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  1. And if you want to see you play time for a game you haven't played for a while, you have to dig out the cart and launch it again. The thing that confuses me about their cudgy playtime display is that there's no reason for it to be like this.
  2. I wrote the ring fit thing off as a gimmick. Is it seriously worth looking into?
  3. Um...keep playing the game?
  4. What size paper did you use? I have some cardstock I stole from work, but it's letter sized. I feel it might be too small for this.
  5. I'm supposed to be playing DQ8. I reached Baccarat earlier this week and haven't had the chance to pick it back up. Dragon Quest X has this way of just consuming your life. I was never one to fall victim to MMOs cause I didn't like them, but now I have a couple of friends that I play with semi regularly and it's hard to avoid that feeling of FOMO when they're online and I'm not. The other night we just started playing a round of Hide n Seek in Julette, the Weddie town. It's absolutely not a part of in-game content or anything...just something that started in jest and now we're arranging a rank
  6. My state finally just issued a mask order. I gues Governor MeeMaw woke up from her nap and just learned what was going on.
  7. Oracle games were great Zelda titles. I hold a lot of nostalgia for those. I really need to replay one soon. Pokémon was more my jam back in the GBC days though. I didn't venture very far from Gold and Silver.
  8. I had the Pokemon TCG game as a kid but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as everyone else has. I never finished it. I've always heard great things about it, though from people who've discovered it years later.
  9. Nobody got a physical release except for some South East Asian countries because they don't have access to digital purchases. It would be a strange day when NA got a physical release of something that never got a physical release in JP.
  10. I rag on 6 a lot, but it's not AWFUL. It's still a Dragon Quest game. I actually like it more than 2, personally.
  11. Yeah, cheaper than though, but still more than I would want to pay. Glad I got all mine years and years ago. I used to buy copies of 5 to give as gifts. Guess those days are over.
  12. The entire DS Zenithian trilogy is pricey at the moment, not just 6. Though, didn't 6 get the fewest printings?
  13. I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I'm sure getting a hankering to go sailing the seas.
  14. A lot of teachers default to the high risk demographic. Nobody's even talking about the threat posed to them if schools open up again. Things need to just stay online. I totally understand that a lot of kids probably just don't learn anything remotely compared to in-class but dems da breaks. I'd rather that than have more people die en masse. But I dunno. I don't have the answers I guess.
  15. Coworker is really really sick and possibly has it. So now I'm doing the job of two people, plus my own. I haven't been this tired since I worked in a warehouse. Also, my state is led by a bunch of dumb #$*!s that still have not implemented a masking order and will more than likely not close again once the second wave hits.
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