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  1. Yeah I signed up to the pass as well. Don't think I got charged.
  2. Check out Sugaroku Quest for NES. Theres an English translation online somewhere.
  3. Feb 25th 2:00 UTC...so it should actually be available tonight, if you're in America. 8PM CST.
  4. Was only joking. A meta reference to the movie itself.
  5. Enjoyed the podcast up to a point but the ending was awful. Really disrespectful to your fans. 1 star.
  6. Work Toddler Star Trek Online ocassionally Writing Roleplaying Reading Not much else other than that. It doesn't feel like I should have time for all this now that I've written it out.
  7. 98% of the movie was fantastic. The ending was #$*!. They should have moved the segment where Tuppence is giving the player his selections to the very beginning. Just eliminate the twist.
  8. There are a few problems I have with modern Trek, not really anything to do edith the pacing of Picard. Generally speaking, Picard is a good show and is some of the best Trek we've seen since Enterprise. But then, the bar has been set pretty low. I'm most upset about how Picard seems to have reintroduced money into Federation society. Also, I'm not cool with the F bombs.
  9. Yeah I thought it was weird too. There was a brief moment where my wife and I considered staying up to 2AM Central (the actual time it drops) to watch it. But then we remembered that we're thirty and have a toddler.
  10. Picard drops at like midnight, so you can easily "find" it on Thursday. I have it ready by the time we get home from work. I enjoyed the first two episodes. The most recent two I enjoy less so.
  11. I just keep a spreadsheet of all completed games.
  12. Gonna try to watch it tonight, but Picard takes precedence. May have to wait till the weekend.
  13. Made a return to pen n paper RPGs last night. All my other attempts at playing have been false starts that I didn't really get into.
  14. Good episode. I enjoyed the insight on how Zenith makes his maps.
  15. Everything's gotta be a mobile game these day. There's too much money in it.
  16. I was kind hoping for Owen Wilson starring and Danny Devito as the Slime.
  17. I'm actually a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-man. So nobody noticed the difference.
  18. Excited we're getting it, of course. But I'm wary about that ending.
  19. Minstrel Hero But with a lute controller. You play DQ tunes.
  20. "Do it like you mean it." Never even played it, personally. Just watched Saigan's stream.
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