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  1. Did you beat the Ice world yet? If you did to get the sky key you first need to talk Cobi / Tara, then talk to Warubou and then a soldier should be in the middle of the castle, talk to him and he'll take you to the king and the king will give you the key. thanks im at 96% i think i just need to read this one sign, as someone posted a video on youtube and thats what they did. im not sure though. i just finished synthing my metal king slime its A rank now and not S anymore sadly but since i have it im gonna continue with the main storyline now
  2. ok, so iv been stuck on the 3rd world for a little bit now, and im pretty confused. it says 96% completed but im not sure what im supposed to do. if anyone remembers how to open the 4th world from the orginal or has opened the 4th please let me know. all i know is i was wandering in the 3rd world and found some flower on the very top of the snow capped mountains, which appeared to be a inportant item for the storyline. since it shined and it showed a picture of it after picking it up. if anyone knows what to do with this flower please let me know, thanks! HOLY BALLS. lol well, i was really REALLY bored from lvling up so much, so i decided to try to take on the giant turtle thing in the first world, the super size 4. and since it doesnt let you scout it yet i tried killing it. it turns out you cant kill it. if you do enough damage to it though, about 500. it shines a really bright light then the battle ends. idk what happened. also i learned something, im pretty sure the turtle went 4 times! it was the first turn though so i wasnt paying that much attention. but maybe they added a way to go 4 times a turn? but yea you cant scout it nor kill it, which is a bummer lol, im still stuck on the 3rd world if anyone has any ideas. thanks
  3. idk why it wasnt letting me post the image but heres the link to the picture 1. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2j2vpyr&s=8#.UvlNtrRUaqk and the other http://i58.tinypic.com/1z4zokg.png everything is the same but now it says lvl 20 since iv been doing the quests alot...woo lvl 20!!
  4. k, ill take a picture with my phone, but it might be/probabbly will be hard to see. ill try to get a good one though. its basically the temple of the first world, the dessert world. you know where you fight the dark master. i tried uploading the pictures but it says "im not allowed to use that image extenstion on this community", im using a .png file though, and i tried .jpg. what files ARE allowed then? lol wait so they are doing the present thing again on wifi???! thats nice! i totally forgot to check for that. although my party probabbly isnt strong enough either. though i do have 2 rank A's i might be able to manage something weak if i get one. a low lvl rank A or something...also on terrys you had to survive 10 rounds or win. so maybe i could just survive lol well i won and it gave me a rank F monster, lol also i just beat the rank B arena challange and got a key to a metal slime haven...sooo idk how im gonna get the key to the next world, maybe thats beating A rank? ill try it soon. the metal slime haven just had metal slimes and the hunter mechs, rank C. i might try to beat rank A sometime today...which is hopfull since im still on the beggining of the third world.lol im at 20% on it...>< but i do have 2 rank A's so idk.
  5. hey, thanks for the information! so both are just for getting more gold? or is their something else? because i get a few thousand gold for completeing the quest. mine are now at lvl 10, so i havnt completed the quests recently since 1 monster can do a group attack for several hundred damage. and wipe out my team of C and A rank monsters which are about lvl 14-18. which is pretty crazy at lvl 10. so when their are 3 to 4 of those i have no chance of winning. so for now im just exploring the 3rd world. i have 20% completed on that one, 88% on the 2nd and 100% on the first. ok this is really weird, i just saw your latest videos dranzer and your quest world is differnt than mine??? so im assuming they have a random world for each player? or something cause im confused. mines the desert world too but im way up at the top temple area. and im stuck up their. any idea why that is? and why the monsters are so amazingly strong? they have been able to do hundreds of damage since lvl 7 or 9 i believe. and now at lvl 10 its just rediculous. they can do 200 damage to each of my monsters at times with a group spell. if 1 of my monsters lives then another group spell just over kills its remaining HP. im kinda confused. i never saw the grasslands before mine started at lvl 1 being the dessert temple. btw im well past the C ranked tourny so idk whats up.
  6. after the 2nd world you are able to clear bolders, i did it and found a boss troll i only got like 8 % with my party but with meat i got 5% more and somehow i got it but you can synth a lot stronger monsters than a boss troll like i mentioned, that one guy has a S class already at the end of the 2nd world. as far as scouting though boss troll rank B is the highest iv seen so far.
  7. idk, me either, but the game is amazing btw i just found a gold cacti, they are normally green but my party is all lvl 20's so it ran away! at least i havnt been wasting time searching for the rares, they just seem to come to me at least lol already found 2, captured 1 im now attempting to capture this boss troll. hope it doesnt destroy me lol LOL just captured it on first try. got 13% and it worked i only had to use 1 piece of meat too its a B rank not bad
  8. yep the first world is a dessert, and the worlds are pretty dang biggg at least i feel they are. and the second one is a beach/port area, you also get constumes each world to go with the theme, for exampe the 1st worlds costume is like some arabic stuff and the 2nd is a salor suit the third world apears to be snow based yay!
  9. yes, you see your first 4 size monster in the first world, about halfway into it. you cant scout it though and it will do a group attack of roughly 100-200 damage and can go 2-3 times. im assuming you have to wait till you beat the game like previous games before you can scout super sized monsters. the monster is kinda like a turtle thing with spikes. then in the 2nd world you see a giant eel thing that is 4 slots as well. well iv found a pink monster that is normally green and fuzzy. i really cant read japanese that well so idk its name sorry. but im assuming its rare since i got a gold metal for it i think, and its normally not pink. also it doesnt appear to be stronger or higher rank, so i do think its just cosmetics and you get a gold metal for it. other than that their are buttloads of monsters good bit more variety in the worlds than previous games since their are like 800 monsters iv seen mostly 1 slot monsters with a bit of 2 slots here and their, i havent encountered any 3 slot monsters in game or in synth and im heading to the 3rd world, but taking a break since i spent roughly 9 hours last night playing and about 1 and a half just now well iv been watching this kouli guy on youtube and hes already got a S class + 55 synth and hes pretty much exactly where i am at this point in the video, hes at the begginning of the third world. what the heck lol my strongest is C class like + 8...guy is crazy. hes also the guy that had a A class after the first world. i guess it shows you can get some pretty strong monsters very early on. heres a link to him synthing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj_aCY-fmeg&list=PL8IGNtse5BughnePQ9KNqYDCxJhzB5lpm
  10. I killed the first one I fought, totally didn't cross my mind to try to scout it. :x Oh, and I have a key like that. You have to collect 100g as fast as possible. Gives you extra money/items (?) if you get higher ranks. yea i found that out yesterday night, after getting a few thousand Gold from it, i made it to lvl 9 last night and each monster can do group spell damage of roughly 120-200 damage to each of my monsters, sooo yea. lol just 1 monster of that lvl 9 world can kill my whole lvl 17-lvl 18 party of C and D rank monsters...kinda sucks...im still stuck on the second world. i just got to it but i have no idea what to do so iv just been sything and lvling up my monsters. which is getting repedative lol
  11. im about to get my first C rank monster!! yay, lol its a gargole i snagged a cannibox i think its called (rankE) and some red demon, forget the name(rankE) both found in the previously mentioned place. and now i can make a C rank right after the first world someone named kouli mentioned you could make an A rank right after the first world is finished too. which is kinda crazy
  12. I'm not exactly sure what those key's are for but it sounds like it wants you to collect gold, the timer is just telling how long before you can go back to the world. Not sure what the levels are for either but it seems the monsters level up with the key yea im not really sure either, i was just kinda sad because i saw like 2 or 3 monsters that i havnt seen before, and i just went straight to the chest without fighting/scouting them, so i was like NUUUUU lol...ima try to scout 1 or 2 first this time. its letting me back into the world now for some reason. but it says lvl 4 instead of lvl 1. ima save first just to be safe. lol im kinda a save freak on dragon quest games. i save like every few minutes, even more so on these japanese games where i have almost no clue whats going on lol
  13. does anyone know what the quest thing is? i think its calling it a quest at least, i went into a world and it said lvl 1, i was in it for no longer than a minute, opened a chest, and i think it said quest completed but im not too sure. anyway now it says lvl 4 on that world or whatever it was but i cant go back into it... really confused. also slightly worried since it seemed to be timed...or at least was tracking the time..
  14. i used amiami.com, but play asia i have heard is good too
  15. anyone else finding the controlls a bit akward? you move the character with the thumbstick but once your in battle or menues you HAVE to use the d-pad. which i find very akward switching back and forth. the last games let you use the thumbstick. kinda weird. other than that and the lack of 3d, like popping out 3d, the game looks amazing so far
  16. well after lots of waiting...oh the waiting, my copy has arrived finally cant wait to play
  17. yes terrys wonderland was in 3d, that makes me sad that this one isnt in 3d???? oh well, not a game breaker by any means just makes it looka bit better. did you just hear that its not in 3d or do you have the game already? cause mines still in the mail, i didnt digitally download it. i cant wait though the suspense is killing me knowing others are already playing it?!?!? lol at least i can look up videos of gameplay till it comes
  18. yes the wifi option to get the A and S rank monsters you just either beat it, or survive 10 rounds. and it will give you the option to recruit it. just hit yes. not sure if you can make metal slimes i forget, but you can scout them i know since i used to do it. i would say high attack is still needed probabbly around 600-800 at least? not sure. my attack monsters are all above 1000. with my highest one being 1500 over i believe it was a metal scorption SS ranked. so scouting really isnt too much of a problem normally. joker 2 had them at the end of the game or at least the old man was one. i remember i could of sworn their were more though. after putting 360 hours into joker 2 i would hope im remembering correctly lol. i remember always being in the top 50 at least on wifi. also you can scout the enemy teams monsters but normally they are much stronger than the monsters in the area so be warned, you probably already found that out though since you said you barley won. they can be tricky at times. the slime lighting bolt icon i think is the wireless access? i cant remember but i think if im remembering correctly its for battling other people in the same room or on the street or w/e. again not too sure myself. but it shouldnt really matter as far as playing the game. day and night cycle im not sure what your asking. but you get a skill at the end of the game to auto switch between day and night. and its not that fast normally. certain monsters come at day and some at night. also yes you can scout giant 3 slot monsters but you would need lots of attack, if your only at like 200-230 like you said you would need at least a few hundred more to even get anything at all im thinking. if you used meat and got to maybe 500 attack and its a lower ranked monster then its possible i guess. but even the D ranks are redicoulsly hard to capture so i dont think rank means that much. since some S rank 3 slot monsters seem to be just as hard to scout. again my monsters are all 1000+ and i use the best meats, i normally get around 15%-40% if i remember correctly on giant monsters with my team of 1000+ attack each. no psych, no scout+. with anywhere from 1-3 pieces of meat used. normally without meat i can get about 10-18% on them. depending on if all my attacks hit. no pysch, no scout+. if you want to try it just for the heck of it you can, but since you cant save when you are in a place with a 3 slot monster you might want to think about if you want to or not. glad i could be of some help i love the monster series
  19. hey while im no expert terrys wonderland i have completed the game, and gotten to around 300 ranking on wifi matches, which is pretty cool. but like you my japanese is not very good lol but to answer some of your questions first off, items for scouting, their are tons of meat items, that you can use on monsters that increase the percentage anywhere from 2% all the way up to like 20%. maybe even higher if its a low ranked monster and you use a high meat item. but thats kinda pointless. anyway, you probabbly already know about meat sorry, but you can use multiple meat items on the same monster and it can increase your chances ALOT. i forget where to buy them early on in game, if their even is a place. but you can find them around the maps. or if you get mid game you can buy them at the bazzar from the one old dude. also about your question about what skills help with scouting, their are actually certain skills made just for scouting, i think they are called like "scout +" and whatnot. they increase your chances i believe. also like you mentioned psyching up and multiple hits on a single monster would help. i can tell you for a fact that yes the pheonix staff does return. i think i noticed mine about mid game. though you might get it sooner. since like i said im very bad at japanese i might of not even known i had it. but whenever you speak to the old man to synthesis monsters it should apear in the synth menu if you click i think "Y"? cant remember. if you have it though it should appear. but you do get it. yes wandering monster masters appear even more frequently i have found than joker 2. which is nice. also you can rebattle them even if you beat them im pretty sure. or at least new trainers will spawn. pretty sure the arena can be re played. also about the captain crow thing. you mentioned not caring about online. well in this game they give out presents so getting A-S class monsters is a good bit easier, since they give them out once a day as a present online, you dont have to do a tournemant it should be under the 1v1 then hit the "present" button and you go into a battle with a high class monster, pretty nice. i tryed to do i once a day just to get more monsters. they may even have ss monsters i forget. heres a link that i used that hopefully can help you too http://translate.google.com/translate?act=url&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ja&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://game-cap.com/terry3ds/data/monst226.html the left side collumn has alot of options for what monsters you want to look up. that site is mainly for monsters and their skillsets and whatnot. but it helped me TONS with sythesis and what traits/skillsets each monster has. also their is a column called "adventure support" if you click that on that website it will pop up the skills to help you in the main game. it also shows the 3 scouting skills. click on each one to see which monsters have the skill hope i helped to answer some of your questions
  20. seriously??? dude thats epic, you rock i was kinda getting worried about how much of the game i would be able to understand, and all the new content and whatnot. if you do get some things tranlated, even a little, thats epic. btw, when do you plan on starting your walkthrough? also if anyone finds out any sites that help with synthesis and whatnot, even if they are in japanese, let me know please, i can use the browsers translate feature to get most of the information needed. sadly i could only find 1 or 2 sites for terrys wonderland. hopefully this game will have more, cant wait
  21. wow, 3??? i guess that would be alot of money generated over in japan for sure i def WANT all 3, but since i cant really read hardly any japanese ima have to pass on all 3. dang ittttt lol well more money in my pocket at the end of the day but wow, 848 pages in ONE of the guides? granted alot of that is probably just covering the same stuff as the other guides but danggggg thats alot, also i just remembered theirs like 800 monsters so nvm lol if they do 2 monsters per page like in terrys wonderland, front and back, would be 4 per page, thats like 200 pages right their just in monsters stats and whatnot, then abilitys added. but still thats a big guide book lol
  22. how much is the guide? i got terrys wonderland for like either 15 or 20 bucks plus a little shipping. which is how much most guides are even in america so i was happy i chose not to get it this time just for the sake of getting it like i did with terrys wonderland, if my japanese gets better by the time the next monster game comes out i might consider it though i am a bit worried i might not be able to know what to do with this game though since it seems a good bit more complicated than terrys wonderland, with all the new features and whatnot. oh well...
  23. i bought the guide for terrys wonderland even though i couldnt read any of it so yea like proshall said i guess if you want to look at the stats and if you just want it for the sake of getting it. then yea btw cant wait for this game
  24. I really wish your English grammar was a lot better. lol trolllllllll grammar nazi alert good thing i dont care what trolls have to say lol anyway lets try to keep the conversation back on dragon quest and not my grammar k? thanks lol boom. roasted. LOL
  25. i really wish my japanese was alot better, i dont really understand any of it either lol. one thing i do see though is it says "scout" on the left page and then shows monsters and what apears to be some meat. so they are probabbly still using the meat system with scouting. besides that and some monster names such as the chimera i really couldnt understand anything either so yea cant wait for the game though! super excited, i already preordered it last week and i am super eager to play it february?!?!?! why you no come sooner. this is going to be a nice birthday present lol
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