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  1. I find the upvote/downvote system there counter-productive and the general attitudes of people on Reddit to be mostly elitist. Still, there are some good discussions to be had, but you often have to sift through a lot of garbage to find it. Dragon Quest's subreddit is better than most.
  2. Hey, I haven't been checking the forums as often. The best way to reach me for a project is via PM on The Den. I handle DLC updates in the US. International orders can get really pricey for return shipping from the US, so I typically don't recommend it.
  3. Sweet! Good catch, @Ragnar21
  4. Yeah, but I would definitely feel the same about anime, even without a son who is half Japanese. 😀 With exception to Macross Plus and Howl's Moving Castle (which starred Brian Cranston and Billy Crystal, respectively) I've preferred subs to dubs since the early 90s. For a Blu Ray release I'd just like to have the option for both.
  5. I'm looking at this more as an anime and less as a game. Most anime I watch is in Japanese with subtitles. I almost never watch it dubbed unless it's the only option. It's just a personal preference, and not meant to be pretentious or anything. I know English voice acting has gotten a lot better since the 90s, but it still feels more culturally authentic to watch it in Japanese. Since my wife and I are raising our son bilingually in America we almost always go for the Japanese voice acting option for more exposure to the language.
  6. I understand wanting to change it up so it's not just a retelling of a game the majority of the fanbase has played. If they don't have the twins in this one they'll probably be in a sequel. My biggest question about the whole production is whether or not there will be an English release and will we get a subbed Blu-Ray version as well as dubbed? Even though my preference is in Japanese, I'd prefer both options. Japanese for authenticity, English dub to see the difference in tone. When it's released here, and it totally will be--look at the fact that it was just trending in NY, and SquareEnix knows (based on DQXI) that it can sell so many more games by exposing more audience to a major part of the series--it will be a huge event for the franchise in the west.
  7. I'm half way through Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics, a series of fictional vignettes, retelling of the creation of the universe, told from the perspective of personified mathematical equations and elements. It's a real trip, and intensely creative.
  8. https://retropie.org.uk/ If I were to rebuild on I'd try to figure out how to get the hardware to out-put via RCA cables instead of HDMI, so I could hook it up to a CTR-TV and prevent the HD-delay, the twitch-response lag between the controller and screen. The lag is most noticeable for some classic games like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Battletoads or Ninja Gaiden, where a fast-paced controller-response is required.
  9. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody on Sunday so I'm on an all Queen kick with 112 tracks on my iPod. Here's a random one stuck in my head right now. It's an upbeat, positive track, along the lines of Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, called Seaside Rendezvous.
  10. I need to watch and download all of these.
  11. Feliz Birthdayaños, my friend! May the light shine upon this brave birthday warrior.
  12. I'm still friends with the digital video guy who did the work on it originally. I'll start there. I wouldn't want to buy a BetaSP player just to rip one tape.
  13. I don't remember. It was 14 years since I ran the ads on MTV.com. It's probably more than one commercial, because they'd typically have :15 and :30 versions, but I can't verify it without watching or digitizing the tape.
  14. I actually have a Beta SP of a Dragon Quest VIII commercial that ran on MTV in 2005. I worked there at the time and when the commercial came in I know we typically junked tapes after they were digitized, so I asked the video team to return the tape to me when it was complete. I don't have a Beta SP player or a means to record the footage, though. At this point the tape is just some random DQ swag in my collection.
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