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  1. My mic still sucks. Full disclosure. Working on getting a new one.
  2. Last night we recorded our 2nd podcast for DQ Slime Time, and thanks to some speedy late-night editing from Platty we were able to launch it this morning. The podcast focuses on Woodus and how he created one of the oldest Dragon Quest fan sites still running today, as well as talking about DQXI and the upcoming additions we are looking forward to on the Definitive Edition for the Switch. Here's the Anchor.FM link. iTunes, YT and more to follow. https://anchor.fm/podcast-d4a5800/episodes/Episode-002---Woodus--Dragon-Quest-XI-e5al16
  3. How's everyone doing, down in hurricane territory?
  4. I think it could be good news for streamers. I wonder if the .sav save data is transferable between a real cart and the melonDS emulator. I think that could be a challenge, based on previous discussions about cart save data and DQIX on a flashcart. btw, MelonDS? Did you have anything to do with the emulator build, @MelonGx?
  5. I might be the only one who cares about this but 4/6 remakes of Dragon Quest III removed monster animations in battle, including the new PS4/Switch version. Enix introduced monster animations in battle in 1995 with Dragon Quest VI. Dragon Quest III's (1996) SFC and GBC versions (2000-2001) both had monster animations in battle, as well. It was originally stripped in 2009 when the first mobile port of the SFC version was released in Japan. Every subsequent remake has used this mobile version as a benchmark, resulting in the best version of the game still being the Super Famicom version (which The West only saw as a fan translation.)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Liamland


      Yeah, monster medals were the worst. That, combined with the graphical downgrade 4 years after the upgrade, was what ruined the replay value for that version, for me.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I didn’t mind the idea of the medals. It just should have been easier to earn them.

      Graphics weren’t that big of a deal. I grew up on the GBC Monsters games, so when I got around to finally playing DQ1-3 it was the GBC versions. I prefer the SNES version of III, but I had a really good time with the GBC version. Took that one to high school and would play it in study hall or after school at play practice since I was part of the set crew.

    4. SlimeVagrant


      Yeah the GBC version is the one I've played the most of. Never quite finished it as I was too dumb to realize you could use the Light Orb to weaken Zoma. I've made a few attempts at playing through the mobile version but never really followed through


  6. Thanks for the heads up, and much thanks to 7th Element for completing what no one else has been able to do for nearly 30 years. Everyone enjoy this silently, please. Seriously. Anyone who wants to tweet this news out, please think first. Getting enough visibility on it would result in the episodes getting legally pulled, resulting in all the work and spoils of that work being for nothing. Please do not post this on any social media. If you're responsible for helping to get this pulled off the internet you should be completely ostracized from the fanbase. Share silently, please.
  7. A $9,723.67 slime coin purse. Even if you could buy one, you'd probably have no more coins to put in your coin purse.
  8. Getting ready for a move this weekend from slightly upstate NY to Palisades Park, NJ, so our recording this week got pushed back a week. Episode 2 is in the works, though, and we should be recording soon.
  9. Gambling is illegal in Japan, but there are enough loopholes that it is still huge there. They have arcades with whole floors dedicated to Pachinko machines (the pin-ball like slot machine) or Japanese Mahjong where they're playing for money. At first sight it's quite odd to westerners, but in many areas of Tokyo you can walk into an arcade with a bunch of Dragon Quest and Pokemon UFO claw machines and other arcade games, then go downstairs and it's a cigarette-smoke-filled room full of old Japanese businessmen playing Mahjong. Japan also has loopholes when it comes to sports betting, which you can imagine is the cultural inspiration for the Monster Arena.
  10. Makes sense. Tomoko and I were thinking of buying up a bunch of $20 Kubota sake in Japan that sells for $100 a bottle in the US, but ultimately we ran into that issue as well. We would be bootleggers if we did that.
  11. Only $3,000 for a set of Toyota Acua Dragon Quest toy cars... https://www.ebay.com.my/itm/TOYOTA-Dragon-Quest-Collaboration-Monster-Toy-Car-Aqua-Limited-Japan-5-set/223442499690?hash=item340635f86a:g:zSoAAOSwXoJchPo9
  12. Ah, I see. I thought this was about his inclusion in the game at all, based on how a fraction of the Smash fans reacted to the announcement. How realistic is it for the developers to care enough to write a patch to fix that?
  13. It's easier to crap all over a game series they've never played than to admit they were uninformed about a 30 year old franchise that's had a hand in influencing practically every RPG they've ever played.
  14. It still has a ways to go before it becomes mainstream. We'll see when XI S releases, next month, building off the Smash hype.
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