school for the first time. We've just gotten him to start sleeping in his own bed and I already miss him.
  23. Unless you live in Japan, China, or the US you will need a VPN. Last I heard, Europe still has an IP block over it. Always worth trying out though. Who knows, they might decide to lift the ban in Europe one day and they don't exactly announce this stuff.
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