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  1. In DQIX, Sterling's Whistle calls the Starflight Express. That's the first post-game quest that's worth doing, and it's not even DLC-locked. It's called Follow That Fish and it's quest 39. If it's locked on your game there may be story quests leading up to it, but try to do that one as soon as it becomes available for easy mobility throughout the map and access to places not possible during the main story.
  2. Did you ever get a chance to try the multiplayer? Because a lot of folks who hate on the story have never played it. It's probably the most versatile DQ game in the series, in terms of what you can do with character building, plus seemingly endless array of grotto dungeons and legacy boss battles. Not even the hard-to-come-by locked content is enough to deter this game from being great. The fact that you can replay the storyline on a friend's game in multiplayer is enough to put this above most DQ games in terms of replay value.
  3. I created a DQ Adults Only PM, for a handful of "gentlemen," as New York City defines the term.
  4. For awhile I was backing up Quicksaves with the MC in front of each in-game story boss, so I could fight any boss at any time by loading up a second cart with the save file and hopping in with my main character as a guest. I got all the way up to Goresby Purrvis before getting bored, but I'd like to go back to it when I have spare time and finish all the way through, even the DLC bonus bosses like Nodoff. ...but spare time...what is that again?
  5. At least Veronica is Maribel done right. [Edit]Okay, in retrospect that can be interpreted as sexual, but it wasn't intended that way. Damn, now I can't think of it any other way. Okay, as a distraction tactic, here's a cosplaying squirrel.[/Edit]
  6. You can get 99 of each equipment item in DQIX, but there's no Accolade for it, so it's one of those "personal bragging rights" things that's ultimately kinda pointless. I've done stuff like that before and then just felt like I wasted a bunch of time (like grinding my hero to level 99 in Dragon Quest III SFC.) Someone out there is still trying to gather all the gold medals in DWIII GBC... My recommendation is to only do something that you'll actually enjoy doing, something where the end result is worthwhile. Like revocating your classes up to 10 times in DQIX actually has the benefit of increasing your chances for generating higher level grottos. There's actually a point to that and a reward. Otherwise you risk burn-out, like when I tried and succeeded in getting the Platinum King Jewel in DWVII's postgame and then immediately wanted to stop playing.
  7. For IX there's battle records that tally up the % of Weapons/Armor/Items, Quests Completed and such. You could collect everything and beat all the Quests and consider it done.
  8. DQVI brought a lot to the series that wasn't there before, was influential on the class system, and had some interesting mechanics to it (SFC version, specifically) but many players get lost on the non-linear aspects of it and end up disliking it. The music composition and character designs are top notch, too, just below IV for both. We're eventually planning a podcast about it sometime in the future. (Unlike the very vocal Platty) I'm of the opinion that this is an underrated DQ game. It'll be interesting record of me trying to point out the positive aspects of it, and Platty ripping on it through the whole episode. Haha.
  9. This is a fantastic topic title.
  10. This would be interesting, but ultimately difficult to pull off, with such a niche audience scattered (outside of Japan). For instance if the location were in France, it's much harder for me (who has two kids) to travel to France to attend (in a theoretical future where COVID wasn't a problem anymore). I'd imagine that same situation would happen for a lot of fans wherever it's held. To combat that, there would have to be some real events or booths happening to create FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Like get SE to sponsor a booth/panel. Get the company behind Dragon Quest VR to host a demo booth. Get Luida's Bar, Artnia or some local vendor to sponsor DQ-related food for sale, in addition to your basic convention food. Have PlayAsia or Kinokunia sponsor a full-on Dragon Quest merch-only booth. Have a cosplay company with a booth for selling DQ costumes. Professional cosplayers should be scattered throughout the convention (one for each MC and support characters from every game and spin-off (except Rocket Slime, which would be too hard to pull off right.)
  11. DQXI is still playable, but there's a bunch of Easter eggs and references throughout the game that you'd appreciate more if you at least played DQIII. I'm playing Dragon Warrior III (NES) at the moment with my 3 year old son, as we've beaten I and II together (with me handling most of the grinding on the side.) Though the "definitive edition" of this game for me will always be the SFC version. It contains the monster animations in battle and pachisi tracks that were stripped from the mobile version (and every subsequent port, including this Switch one). Every remake of DQIII that doesn't have monster animations in battle is a step down, for me, regardless of whatever graphic updates are made. It really amps up the battles to have the monsters actually moving (a feature which was first introduced in DQVI, if we're talking Dragon Quest Firsts!)
  12. Yeah, it's not really a selling point to me if a modern console can let you play old games that you've already purchased, by repurchasing them on the new console. If you could trade in the old copy for a digital one (and it's transferable to the next gen console) that's another story.
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