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  1. Getting annoyed because i keep losing on dragon quest monsters joker 2 -_- the only good monster i have is ruin, and my main team dies easily... I think i will just give up and not play for a while

    1. Ifooboo


      Have you beat Rigor Mortex? The game doesn't stop there quite yet. I have finished ALL the story bosses, have over 100 hours in my counter, and I still have a LONG way to go.

    2. Hexios


      just rethink your strat man analyze your teams weaknesses and try try to compensate for them


  2. Hades condor, garuda, elysium bird i would like to see
  3. Anyone up for a battle?

  4. My team now is king bubble slime, heligator, and archdemon my team is for the story at the moment My team now is king bubble slime, heligator, and archdemon my team is for the story at the moment
  5. This is kinda wierd since i haven't been on this site for ages... Anyways, i kinda need help with my team. It is as follows: King bubble slime bang and zap II Cure all wisdom boost living statue barricade defender defence boost lethal armor thunderwind slashes attack boost defence boost I dont mind keeping king bubble slime, But i'm having trouble scouting good monsters. Also, were do i get the minus sceptre
  6. i see. do you know whats wrong with it? maybe i can help?
  7. Hey guys i have super smash bros brawl and i was wondering if anyone wants to fight me my fc is 0561-4552-7272 name: tom
  8. Is back from holiday

  9. Is back from holiday

  10. Is on holiday. (will be back next saturday)

  11. Is currently earning loads of gold on the final T'n'T board in DQ5

  12. And by the way, DQ1 characters?

    -descendant of Erdrick

    -King Lorik, king of Tantegel and Alefgard

    -Lady Lora, the daughter of Lorick

    -The Dragonlord

  13. New PLOT TWIST in the RP! >:D

  14. yeah its gonna be awesome :3 ocarina is a good game, although master quest is extremely hard. im stuck, soooo i dunno if anyone can help me, but my topic is in the game section
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