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  1. Potential DQIX local co-op meetup in Atlanta.
  2. That's amazing about the dumbells! Thanks for the theory about the sword, @ignasia. I don't want to break it open to find out, but if dumbells work then I think we can rule the sword out as the issue. I had long since suspected it was the sensor, based on the foiled sword offering no change from the regular sword. So the problem is more than likely the sensor then. @Mimas I appreciate the article about the assembly. I think I'll give it a try, just opening it up and making sure all the parts are there. I'll also try to reach out to the other contact you mentioned, to see if they mad
  3. To each their own. I thought it sounded fine.
  4. Welcome! What was your handle on the old Enix Forums? Remember our old admin Nob? Dwaine and I recently video-interviewed him on Dragon's Den's Slime Time podcast.
  5. Posted to Twitter to see if anyone else could get it to work.
  6. I just got this off Mercari and I'm having the exact same problem. I can't get past the sword calibration screen. It's almost like the sword itself isn't on, or the sensors aren't reading the sword properly. It seems like a common problem according to this OP and various YouTube comments, but I haven't seen any real solutions. I tried wrapping tin foil around the sword in case the shiny paint on the sword has rubbed off over time, but this did not resolve the issue. I don't believe it's an HD vs. CRT TV issue because the four sensor lights are on the little Kenshin DQ mini console. The TV
  7. Thanks for the donation! Is it your first DW3 playthrough? I'm about to finish DW4 with my 4 year old son. I started him on Dragon Warrior I in January 2020 and we plowed through the first three games by around November (with me mostly doing the grinding on my own and sharing the major events with him.) I'm right at the end of 4 and excited to start DQ5 (SFC) with him next. We're playing the original releases, so he can experience the evolution of the series as I had, when I was a kid.
  8. Dwaine, didn't you say part of Heartbeat branched off and became Arte Piazza, or was that another company? It's possible they just leveraged the same code and design they had if that's the case. Nob also mentioned the mobile remakes are based off of Dragon Quest IV-PSX, which had a lot of bug fixes that weren't featured in the game engine from DQVII.
  9. https://enix.proboards.com/ - SDP Warrior's Enix Forum replica, which he created in 2003 when the news broke that the Enix Forums would soon be shutting down.
  10. Here you go! Hey @Bob_the_Almighty, he remembered your name! I was able to include questions and some feedback from Bob, @ignasia, (and from the Discord channel) Bururian and Pendy.
  11. Actually it ended up being spite, after all. Nob talks about it on the podcast. I'd recommend waiting for the YouTube version, though. That will have our first ever full video podcast. I'll post it here when it's available.
  12. I think Nob confirmed on a recorded YouTube live stream that the split of Heartbeat was because they weren't considered for the contract of DQVIII, but we can ask Nob about it on the podcast record. From what I remember from that record their decision to suddenly disband during the middle of the DWIV-PSX localization sounded more like spite, than anything else.
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