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  1. Really? All the sexual stuff, particularly all the horny students who worship Lum, I would think it was a geared toward a shonen audience.
  2. Haha. Urusei Yatsura! Nice. I've tried watching the series. Got about 43 episodes in. I realized early on that basically every episode is exactly the same formula. It's funny, though. I only fell off it because it wasn't breaking much ground from the original concept.
  3. I relistened to it yesterday for the first time since the record. I loved Ranma. Used to watch it in the '90s at my friend's place. He used to get subtitled VHS tapes of it, somehow. I got to college and someone had the dubbed version and I remember it being pretty atrocious. Many '90s dubs were, though.
  4. Posted it to Reddit, but it's not getting much love, there. Historically, though, I haven't seen more than 10 likes go to any podcast posts in Reddit, including ST and DQFM. If anyone has a reddit login can you upvote this post? Hopefully we can get it more visibility.
  5. https://anchor.fm/dqslimetime/episodes/Episode-023---Samantha--Dragon-Quest-Everything-ejpa44 We were pleased to have our very own Denizen @Michi on the Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast. Check out the interview as she talks about fandom, working at Square Enix, DQ cosplay, working with Yuji Horii, and more. This podcast also features our resident Slime Time artist, @Dwaine. YT version pending.
  6. Awesome. I was looking into one of these awhile back, but the site selling them at the time was sketchy. That's pretty awesome that it can back up rom files. Similar concept, different tech, though I don't think the NDS Adaptor Plus could be used to back-up games. I don't know. It's possible, but I only ever used it for DQIX save files. Connecting it to a modern PC is a pain, though. No supported drivers.
  7. This is a pretty cool workaround. Are you able to use the R4 dongle to rip saves like the NDS Adaptor Plus?
  8. Hai, dozo. DQ6-zst-srm-files.zip
  9. I have my old files from when I originally emulated DQVI in 1999-2000 (the files literally have those dates on them.) They're ZSNES files. I'm not even sure which are the save files or save states. Would that be at all helpful? At some point I switched over to Snes9x as a preferred emulator, but when I played DQVI for the first time it was on ZSNES. I may also be able to recover my last DQVI-SFC playthrough on my old phone.
  10. I'm more of an Overcooked fan, when it comes to digital cooking games that result in no food being prepared, in reality.
  11. No, Mori Mori 1 never got patched. I beat it in Japanese; if you've played Rocket Slime, it's perfectly doable. Remember, though, Mori Mori 1 is in the works. Same translation team that did the Rockman and Forte SFC english patch I downloaded recently.
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