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  1. I'm a little confused. So there's a lost episode of the lost episode of Abel Yuusha? Every time I refer to lost episode, it sounds like I'm talking about an episode of the show Lost. I'm glad there wasn't a lost episode of Lost or I'd be completely lost.
  2. Damn it. Since it hasn't released yet, this one might yet be true!
  3. http://www.yabd.org/apps/dq9/ Sadly, most of Yab's DQIX Tools now seem to no longer be supported.
  4. Yeah, I'm the opposite. In DWIII, I level all the way up to 40+ to make sure the spellcasters have all their spells before class changing them, but also to maximize the halved MP they'll carry over to the next class. It means that by the time I'm either at Baramos or just entering the "dark world," I'm now starting to grind these characters back up. This is less necessary in the original DWIII, since there's no bonus dungeon, but that's the way I've always done it. I'd rather not class change a Priest to a Soldier unless he's learned all his healing spells and will still have decent Max MP, after it's halved. In DWM I've been getting as close to the max level as possible. I just maxed out two King Slimes (Male and Female). One was from a foreign master and was pretty leveled already, and the other was a boss from one of the dungeons (about 2 levels from max). I bread them to produce a King Slime +4. I also picked up a Servant so I'm closing in on breeding a Dragonlord, but the Servant is pretty weak compared to my breeded GreatDrak and King Slime. The GreatDrak is also pretty powerful (for where I am in the plot) even if he is only around level 32 out of 68. So I'm keeping him around for awhile. I'm hoarding most of my decent monsters and sacrificing one monster farm slot to rotate in new "throw-away" monsters. Recruits just for the sake of recruits. If I get 100 (out of something like 215 or 216?) I get to open the library portal. Right now I'm around 70. May the Grind Be With You...always!
  5. XI wasn't too bad to grind to 99 because of all the side quests and crossbow targets (for the PS4 version.) I haven't played the Switch release, but I know they added content to that and took out the crossbow targets, so it may be either the same or easier to grind. Right now I'm grinding in DWM because as you breed it combines stats and then cuts them down to 1/4 of their totals. So just as DWIII would half the stats for a character class change, I want to grind my monsters until they're close to or at their max level before breeding to maximize their stats (in addition to making sure they're gaining their better spells). This is a real slow grind, however, so while I have a max level male King Slime at 42, I may not grind my GreatDrak all the way to 68. What I'm reading is that by the time you get the better monsters, such as the Boss class ones, they take a ton of experience to even gain a single level, so there's even more grinding ahead of me. At a certain point I'm just going to want to beat DWM so I can move on to DWM2.
  6. Sylvando ends up being an elaborate robot being controlled by Slurpvando and the Soldiers of Slime.
  7. Nice! Thanks so much for facilitating! I'll ask my contact to hold off, then.
  8. Cool. Let me know when you've mailed your Switch to me. 😁
  9. Honestly at this point to do it again I'd have to go in and relearn all the controls and strategy I used to use. Not sure I have the patience for that and then to retry the Zoma fight. I'd rather play DQHII if I felt the need to play through this game again. Since I 98%'d the first game I got kinda burnt out and didn't play much of the sequel, though I was also living in Japan as a new dad, when it released in The West, and didn't have time to "import" the western release to Japan to try it.
  10. Alright. If he can get it done faster that works. I'll check back in after this weekend. If you can let me know if he's able to do it I can ask the fan subber not to worry about it.
  11. Ah, I already sent it to the guy who fansubbed most of the series.
  12. Were you able to get it? It's currently got 15 leechers and 0 seeders.
  13. The World Tree's Hoe, and Her Blight, Below.
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