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  1. So...is the DQ game on the 3DS eshop good?

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Are you talking about DQ Wars?

    2. jay


      If you mean Dragon Quest Wars, it's quirky and kinda fun for a little bit, but doesn't really last in my opinion.

  2. So I just today ended up getting a 2ds so it made me wonder. Currently/in the future is it known if there will be any special things for DQ7/8 like themes and whatnot?

    1. Bururian


      it wouldn't make a difference. 2DS is the same in all fashion except that it can't do 3D.

    2. Dragonmist19


      the 2ds thing was kind of irrelivant to what I was getting at. But I was curious if there were any special things like themes and whatnot when getting the games(or if there will be any in the future) or if the special edition 3DS will have anything special.

  3. Quick little thing; until december 3rd. DQ Heroes is 10% off on steam at $53.99 USD.

  4. http://2.p.mpcdn.net/350317/564363/2.jpg So any of you heard of this one punch man thing?
    1. david


      I feel bad for any monster in DQ against Saitama.

  5. Good news; on December third DQ heroes is coming to STEAM! Seems like this next quest is going to become quite steamy.

    1. Neofrodo


      That pun was so bad I almost forgot about the Steam release.

  6. I made a comment on the recent direct about DQ; 24 hours or so later it has almost 200 +'s and like 10+ comments. Welp; that happened quickly

  7. I don't think the video started off the strongest but I feel they did a good job reviewing DQ Heroes
  8. http://i.imgur.com/iEeEC8S.png?1 Since seeing recent DQ games I feel like this is pretty accurate.
  9. I finally finished deciding what monsters I would/wouldnt be getting in Dqmj1. Dark slime knights too good.

  10. Quick Dqmj1 question. Is Dullhan better than Buffalogre? Well in comparison to how much time it takes to scout/synth the monsters for Dullhan.

  11. I never knew deciding how to turn a mischevious mole into a dullhan could be such a difficult set of choices.(DQMJ1)

  12. Tomorrow I am going to be doing a job application for a nearby gamestop...too bad I know nothing about the games kids these days play(except DQ heroes if it sells well).

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Just mention call of Duty and anything with guns and you should be fine. If you say DQH, they'll likely respond with a "what's that?" or a shrug of little caring.

    2. eal


      I look forward to your tell-all post in the coming months.

    3. ignasia


      My experience is they don't ask you that. They don't care until they tell you what games to promote. They care that you push pre-orders though, and GI subscriptions, and that you can work with a team, and can do menial tasks, and that you really really really want to work there.

  13. What is a slimes favorite cheese? Gooda.

  14. All of that seems amazing to be in the game (except for marchello having kathwack and Empyrea having kafuddle, RNG FTL). But it's nice to see some of the more op things like Axes and whips nerfed to make things like scythes and knifes/swords seem more viable for options of what to go for. But as far as the whole super boss thing goes
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