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  1. We're fine. We're just across the water from NYC, in West New York, NJ. My office shut down over 2 weeks ago and I've been working from home. The biggest challenge has been avoiding my 3 year old. Cuomo deployed a medical frigate to the Javitt's Center today, a giant red-cross barge that's supposed to house 1,000 hospital beds. That should help with the local hospital's over-capacity. My wife is due with our second child in June. Should be interesting. She's giving birth in the local Jersey hospital here where they setup the quarantine. We're both a little worried about that--even though we know the quarantine is isolated from the birthing ward.
  2. Thanks. I'm going to work from the balcony from now on, so I can focus more.
  3. I'm on the edge of the epicenter, NYC. If anyone's F'd first it's probably me. 😛 But we're taking it as seriously as we can, keeping clean, disinfecting groceries. touching elevator buttons with our elbows and such. Hospitals are overrun here, so I fear myself or my family getting injured. My wife is also due to give birth in the hospital that houses our local quarantine, so she's freaked out. I won't admit this to her as she'll use it in a "let's move to Japan" argument, but it would have been better if she and Alex were in Japan right now, in lockdown with her family while I worked here. Working with a 3 year old is AWFUL. He's super needy and constantly yelling and acting out for attention. I need to do everything I can to keep my job, which is getting more hectic as people go on medical leave, and he's yelling, stomping, throwing things and climbing on me while I'm trying focus on work conference calls. It's just an insane situation, all around. Today I worked for two hours in the freezing cold, outside on the balcony just for a quiet work-space. This crap can't last 18 months... Stay safe and healthy everybody.
  4. I saw this topic and came here to post Descendants of Erdrick links, only to realize I did that 2 years ago. With Amanda's permission, we took clips from their DW cover on the Advent album for the intro and outro themes for the DQ Slime Time podcast.
  5. I've had some multiplayer sessions where I'll use DQ stamps in English and they're respond in either Chinese Kanji or French, so it's definitely some sort of international cross play. Almost half the times it's people with all Kanji names joining my multiplayer sessions when I host. It's funny, though, that there's a universal stamp-language to someone not selecting food fast enough, or not selecting food that combos with everybody else. It's either the "make it a combo meal" stamp, the "Staaare" stamp or the other players immediately give up, disband and go elsewhere. I've also had people bounce from the multiplayer set-up page when I've posted the "Let's goo!" stamp, which I think pissed them off when they weren't selecting food fast enough. People are slow with the "Ready to Go" status, so typically I'll use the stamp,"All ready?" Then, if they don't respond I'll embark with them anyway, so that at least if they suddenly bail we'll still get their NPCs for the battle. It's a courtesy to ask to see if they're ready before you force them to come along for the Multiplayer ride.
  6. Yes. It's still a DQ game and therefore inherently awesome. However, it is heavily flawed and one of my least favorite in the series. The imbalanced difficulty including Rhone's monsters with unblockable death spells made it more of a random chance of success, which ultimately makes for a less fun experience. There is less quality music compositions in this game than in the others (including the walking theme featuring all three party members, which unfortunately has since become the main menu and victory music for Quest of the Stars.) A few quality exceptions stand out for music in this game, the castle theme (Chateau) and the cave theme (Fright in Dungeon).
  7. One goatee to rule them all...and in the darkness...BIND THEM.
  8. Yeah, @Bururian really helped us out last night, when we had a last-minute cancellation for the Quest of the Stars podcast. Thanks so much for being flexible! "Oh, there's no way I'm editing this, tonight." --Platty at 1am, after a record...every time. 😄
  9. I'd love to see a DQIX remake for Switch, further motivating me to get a Switch. Quest of the Stars shows us quite a few allusions to what a DQIX upgrade could look like.
  10. Is Battle God equipment and the Mottle King Whistle part of a paid-only premium such as the monthly subscription or the paid Starter Packs? Or are these accessible in the game's story, or the RNG chests?
  11. The Mottle Slime whistle is what does that? I've been noticing a lot of the multiplayer folks have auto-oomph.
  12. I noticed that too. There's a better luck factor with drops when there are more multiplayer characters. Yet another thing that reminds me of DQIX.
  13. Great, so as soon as I meet 301 unique players I can stop multiplaying. 😄
  14. Is it timed? I thought it had to do with the number of first meetings. Right now I'm pulling 50 per new multiplayer first meeting, however I used to get 150.
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