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  1. I really didn't like it. The thing with the death fakeoit felt cheap to me. They could have pulled some of these idea off if they'd given it more time. But the whole season felt so rushed
  2. Stay safe man. [mention=6859]Plattym3[/mention] Have you seen the Picard finale?
  3. Yeah the city I work in has a shelter in place order and it's basically done nothing. And our governor has straight up said she doesn't want to do a SiP for the state. We all #$*!ed, boys and slimes.
  4. I scan payment remits (and other various medical documents) to a digital record for a healthcare company. Still having to go in every day.
  5. How many members are we at now?
  6. Do the daily quests. There's a low level quest every day that gives you a ticket.
  7. Coworkers wife tested negative for covid. Dodged that bullet. Aaaand, the kid that my son plays with is pretty sick and getting tested. So gotta dodge another one.
  8. My coworker called in sick yesterday. Apparently his wife was at an event last week where somebody was confirmed to have it. Just awaiting their test results to see if I've been exposed.
  9. My building is all but abandoned today.
  10. The problem with using localization names for a game that hasn't been localized is that when people need to reference those monsters for playing DQX, it's needless confusion. If I'm looking for Chop Clown, I'm not going to know that I really should be looking for whatever its modern English localized name is.
  11. A bit. I scan medical documents for record keeping. Which includes insurance forms that patients have handled. If that doesn't get me, I work closely to the mailroom in which couriers who have been all over the various different clinics and hospital locations often congregate. Crossing all my fingers and toes.
  12. Apparently my job still considers me "essential".
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