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  1. Okay, I just changed it from ilovetentaclep0rn1 to ilovetentaclep0rn2.
  2. Cool. I grabbed the other two just now. I'll give the first one a shot on my phone.
  3. I had no idea Terranigma was part of a trilogy. Was it all from the same universe or were they just similarly styled games? Terranigma is a game I've attempted playthroughs several times on, and each time just gotten lost and never finished. Was Terranigma the third in the series?
  4. Terranigma Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana) A retrospective of the Zelda series (would love to be involved in this one) Franchise Defining Games - talk about games in a select few franchises that were ultimately the most influential and defining and driving success for that franchise: Super Metroid Street Fighter II Metal Gear Solid one could argue the Zelda series has at least two or more of these defining games, with mechanics, weapons or elements that were frequently returned to in future games we could even argue back and forth about what DQ g
  5. Hah. I've listened to every one of your Slime Time episodes, so I still feel like I was there. Next slime! What percentage of DQ Wars would you stay is still playable, without the online content?
  6. ^ I concur. This is a comprehensive look at each group of games in the series. It's entirely dependent upon your interests for what to play next. The RPGamer guide that our own @Plattym3 primarily authored gives you a thorough view of each sub-series, so you can make an informed decision.
  7. Hey guys, special shout-out to Yangus and all the folks who jumped in on this one, especially last minute. I wish I could have been there. I have my 3DS upstate, I'll have to try downloading DQWars. The last time I looked for it years ago I couldn't find it.
  8. Too bad he's gone, but I hope he sticks around to see how I fixed his quotes:
  9. Hold that thought. I've gotta head to a Final Fantasy fan forum, to crap on Final Fantasy.
  10. A fun journey, and not too spoileriffic. Much thanks to @Mimas and @DranzerX13for joining us. They were both very knowledgeable about Dai manga and anime.
  11. Love the slime background. Nicely done.
  12. Is there a way we can change the site theme to make it look like a classic Geocities DQ fan page from 1997?
  13. Well, hey, you look different, forums. Fancy and Schmancy. Cool we can change the background. Might you be able to run wallpaper ads and make some money for The Den off the impressions? Or would that be sacrilege?
  14. I just got to the part where Platty dubbed in the Simpsons theme over the p0rn store story, and then added a Marge Simpson orgasmic noise. Haha. Well done, Platty. Had now idea that was...err...coming.
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