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  1. Good episode! I was afraid there was going to be a throwdown when he said he didn't like XI.
  2. But how else will I reminisce about the past and regret my bad decision making?
  3. You set a stone to a town at a church. Second option, I believe.
  4. I'm hoping the DQ1 event is dropping with it!
  5. Yeah there was supposed to maintenance scheduled for today. Forget when it ends, though.
  6. Elimination of bias is mostly impossible. The drive to reduce bias is what most should strive for. But the second part of your post is more or less what I was saying above. Bias, in media review at least, has its value.
  7. Bias is, of course, an inherently negative thing in any kind of review if it causes you to regard the content unfairly. However, don't discount the value of reviewing a game you dislike. Totalbiscuit hated 3D platformers and mostly avoided them. However, he tried to remain impartial when he did review them and oftentimes the criticisms he had, even if colored by his bias, would often communicate valuable info. If Platty hates linear level design and goes on a rant about all the aspects of a linear game, then it might convince somebody who enjoys that linearity to purchase the game. If you dis
  8. Somebody should create an "official" discord then.
  9. There's a lot of guidance online. I've said this in a few places, but Nawaria's YT channel can walk you through playing the entire game. And after a while, you sort of become savvy enough to do some stuff on your own. But having her translate the entire story is what made this game fully playable for me. And the Den Team is usually pretty helpful if you're polite.
  10. I could understand being upset about content re runs during normal circumstances, but they announced mo ths ago that COVID would impact their content rollout. Rerunning content gives them a reprieve. That said, I had just about grown bored of the game anyway. DQV event was what I was really holding out for. I can't justify the Adventurers Pass each month anymore.
  11. Agreed, though the Den Team is still usually pretty small. It would be cool if more of the regular posters here played. But yeah, the community of the English DQX players has a pretty bug overlap with this forum.
  12. Well for me it's because it takes a segment that is traditionally a part of any story and delivers it in an interactive way. Pankraz instills that childhood feeling to the player of their dad being super strong and capable of anything when you journey with him. It sets up the childhood best friend trope but let's you play through it. Where many games would feature a 3 minute cutscene introducing these characters and events to you, DQ5 instead let's you meet them directly in play over the course of about 3 hours.
  13. DQ7 is paced poorly in relation to other games of it's kind, even from its era. The quest triggers can be quite annoying. But those things don't really detract from the experience for me because I generally talk to everybody in DQ games which almost always eliminates quest trigger troubles. Also for a series that runs the gamut between short and long games, DQ7 totally has its place as more of a slow burn. Anytime I give my personal negative review of something it's done with the knowledge that somebody, somewhere out there, will get more out of it than I did. And that's perfectly fine. It ca
  14. If DQX ever got localized, we would force you to play with us.
  15. I was fortunate that when my son was born, Dragon Quest XI came out. Paternity leave started on August 19th and ended October 1st. So in was able to complete all of DQXI before going back to work.
  16. I remember the post to the 3DS subreddit you showed in the image. The complaints were pretty much about things that made it a Dragon Quest game. It was clear that the people criticizing it didn't like JRPGs.
  17. Paced poorly? Yes. Quest flaggy? Absolutely. Bland? What? No. Seriously, there are some valid complaints out there about 7. Bland isn't one of them.
  18. I still say it's dumb. Rhone is iconic to the series. When fans refer to a difficult part of the game, they mention Rhone. Should we strive for fidelity in translations when localizing new content? Yes, absolutely. But Rhone was already embedded in the franchise as a well established name. They didn't change Erdrick to Roto in the mobile ports for this same reason, but yet felt it appropriate to change Rhone? I don't get it.
  19. Do we ever stay on topic? No really, this is more like a bunch of friends talking about stuff than it is any kind of strict discussion forum.
  20. So you were playing without an SE account? I think they call that a guest account. I have no idea how you would carry over character data that way, then. Sorry.
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