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  1. I was wondering if there is any desire on this forum to out together a podcast. Something that comes to mind is the Zelda Universe Community that started their own podcast with different sections dealing with different parts of the games and the community. DQ is pretty lacking in the podcast department. When watching some of saigancats DQ Let's Plays, I kept thinking how nice it is to have some fan commentary about DQ. I would personally love more of that. Anyone else feel the same way? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  2. After seeing the recent saigancat videos, no, I don't feel that Square Enix the company deserves us. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  3. Are they just the carts or still in boxes with manuals/etc.? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  4. By that, do you mean the 3DS remake? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  5. I've read the synopsis for I - III. Mainly because they were the first in the series and, at the time, I wasn't too concerned with spoilers. I'm likely to forget most details before I sit down and play them, anyway. Particularly, I just try to avoid spoilers for games I'm currently playing or that I'm about to play. I understand this is a DQ forum and the games are mostly old, so people are going to discuss them, but it's nice to be warned. I can usually avoid most spoilers by just being smart. I'm really loving DWVII, though. More than I thought I would. I want to experience th
  6. I'm sorry, I've had experience on forums, before, but to be honest, I forgot that I wasn't on Reddit. I guess I expected a comment to have been posted since my last reply Won't happen, again. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  7. Is there even a way to emulate the 3DS, yet? Well, I know there are no official emulators released yet, except for that fake that was going around, but I'm not even sure if there is anyone working on it. You guys might know better than I do. If I knew we could even emulate it, then I'd say, yeah, a good translation by, say, DQTranslations (even though they dropped off the face of the earth) would be cooler than what Plus Aplha would do. I'm enjoying DW VII for the PS1. I'm not sure if I'd like playing it with the early content cut out, although, I understand why they're doing that.
  8. I wouldn't say that, Ryu. I agree that Minecraft fans are more likely to give new games a try. Also, Mimecraft fans are people. They like many different kinds of games. That said, I am a Mine craft fan. I bought the game back before it was released in 2011. There are already tons of texture packs, mods, and skins for games like Pokémon, The Elder Scrolls, Halo, Zelda. Heck, I've played an authentic recreation of the A Link to the Past world on an adventure map. Of course, DQ isn't very popular in the west, but there are bound to be MC fans who will try it, if it's done well and is
  9. I'm 25 hours in. I've restored about four islands, not counting the immigrant town. I have rescued the boy, Gabo, and have him in party, as well. I haven't gotten to the point where I can adopt classes, yet, though. I just figured she'd stick around, since she's been here this long. Thanks for redacting your spoilers. I hate any kind of spoilers, for the most part, when reading/watching/playing anything. It's hard to dodge around spoilers, here, because I think most everyone here has had time to play all of the old games. I just picked up this series, seriously, earlier this year.
  10. Ohh, I didn't think about that. Little brat took off with some equipment I bought her, early in the game. I was pretty pissed off until I realized she'd pretty much be with me the entire game. Guess I should count myself lucky. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  11. What is the Maribel problem? If it's a spoiler, then spare me. I'm currently going through DW7. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  12. So Woodus has had a background in translating DQ games, huh? I feel like that's something I should have already picked up on. Whoopsie. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  13. Thanks, guys! This stuff is awesome! Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  14. I just meant the history of this site, Dragon's Den, in general. I'm mostly aware of DQ history. I'm sorry if I've violated any rules regarding formatting. Does it really matter?? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  15. I was unsure of where to post this...almost put it under General Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior, then I almost put it under Dragon's Den Suggestions....I decided, finally, to place this here, as I'm still new and do not wish to be yelled at. My questions is fairly straightforward...when I purchase something from the Dragon's Den Amazon Store Page, does Dragon's Den, the site, get any kind of funding or support? I had been planning to purchase DQ VI DS & DQ VIII PS2, from Amazon, this week, anyway, and I almost did it from Amazon.com, outright, but then I remembered seeing the aStore page,
  16. Okay, took me an eternity, but I uploaded the JPGs in a 7z archive split into four parts. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 This is for anyone to use. I know that Woodus uploaded the PDF file to the site, so he probably doesn't want/need the JPG scans, but they're here, anyway. Enjoy!
  17. Well, since others have stated otherwise, I don't want to hate on the localization team, but I personally find it difficult to take the game seriously when you have NPCs named Josef Starling, Prelvis Esley, Conrad Ilton and towns named Canalot, Laissez Faire, etc. etc. It's like the translators aren't taking it seriously or are making fun of it. Just my two cents. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  18. From looking at Dwaine's interviews and reading forum posts, I get the idea that most of the jokes and such are a result of localization, correct? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  19. I think it's a little...dumb to have a fantasy world feature countries that heavily influenced by earth cultures. I mean...Josef Starling?? C'mon. And when I was playing DQ5, near the end, The Zenith Dragon's human form was named Dr. Agon. Certainly this was a localization change, right? What was changed about Pankraz's death in DQ5? I don't like that the localization team thinks themselves to be better writers than the creators of the game. After reading a LOT, the past day or so, I feel like most of the changes in the most recent games have been unneeded. Were there really thi
  20. Why not, though? I mean, the closer to the source material it is, the better. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  21. A custom Android ROM. My signature, in Tapatalk, adjusted itself to reflect my phone and device status. Or maybe I adjusted it, manually, and forgot. I don't remember. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  22. Are the new translations accurate? I was just going by what several people had mentioned on Reddit. A couple of people at /r/dragonquest mentioned that the new translations were some of the best the series had seen. I'm, personally, a little dubious of this because I know that there weren't Russian or Scottish accents in the Japanese version of, say, DQ4, so how could they be accurate? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  23. Hate to double post, but I have put the JPEGs in a 7z archive and split it into four 73 MB parts. I have uploaded the first part to Mediafire. Trying to upload the second part, but my mobile connection is being a bit persnickety. I will get it done, though, since someone above mentioned that he would like to have the JPEG version. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  24. Sorry, guys. Just thought I'd get better, more in-depth explanations to my questions and a greater understanding of the different localizations, overall, by discussing them here than if I just did a simple Google search. If this is something that's asked a lot or doesn't belong here, then a mod may feel free to delete this this topic. Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
  25. Does anyone know why this is so? Sent From My Galaxy Note 2 Running VanillaRootBox
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