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  1. Master Mode has its own save file. As for the DLC, the continuous ebemy challenge dungeon was really fun and the extra story cutscenes were interesting. But I can't say that the extra shrines it added to the game were all that unique. You aren't missing out in a whole lot by not having the DLC but if you want the complete experience you should probably get it.
  2. Yeah, the only reason we're getting the Switch versions is because Nintendo is paying for it I'm sure.
  3. Downloading it now. I'll give it a try once I don't have a million games to play.
  4. I've been meaning to read that but have never gotten around to it.
  5. Am I weird for being unable to get into non-turn-based JRPGs? I like the idea of NNK, but the action based combat is boring to me.
  6. Some of the VA was good. Some of it was terrible. The Goron kid in particular, I thought, was ill-fitting. I liked the sound of Zelda's voice and there were plenty of lines that were well-delivered by her, but there were also some lines that were bad and sounded as though an amateur was voicing her. Anyway, I finished up my 100% run of Spyro the Dragon in the reifnited trilogy last night. I made the mistake I'd starting DQX around the same time I got Spyro and I ended up not playing a whole lot of Spyro until my free 20 days were up. I'm actually going into withdrawals for DQX right now but I don't want to subscribe for a month with Link's Awakening and DQXIS just around the corner. I finally understand all the "World of Warcrack" jokes now...this is the first time I've ever been addicted to an MMO. Anyway, back to Spyro. It's funny because that game is both easier than I remember and harder. I'm convinced that Hell is just a room where Satan hands you a controller and tells you to play the flying levels from Spyro 1 for all eternity. The rest of the game is super easy, especially the end fight against Gnasty Gnorc. But I think that's the game's charm. Its easily beatable for children which is probably why I loved the game so much as a kid. The soundtrack I find, while almost identical to Stewart Copeland's original score, is a little more subtle than the original tracks. I kinda perfer the original areangements though I admit it is often difficult to tell the two apart. The map option is nice as it's something that 3D platformers of the era didn't have that is pretty much a requirement in 3D worlds today. Even though I know the game worlds very well, playing them without a map just makes the game annoying and not necessarily more challenging. The language selection option is pretty cool too, as someome learning Polish. Though I wish it didn't restart the level every time you changed the language. Which reminds me, the load times in this game are ABYSMAL. Maybe it's just the Switch version but I have to have a magazine nearby when booting up this game.
  7. I'm pretty sure they just straight inserted Toriyama's art. It does look out of place.
  8. I really doubt that will happen. It would have to be the Dragon Warrior version of the game which my confuse new players who have jumped on with Builders 2 and DQXI. In fact, I believe this is the reason why we won't ever see any of the older games ported or put on virtual console.
  9. So how does one purchase a house? I have the vacant land but I don't see where I am supposed to buy the house to put on it.
  10. I wish I could get my wife into DQ. All she's interested in playing are Stardew Valley, Civ, and Minecraft. I've tried to get her started on Builders but we've been so busy with work and the kid that there's not much time for her to get into a new game.
  11. How do you get the monster to actually show up in your party? I feel like I'm probably missing something minor.
  12. Further, is the mediafire collection up to date? I noticed it's missing a lot of DQ VII.
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