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  1. I've had a fair few of the Giant monsters and I just wondered what you think the best ones for use are. I personally think that Saggitar and Canzar work very well, maybe its just Double Trouble and in Saggitar's case Early Bird. Estark is hit and miss, he would really work if he had Double Trouble, but.... Tell me what you think is the best and why.
  2. Hey there guys. Just thought I would start my first topic now. I was thinking of doing a topic where you post your best wi-fi teams and tips and tricks on how to make a good team. Well I might as well start with my own team. Ultra Scout team of choice Trauminator Level 75 nickname: Trauma Skills Uber Attack boost-maxed Attack boost 3-maxed Defence boost 3-maxed Uber Knight -maxed Diamagon Ace Level 75 nickname: Levias Skills Hawkhart (magic regenerator)-maxed Hawkhart 3-maxed Wisdom boost 3-maxed Scout team of choice Conklave XY Level 50 nickname: Armyguys Skills Uber
  3. Yeah that's what I meant. If theat meant it would be released out of Japan then I thought we might get it. US is probably more likely though.
  4. I'm thinking of getting an import come Christmas. I will probably go ahead since I know the normal game like the back of my hand. I will probably be writing every synth I do down in case I get any new results. If I do then I might post them on the site.
  5. ...... Well..... This is BRILLIANT!!!! All that raging actually worked! Does this refer to North America only or Europe too, particularly the UK? If not.... I'm getting a US 3ds!
  6. Trauminator is definitely one of them. I also love Diamagon Ace, he is one of my best healers.I love Overkilling machine but he is so hard to synth. Takes hours to get the balhibs. There aren't any monsters I outright hate, but I couldn't list all the ones I like. I would be here for an hour....
  7. Hells Yeah! Friend code 3311-3014-9754 Tell me your one and lets get fighting!
  8. Interesting combo of monsters. My friend code is 3311-3014-9754 Tell me when you add mine and I'll ad you. Look forward to battling/trading with you.
  9. Let's not assume anything, good or bad. All we have to hope for is that Square Enix aren't absolute idiots and ignore every other market in the world. Also as long as their aren't any more Final fantasy 13's coming out, square might actually see some profits. Square would rather blame the markets, saying they are poor when they aren't than recognise that they made a few mistakes in the game department (see Final fantasy 13) Seriously, I would like to play this one or 3d wonderland (I'm actually going to buy a Japanese import of Pro and play that). Wish me luck because I don't know any Japan
  10. My friend code is 3311 3014 9754 My wi fi team is called darksouls. I really want to get into some battles, it makes synthesis and training worthwile.
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