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  1. Well, Japanese are really harsh online when they are anonymous LOL +Xenophobia
  2. Coincidentally, just saw Yawara's topic as 1st attempt LOL So here are mine too. He said I should post the suggestion on Hiroba so here there are https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/forum/prethread/410206 You can help upvote for more push
  3. ä¼èª¬ã®ä¸‰æ‚ªé­” new trio 3 devil from legend ...whatever! my best record is 2.31 but I need you guys challenge just 3 minutes! video guideline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH9D9c7nxGA how to go faster? - dont die - Magic Knight use sword - attack skills have jewel buff - kira kira pon how things going to fail? - die a lot - Forcebreak miss (both storm and dark) recommend setting WAR MK MA Priest MA MA MK Priest
  4. SERIOUSLY?! 30/30 2 times! 252 run............
  5. finally remember my ID and password, cause today my brain got adrenaline rush for DQXI news tomorrow took longer than usual again, but my team finally cap LV45 and about Yoshi-P comment; He already plan all important modes/functions/varieties of this game (and clone them to FFXIV) for last long 10 years and current director (Ricky) is his former underling, get the picture now?
  6. http://dq10maru.com/archives/15459474.html additonal
  7. call me anytime note: 1st form can done with NPC easy
  8. Kranboorii plz, not with minstrel
  9. depends, but decent gears start at lv 50 set. and also depend on situation too, very few boss in DQX need specific armor, all are beatable without high-end equipments. in end game contents, it's up to you how much you wanna win or you feel guilty for being burden with party but if you focus on casual play, naked fight til lv 80 is fun too
  10. we tried with - item mage priest priest - item mage sage priest - mage mage priest priest latter is the best. record was 30 mins. all his moves are all 1 shot death, accept you has breath defend around 50% or dark defend chasm
  11. real world pyramid B1 on screen as normal monster
  12. no, not the ice bucket Dark Nebulas, Hardest monster in current game
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