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  1. Local coop for Switch typically means one person on the tablet and one on the TV, but we'll see.
  2. Was reading news about the next Bond film that put this classic Propellerheads track back in my head. A mash up of music from OHMSS and You Only Live Twice. Still so good, after all these years.
  3. If you're up in NY this summer bring your DS/DQIX and I can try rallying the group together.
  4. Silk Wizard's Dragon Warrior Online was fun. It was the first DQ-MMO I ever played and as a fan-made game it came out 10 years before the official release of DQX. The navigation wasn't a perfect emulation of the original games, but it was close enough.
  5. MaxRebo mentioned in another thread that he had ordered an R4i dongle, back in March. I asked him if he ever received it and about how well it works.
  6. Hey @Maxrebo. Did this ever arrive? Does it work similarly to the NDS Adaptor for ripping .sav files?
  7. R4i dongles are scarce. I'd researched them as an alternative to the NDS Adaptor Plus, awhile back, but ultimately either couldn't find one or couldn't find it at a reasonable price.
  8. Too bad they never kept up with driver support. There's obviously still a need, even if it's a niche one.
  9. I've not successfully gotten the drivers to work on a 64 bit machine, though according to the Amazon reviews it can be done by setting the PC to accept unsigned drivers. As AustNerevar mentioned there is a potential security risk. I've not had any problems using the same drivers on an older 32 bit laptop running Windows 7, however. I was talking with someone in Germany a month or two ago about doing a DQIX mail-and-tag project, but it was too cost-prohibitive because international return shipping from the US is ridiculously expensive. As an alternative, he/she ended up getting an NDS Adaptor and taking it to the library where they had older computers and was able to get it to work there. It's not ideal, but it's worth a shot if nothing else works.
  10. @Plattym3 Nobody listens to those things, anyway.
  11. Thanks! I had a lot of fun. I'd consider doing a podcast again if anyone is interested.
  12. Ah, interesting. Didn't realize there was hired AI in the fight with you. I'd love to try this sometime, particularly if the IP-ban stay permanently lifted. But I'm not confident I have the specs, the internet speed, and I'd have to use my work laptop. My Japanese language skills are also limited, and I have virtually no reading ability, which feels like it would be a hindrance when it comes to making snap decisions during battle. Maybe someday. It looks super fun!
  13. https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/9495674?fbclid=IwAR0_0slwzDlHGfXFqf0biIRLzrpTknZkMJrUrqi-4MfQd1flqipbyHEFcVQ I was a guest on the Puff Puff Hour podcast to talk about Dragon Quest IX multiplayer, and the DQ franchise in general. It was a ton of fun to record and it was my first podcast (outside of the SlimeTime one I did with Tesla a few years ago that never got produced.) Ultimately I just wanted to convey that DQIX local multiplayer is worth exploring and still holds up to this day. If you're able to find other players passionate enough about DQ to gather together and try it I strongly recommend it. #Absolutely
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