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  1. Wait around for another event where he'll be signing. I flew to LA for just a few hours to go to Anime Expo in 2018, just to meet him, tell him thank you and that I've been a fan of the series since I was 10 years old (in Japanese). I got his autograph and a photo with him. Originally I was told he was only signing the paper cards they had there, but other people brought games and merch and he was cool with signing whatever. Just bring a spare DQIX cart the next time there's an even where he'll be around, and you're golden. If you do go to Japan, good luck actually finding his apartment. I understand it's a well kept secret, as the Japanese DraQue Otaku would otherwise all be stalking him.
  2. A bunch of the whales, particularly from China, are up in arms that QotS is rerunning stuff they already completed with their bulked up characters. The whales got downright nasty on the FB feed, attacking the devs, accusing them of slacking and not being paid enough, and citing that as paying customers they were owed more content for all the money they poured into the game (even threatening to quit the game and not spend any more money if their new content demands weren't met.) It was embarrassing to read through, as a DQ fan, so Bururian and I started trolling the whales. One in particular either deleted their post or had their post deleted by an admin. Such entitlement! Makes me realize it's not just here in NA. We see it in other countries, too. Thankfully, it seems to have calmed down by now. Much thanks to @Bururian for joining in. #WhaleTantrum
  3. Need a Wayne's World styled Scooby Doo ending, plus an ending where the hero marries Senior Briscoletti. Finally, an ending where the camera pans back and you see Debora and Madchen (the forgotten daughter) standing, looking at the party from a distance. They turn their heads toward each other and Madchen says, "Ain't that a b1tch." Then cut to credits.
  4. Oh dang. It's not a cart? I was hoping to have a physical copy. Isn't that a huge amount of game data for internal storage on the Switch?
  5. That makes sense. So here's what I have already: PC: Version 1 (and possibly 2? I have to double-check) PS4: Version 1-3 Switch: Version 1-5 (I just ordered it, and I don't have a Switch yet.) By the time I'm done with version 1 and possibly 2 I should have the Switch console. But I still need to check to see if my PC will run the game. Can you stop paying a subscription and start again later without losing your character or progress?
  6. I want to see some non-Toriyama designed Dragon Quest Ballet monsters in that Director's Cut or god-help-me the Internet is going to bear the wrath of my old-man-yelling-at-cloud, rage-filled rantings.
  7. Thanks everyone. If I start on PC and want to change to either PS4, Switch, or vice versa is that possible?
  8. They also could have done something cool and made two versions: One where he marries Bianca and one where he marries Nera/Flora. Then just change the color of the kids Maybe you don't know which version you're getting when you see it in theaters, but on video they offer both. Damn it. They should have just called us first before making it.
  9. Haha. True. The virus was a total Armand Tamzarian. But if you listen to the South Park commentary tracks they equate Crab People as a satire of bad writing. It's a crappy plot twist where the writers simply don't try hard enough and end up writing something stupid as a cop-out. In this case, though, one could argue this bad twist is more post-Sixth Sense - M. Night Shyamalan than Crab People. Where the red herring twist seems forced, to arrive to a very specific point, in this case: Nostalgia. The Feels. Another example is The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 turns out to actually be some hokey actor making toilet jokes.
  10. I can test out the PC version the next time I social-distance-visit my parent, to see if it will install. I have version 1 for PC, and versions 1-3 for PS4. I would prefer the Switch version, but I'll have to wait for that. Things are about to get busy soon. I'm just trying to plan for trying this out within this year. Thanks for all the info.
  11. My concern is that my PC is either a work PC or an old PC. I doubt I'd even be able to install it on the work machine because it's so riddled with admin pw-prompts. I have versions 1-3 for PS4, but when Cranberry and Nawaria talked about having to pay extra for character slots you don't need (just for the PS4 version) it made me second guess it. I don't have a Switch, but we are planning on getting one once they're available again. Maybe it's worth investing in that version. How's the typing on Switch for the group chat, Aust? Are you able to plug in a keyboard or Japanese keyboard via a USB slot? I know you can essentially chat in English (via the Romaji alphabet) according to Twitch streams.
  12. With the newly released All-in-one versions 1-5, I'm at another point where I want to make sure I have the latest version, for when I eventually try this out. In your opinions, Which version is superior and why? PS4 has one stand-out flaw of forcing you to pay extra for all character slots even if you only use one. I remember reading that here, at some point in the past. Is the Switch version the same way? I know the PC you just buy what characters you use. Are the graphics on Switch significantly worse than PS4 and PC and does it noticeably hinder your enjoyment? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
  13. Ben was great to record with. It was fun to hear from an in-game designer's perspective, and to have him judge our build-off.
  14. I still think it's a bad ending. It's basically Crab People, from South Park. It's also possible that the US DQ fans got tired of hearing how terrible the ending was, for 6 straight months, so when the majority of westerners finally got to see it they all went in with incredibly low expectations. They were already in love with the story because DQV is a popular entry, but they were more invested in the feels being portrayed by the ending than in a retelling of DQV's plot.
  15. Totally Wizard of Ozing this right now, but you've had that power all along. As the OP you can change the thread title by editing your original post.
  16. According to Wikipedia (the foremost authority of all knowledge ) several members of Heartbeat went on to create a company called Genius Sonority. I reached out to one who mentioned he was a former GS employee, and I asked him if he worked with anyone who worked for Heartbeat in 2002. If he's acquaintances with the Genius Sonority company creators, there's a slight chance he could pass the word along. Being over-the-top idealistic here (that's a Stallone movie about arm wrestling level of idealism) but if there's even a chance that the right person will see it, it's worth trying.
  17. Sounds good. Thanks! I don't suppose your archive group has gotten wind of anything DQIV-PSX related, have they? This DQ problem has been plaguing the NA fanbase for 18 years.
  18. I put this Tweet up with a screenshot of the ad to try and get some views on it. I remember this is something we used to bug The Enix Forum admins about it, trying to get the code (at the time the admins were our only real connection to the company). The problem was that it was proprietary code from Heartbeat, a company that no longer existed. The chances are incredibly low of digging this up, as it would have had to have been preserved by a former employee who also happens to be a hoarder. But you never know.... Dwaine, am I misremembering discussions on The Enix Forums 18 years ago that they had started on it? The fans were rabid about getting the code for a fan translation, to complete the work that had been started. It could have been speculation back then, but it's weird that they'd advertise for it if they haven't already started working on it. Someone from The Enix Forums also tried getting the PSX-rom, but the consensus back then was that the code was too difficult to decipher for a translation--which is weird because more complex games have been fan translated, since. I remember various groups of individuals trying to reach out to former Heartbeat employees even back then to try and decipher the complex game code, to no avail. It took 5 years until the DS version was out in Japan and 6 for the NA release, so my guess is that anyone working on a PSX DQIV translation gave up.
  19. Not the PSX version, but there is this list of DW beta and prototype roms for NES/FC that Sackchief got from some archive group he's a part of. It's got two versions of DQIV one marked "Rev A" but I haven't tried any of these yet. Dragon Warrior Betas and Prototypes-20191025T194916Z-001.zip
  20. Another trick is to start a solo battle for something that's high stamina and pause it. Do this when you're ready to take a break for awhile. Then when you come back to it later you can play through that battle and since time has passed you will have a full stamina meter when the battle is over.
  21. I'm currently at Level 20 with 39 stamina. I play in short sprints throughout the day, so I often don't have stamina problems. Also, even if I run out of stamina I can join someone else's multiplayer game and still play for free, while I wait for the stamina to refill.
  22. I don't usually have stamina issues because the subquests are all low. Plus the Alltrades Temples are each free once per day. I spend most of my stamina in the higher level multiplayer event battles. I find the events more interesting than the plot in this game. Though I did recently start to play through the story again recently, just to complete and gather rewards from some of the map tasks. I find Cyril the Squirrel pretty damn annoying, so I've been skipping through all the dialogue and most of the even story when he's being annoying in that, too. The strong points in this game are the character building and building up classes, and the multiplayer. So that's what I try to focus on. Weak points: Plot, RNG, but even the RNG isn't as bad as it was in DQM Super Light.
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