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  1. Hi guys . About to play dragon quest x on switch it's easy you can play it like me I am playing dragon quest x on PC switch and PlayStation 4. All you need is router to support VPN. I am using Asus router and overplay supporting my router taking the number from there and you put it in your router it will be automatically VPN.
  2. Hi Bro the hate will give u x2 exp will all job except new job all u have to do to wear it And about the ticket just go to casino with it and they will take it from u and will give you 700 coin of casino . If u need any help in game just add me スパイ LR113-754
  3. Woooow soo happy I got my RDM 75 lol
  4. oh ill see it now lol スパイ LR113-754 sorry the number was wrong add me now please
  5. guys please need your nickname and ID number for DQ X to add you lol
  6. https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/Login?cont=account&request=aio
  7. You have to share both account bro for wii or wii u and PC
  8. Yes bro I'm at LvL 73 But he didn't give the quest lol But he didn't give the quest lol
  9. Guys please I was trying to get (quest 036)DQ X But Toto not giving me the quest. It will be gratefully if anyone can help me on this quest.
  10. You need to LvL a lot of jobs to get ability for your main job at least all of them LvL 47 to get 100 point.
  11. スパイ LR113-754 You can add me guys please , I'm playing this game since 1 year now lol . We can have fun in DQX .
  12. Hey Tras add you chick the friend request
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