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  1. Nah, it's the Hero's hair. Platt's favorite style.
  2. And they have one that comes in an N64 box. This is what I get for being impatient.
  3. Oh @Plattym3, I made something for you. Warning DQXI Post-game spoilers
  4. Driving back up from the beach, we passed through the vacation hotspot in my state (which uncoincidentally currently has the largest number of cases in the state). Just driving through, we passed by a few mom and pop restaurants that you could see through the windows where packed with 30 - 40 people. Maybe 5% of those people were wearing masks, if I'm being generous.
  5. Finally started this game for a serious try yesterday. Going well so far.
  6. ~~You should be able to extract them using MKVMerge.~~ Nvm, can't read apparently.
  7. Yeah it was fun. I'll always be glad to do another one. Talking Dragon Quest at length isn't something I get to do much, other through text. And I'll always jump at the chance to proselytize for X.
  8. Monday both my wife and I worked from home while my son was with us. It was super difficult to get anything done. He chose the worst times (ie conference calls) to be clingy towards one parent. It's hard to get mad at a child when his only problem is that he wants to play with you.
  9. Cran has her fan to thwack people with. Having been thwacked before, I feel that it is sufficient.
  10. Just gotta wear a mask and avoid licking the doorknobs. Not much else you can do. I really need to go to the dentist but I've been putting it off until our case rates go down.
  11. You generally get it by playing DQ5 without wearing a mask.
  12. Geez what an unprofessional podcaster, taking time off for some silly "baby vacation".
  13. I have a friend who got really sucked into and I've been meaning to give it a try ever since. There are just too many other games I'm addicted to at the moment.
  14. When we go on vacation, it's usually with my wife's entire family. Which means that there are plenty of people that aren't me to watch my son. So I'm going to enjoy myself when we go this weekend.
  15. Are you out of Dead Zone land yet?
  16. I mean, he isn't wrong. Though I would clarify that it improves on almost everything IX did and isn't necessarily just *better*. For the life of me, I can't understand why someone would get so upset and so much dislike a game that they haven't played. It's perfectly okay to say it's not your cup of tea. It's not okay to say it objectively sucks unless you've played it. I got not beef with people who don't want to play it, but hoping that it won't come out in English so that others can't play it is...bizarre man.
  17. Like you, I wanted to wait for a LRG release but I caved last week and bought it. My son loves watching me play any kind of fast moving action game so I wanted to see if it would entrance him like other racing games do. He cries and points at the remote everytime I put it on :/
  18. Apparently it was already a thing a while ago and it's already sold out. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/games/products/star-wars-racer-revenge-classic-edition-ps4 I'm a fool. Nevermind.
  19. In all seriousness, DQ2 doesn't suck though it probably is my least favorite. I would never wish that we no longer receive any future ports or remakes of it though, nor demand that its core elements be changed because I dislike the current gameplay of it.
  20. He got me, I guess I lost this debate. @DragonQuest2IsGood I don't like MMOs either. I love this one. Also, Dragon Quest 2 sucks.
  21. I would be majorly disappointed if DQX came over as just a stripped down singleplayer game. The amount of changes necessary even to just the world design to make this singleplayer would be a negative effect, causing some content to be excised wholly. The game is already solo-able, why do you wish that the fans of the multiplayer components should be robbed of that experience?
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