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  1. hey, if anyone wants to add me please do my code is 5413 0511 4746
  2. hey, im so confused cause i was pretty sure they took down the servers on joker 2 wayyyy long ago lol. like late 2012 or early 2013...but anyway, i too always made top 100 easily i had over 300+ hours on my game files combined been a while since i played though. my team was basically an atlas and a metal slime for the points since its d rank the atlas was somewhat different than most probably used though, and i think thats what made him so good since he has tactical genius basically my team was atlas - max stats - whack ward for hp recovery and hp boost, attack boost 3 for hp and attack, def boost 3 for def and hp, and healer. - set to focus on healing metal slime - max stats -uber defence boost, healer, uber health boost - set to focus on healing basically its a stall team, group spells wont work on metal slime only hitting atlas, and atlas has 1666 hp, and 1090 def which is enough to survive most rounds, my metal slime then heals my atlas since it goes first most, then atlas will heal then attack once or twice, hoping to get a critical or 2 the team works very well, and i dominated most teams this way, to be honest the only way i couldnt win was if they had to much hp/defence, or they kept reviving with mp recovery. but i almost NEVER lost with this team. i could just simply keep healing. tbh i dont think i ever lost with it. the only way i would is to lose my mp which was very hard in joker 2. since heals cost like 10mp max. and atlas has 363 mp and metal slime 704 mp, the down side is i had to wait for my team to run out of mp, which made this team take forever to lose. i remember waiting literally like an hour over at times just for my team to die pretty much a winning team but takes forever if they cant do enough damage, which is rare even for the top 50ish teams back in the day
  3. can you still play dragon quest monster joker 2 online? they took down the servers long long ago...well, when they were up i was in the top 100 pretty much every time, my best was top 30 i believe. if you can still play this with friend codes like 1 v 1 i would love to vs some people again i have like 300+ hours though if my file still exists, i beat the game, had like 150+ hours then remade a new file with 173+hours on it just checked only 100+ on terrys wonderland atm my team is normally an atlas with a metal slime, since rank d gets awarded more points onine. im pretty confident in this team
  4. that really doesnt mean too much, terrys wonderland had usa flags and it didnt come to america sadly either way im getting this game for my japanese 3ds also thanks dranzer for clearing that up for me, i guess ill just be getting the game alone, since i already have a japanese 3ds and its kinda pricey.
  5. hello everyone iv currently picked up terrys wonderland again after taking a month break about. and im trying to figure out how to make my team better. so it can get in the top 100 in online tournaments at least. i feel that to do this i should probabbly ditch any 2 slot monsters and stick with 4, 1 slot monsters, any thoughts on this? i feel like those generally do the best. also what skillsets/traits do you generally give your monsters and feel are best? thanks also, lightningzombie. i know almost no japanese either but i figured out the main game pretty easily, their were times i was stumped but i just tried different things and picked up what certain things meant. btw stars are how strong your party is. idk how they rank it but if you have like a rank d monster its gonna be low stars but a rank s would be higher, also level seems to effect it as well. this site here helped me TONS for online play. http://translate.google.com/translate?act=url&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ja&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://game-cap.com/terry3ds/data/monst226.html but for the main game i would just recommend train train train, and if your stuck on a specific part mention it and someone can probabbly help you
  6. man oh man, february needs to get here and fast!! dragon quest has always been my favorite game series cant wait to get this i just looked up the game on amiami and it says "regular edition" is this refering to just getting the game and not the special dragon quest 3ds with the game? or will their be a "vanilla" version and a "professional" version. if their is a better version i want to preorder the right one. anyone know? thanks
  7. thanks also nice about the new pokemon, you got x or y? im highly considering getting pokemon x very very soon. heck im gonna get it its just when i get around to either going to gamestop or actually ordering it lol. also we can vs each other in pokemon as well my friend code is 5413-0511-4746 thats for my english 3ds since ill be getting pokemon in english
  8. cant wait for this game it just keeps getting better and better also it looks like their might be a "world map" like in dragon quest 8 and 9. rather than portals/wells like in monsters joker 2 and terrys wonderland. can you imagine how epic that would be if they combined a huge world like in dragon quest 8 and the monster series? idk why but that just makes me super excited idk if they are going to do this or not im just speculating over this image http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=322126|4 the fact that there is an ocean makes me think that there could be 1 giant world map as well rather than how they played it off in terrys wonderland. which still was cool. love that game
  9. well 1 more day in the wifi tournament and im ranked 355, i won 4 today and lost 1 so im assuming ill be even higher tomorrow. i might be able to finish within the top 300 i dont think i can earn enough points to reach top 100 but maby if i do good tomorrow which is the last day. like 5-0. when i try to get my friend code it gives me some wierd message about a mii. do i have to make a mii first or something? if so how would i do that? thanks
  10. thats a shame about only japanese games but i expected as much well hopefully when i get iru and lucas mysterious keys they will implement the same feature for terrys wonderland and since i will have both in japanese i CAN do it then hoping they do tight about the FC ill have to search for mine as it would be different for my japanese 3ds, where would i find it again btw? i guess i could just try to find it in my regular 3ds its probabbly in the same spot. lol
  11. dude thats so much info thanks! also im SUPER HAPPY right now my team just went 5-0 with wins on the gp tournament and yesterday it was 5-0 wins too, yesterdays teams were around 3000 so i wasnt to sure how my team would fare but todays were around 500ish. which is epic i even went against someone in the top 100 he was ranked 87th and i won! it was kinda close though in my oppinion. he killed one of my monsters(metal king slime with a critical, dang him lol) and others were just a little over half hp. all in all i feel really happy with this team i also noticed that in monster joker 2 whoever had the most hp won, but in this it seems to not be the case, im wondering if its a percentage of hp now. any info on that? cause i lost one game i forget what i had but i had 3 monsters with like 3000+ hp left. and he had like 1000 max, since he had 3 left 1 was a metal king, and 1 was joker both have low hp. also how can i exchange monsters from joker 2? i have joker 2 english but terrys wonderland in japanese is that possible still???? i had like 200+ hours in joker 2 then i reset the game and had 170+ hours so i had a total of like 370+ hours lolol i was ranked 30 in 1 of the wifi tourneys in joker 2 and i remember i challanged the number 1 player in that tourny and tied (i say a tie because noone could kill each other so i just waited till my mp ran out and died ) also if you want we could have a battle sometime, theirs friendcodes right? or something like that we could 1v1 each other
  12. yea thats pretty much how my team is, every magic attack is at least halved while alot are 1/4 the damage and some i even absorb. and with 2000+ defence on all monsters in my team as well as metal skorpian that has peralous perrior and red mist with it and metal king slime i feel once i get my metal king slimes stats maxed it will be quite a team i switched out metal king slimes def 3 for hard head to give it auto hp recovery, a chance at critical hits and also it can attack and lower defence of one enemy which is perfect since i dont use magic i just attack with metal skorpian and oh skorpion, oh skorpion has a little over 1000 attack while metal skorpion has almost 1500 both with no weapons i also see alot of metal king slime teams running forbarance on the metal king slime. which used to throw me off but seems to be fine now since metal skorpion has 1500 attack and hits twice if he keeps spamming forbarance and doesnt heal i can take him out within about 2-3 turns
  13. yea iv been using a liquid metal slime for the whole game and even in the wifi gp tournaments, time to upgrade to a king already got 1 king working on getting the other 1 now to make it a ss class my team once i have the metal king slime ss will be oh scorpion- defence sp, the strongest vs boxing and jujitsu, and magic david tank skillset - all guard metal scorpion - defence sp, attack sp, flame guard sp, and magic david tank skillset - all guard metal king slime - defence 3, hp sp, and the entire recovery - all guard all i need is to upgrade my liquid metal slime to a metal king slime for those extra 100+ hp points he will have almost 500 hp lol how do you feel this team will do in the higher ranks? i havnt really tried online wifi that much but it seems to be decent to say the least. the whole concept is spells will do very minimal damage, everything being 25% damage or none or absorbing it, and since every monster has 2000+ defence physical attacks wont be a problem much, also metal king slime and metal skorpian do red mist to stop slashing so people wont be able to use critial slash techqniques as much. so i feel the only problem is if the other team is running all guard breaks on their monsters. but even then all guard lowers it by 2 steps correct? so magic still should only do around 75% damage which isnt too bad. thoughts?
  14. thanks for the info your always so helpful but yea i found out it goes forever basically lol i got to 186 wins and died. i played for 4 and a half hours to get that far lololol btw does the wifi tournaments still start on sunday? i know their is a change in the timezone but i looked online for the time and sunday didnt restart the tourny for me. so maybe its monday? also why are their 2 gp tournaments? i never understood what they were both for. currently trying to make an unstoppable team and its going pretty good won all 5 of my matches yesterday even though everyone was ranked around 3000.
  15. ok, so im trying to get "magic david tank" in order to get his skillset. however it says online and in my guide book that hes only obtainable from either the rainbow egg and 110 wins of tournament battles. also in my guide book the page it references shows a picture of the place where you keep fighting untill you die and get 1000 gold each win. so my question is does this mean i need to win 110 times in a row their, or does tournament battle mean online? if anyone knows please let me know thanks cause i only thought it went up to 100 wins. iv gotten to 98 before so if i can get him from 110 wins id rather do that then waste money on rainbow eggs but idk if it means online wins of the gp tournament or those consecutive battles.
  16. well i cant wait for this game, day 1 buy online if i can get it i mean 800+ monsters?!?! i cant even comprehend that many lol i thought the 600 from terrys wonderland was insane. i know its probabbly gonna be alot of the same monsters but still thats a big number in my opinion tons of possibilitys also what does the "super G sized monsters" mean? anyone know? is it just a 3 slot monster thats even stronger?
  17. well since your so knowledgeable and all mind if i ask another question? lol is their anyway to farm metal king slimes in the game or is the metal tickets the best form of exp? meaning liquid medals are the best? cause iv never seen a metal king slime from the metal tickets.
  18. NO WAY. thank you so much!!!! iv wasted so much time then! lol i cant read much japanese so even though i have the guidebook i could only get minimal information. so do you mean i need to participate in a match every day? or can i just do a 1v1 then go into the bar?. wow i just found the bar i never knew it even existed thanks for that tip
  19. yes!!! i knew this was coming out before but i didnt know it was going to be released in january?!?! i cant wait to get it i recently got terrys wonderland about 2 months ago now ill have this?!?! im a happy camper looks amazing btw and umm 800+ monsters? count me in whats the key system though? i never played the original monster series.
  20. woo i can post now lol, i recently purchased terrys wonderland about a month ago and im trying to make a good team for online play but cant seem to get a defensive up sp. the one that gives +600 defence, i must of scouted at least 40 gigahands but all i get is poison guard if that. anyone know the best way to get a defensive up sp skill ?? i also tried scouting lettice or whatever the birds name is but no luck, now im just buying golden eggs and hoping that one contains it. if anyone knows a better way please let me know, thanks
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