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  1. It's actually really well done, performance is great. Some small hiccups that can and probably will get fixed. Touch controls aren't my favorite but they are not too bad. Hopefully we get an english version, and we probably will.
  2. I sent pms to you Chris and DranzerX13 to get that apk that's been eluding me, but you don't seem to see it! Hopefully you can help me test it on my nexus 7 to see if it can handle it.
  3. Thanks for changing back all the changes I made. It's way better "Copper" than "Copper Sword", "Leather" than "Leather Whip" and "Battle" than "BattleAxe". It's gonna be a great translation when you read "picked up Copper". If it was too long, don't you think "Cop. Sw." is a better solution? Most of the weapons' names there are now don't even make any sense. Sorry if I'm angry, I just wanted to help. Anyways, thanks for the patch.
  4. I added and corrected most of the weapons! I didn't translate or change French though. edit: also added some descriptions.
  5. Hello, I just wanted to say thanks! And I found this website with lots of translations! http://kumicyou.sakura.ne.jp/dqmj2/item_buki_down.html pretty useful. I found out that a lot of items in the excel file could be improved.
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