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  1. this, 100+ new mons, and battlepass thingy iv yet to try with the real time battles!! would love to add yall if anyone else plays... though, idk if you can add friends i just beat game and all post game.... working on my pvp teams now im so happy haha
  2. i JUST found out, and im about to pay for it on ipad, but the only thing worrys me, i hope japan wont deactivate my game / account america here MY LOVE FOR DQ MONSTERS i read you need a battlepass for online ? ima get it if so like 9 bucks if you have it and want to play HIT ME UP ty, offer applies to anyone lol hope it lets me buy it
  3. thats nice, i kinda feel dumb for buying version 1-4 now tho also why coulnt i become a beast tamer then? isnt that restricted to version 2? or maybe for that i needed something else?
  4. hey does the pc give you part 2 for free too? cause i played and couldnt do some things in part 2 on pc till i bought like use beast tamer. though i may be mistaken not trying to correct you just i think it gives you part 1 for free only? welcome to the forums btw whitney and hey oka chan oh, i just realized you might of meant ps4 gives you part 2 for free? thats weird if so tho, i would of thought each version ps4, nintendos, or pc, would all just give part 1 for free? anyway
  5. thanks for hanging with me tonight! i had alot of fun, and yea i should def join, is the dragons den "team" like a guild? in game? look forward to playing with you in dragon quest 10
  6. hi everyone, i go by propandaplays in game and online, im super new to dragon quest 10, but have been a super long HUGE dragon quest fan. 8 and 11 are my faves. but i love the monster series as well, so much that i bought 2 different japanese 3ds consoles to play terries wonderland and the 2nd remake for 3ds. i know next to 0 japanese so i never tried to play dq10. but with the ipblock lifted (temporarily possibly) in america i gave it a shot. iv been having a BLAST the last week. iv even made quite a few friends along the way , in game and on youtube and twitch. making this topic to see
  7. still nothing, although it does seem to freeze on the gem screen. idk. also i didnt know how to go from the gem purchase straight to the main game screen, so i just tryed loggin out and other stuff to get back to the main menu. nothing though.
  8. i told you i used paypal. lol. they took my 50 dollars and even emailed me, they took my money, its been like over 2 days now, im sure.Oh, well you can link your bank account to your PayPal...I forgot that people did it other way...so this money was in your PayPal balance already? Sent from my Nexus 6 um yes, and my paypal IS linked to my bank account, i just had like 70 bucks left over in my paypal that they took from first. so i paid in full through paypal. why does that even matter? im just confused
  9. i told you i used paypal. lol. they took my 50 dollars and even emailed me, they took my money, its been like over 2 days now, im sure.
  10. 650-002-991 november 28th, 12:46pm. eastern time. thanks, i still havnt heard from them, checking both emails, the one i sent them to contact as well as the one i used for paypal. still nothing past the 2 automated emails. its fusterating. its been 2 days now and no gems so i dont think its gonna give me them lol
  11. iv sent both garena and the dqmsl support emails. one from the main site garena and one from dq site, i think im just gonna focus on the dqmsl site support though and try to get a response at least from them. since it relates specifically to dq. however i have yet to hear back from either one in a week almost, i did get 2 automated emails saying they recieved my email. and a ticket number, and another email asking me for specific details like my location, even though oddly enough i already gave most of that information like username and whatnot in the previous email. but yea im gonna try to fo
  12. true, iv thought about that as well, it would be a bigger loss for them not to have me spend a few hundred dollars on the game and run off with my 50 dollars. then to help fix this and have my 4 or 5 hundred dollars i eventually will give. but they specifically asked where i was from. and i told them america, which is why i was hesitant at first. well, they didnt reply back at all yet, just got 2 automated emails, one of which asked me for my location or something along those lines, i could of lied again but eh, i told them america. incase that would help with knowing why i didnt get the g
  13. probably gonna have to, im honestly just worried that they will be like "no, you are from america so you shouldnt have downloaded the game anyway" not that they would be angry just like, im afraid they might blame it on the fact that it is kinda a risk downloading a game you shouldnt be able to download. anyway ill try to pester support some more later. way to much on my mind atm. been on tech support for my laptop for the past 3 months, literally, and im moving to LA in a week so i have alot to do but thanks everyone whos commented/gave me ideas, i think ima just have to pester support some
  14. sigh, then i guess im back to not being able to buy any gems my only thought is since they took my money maybe it went to a different account somehow? but i checked my garena account. no gems on that one either...sadly.
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