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  1. I love that he can tell when someone's saying it without a hyphen.
  2. Yeah, that's true. I was hoping more people would be interested in learning more about it. I'll see if we can get Westy to help promote it through Instagram. There's tons of Japanese DQ fans on Instagram, too. Not that they're a target audience for this, but they might be interested to know we went to the trouble of talking about a game of theirs that we really want to play.
  3. A little off topic, but I'll bite. I moved, back in September, and didn't happen to bring the NDS Adaptor Plus device with me, which is still at my parent's place. I can pick it up at Thanksgiving, if you can wait that long. Of course, while you wait I recommend catching up on episodes of DQ Slime Time. Our latest with streamer Nawaria features a discussion about Dragon Quest X multiplayer. https://t.co/z24NWiBeje?amp=1
  4. Thanks for the feedback! It's cool to see how she uses DQX as a means to practice her Japanese. I'd love to do that someday.
  5. https://t.co/z24NWiBeje?amp=1 We had an amazing time recording with Nawaria for the DQX discussion. Check it out if you haven't heard it already. Here are some follow-up tweets I posted with photos of Dragon Quest X promos from Japan that I mentioned on the podcast. Nawaria streams DQX on Thursdays from 2-7 Pacific Time: https://www.twitch.tv/nawaria Check out her YouTube page for a playlist of past streams. She regularly streams on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, but the games on Mondays and Tuesdays changes up a lot.
  6. Oh yeah. Hopefully he'll be there too. He typically cosplays as a slime, so he's easy to spot. So we recorded our podcast with special guest Nawaria last night to talk about DQX. Platty edited it and posted it today. It's a really interesting window into what we're missing. https://anchor.fm/podcast-d4a5800/episodes/Episode-006---Nawaria--DQX-e81ev7
  7. Oh, don't worry about it. I know there's tons of people to meet up and hard to gather groups to do any one thing, so even meeting for a short time was cool. The only thing that would keep me from PAX East this year is if I got a job on West Coast, but that is unfortunately unrealistic as most companies don't want to pay for me to move or want me to be local to come in for an interview at a moment's notice. BUT, if I do make it, I have a really good idea for cosplay that I'm psyched to do at the next con I go to, which will hopefully be PAX East.
  8. I would argue they're tiny dwarf monsters, rather than a toy hat for an abnormally large slime.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, DQVR is definitely fun. I wish that would come here, but with the rising popularity of VR gaming it makes me look forward to the potential for a home release someday. DQ Swords is the closest we've come so far, but there's so much potential there.
  10. Greetings, fellow Denizens! We're gearing up to record a Dragon Quest X podcast with a special guest from the Dragon's Den team, and we want to know what specific questions you have about the game. To be transparent, we have collected a fair amount of questions so far, and have a series of Denizen questions from Woodus and YangusTheLegendaryBandit. But we want to reach out to see if anyone else has anything they've always wanted to know about DQX. If you could ask a western DQX expert something specific about the game, what would it be? We'll try to fit in what we can into the discussion. We're planning on recording tomorrow evening around 10pm, EST, so if you have any questions, please provide them sometime before then. Anything that comes in after the recording we'll still try to get answers on. Thanks! Liam
  11. Cost is definitely a factor. I've talked to SE staffers at events in the past about this. They weren't able to confirm anything specifically, but hinted at the fact that the fanbase isn't large enough to guarantee a return on the investment involved in localization, servers and maintenance. It's also subscription based, so that cuts back on the amount of the western DQ fanbase that would pay a subscription to play it. Then you have the DQ fans who hate MMOs and refuse to play DQX at all. Now that was about 2 years ago. It's possible things have changed, and with the new DQ fans brought in by the Smash community they're definitely taking some more changes, such as the DQXI S definitive edition, DQB2, and especially DQ of the Stars, a surprise mobile localization that was previously Japan-only. So who knows? It's possible. Last we heard from SE on it was hints that Japan was thinking of giving us an offline only version of DQX for western audiences. That news came out sometime last year around the release of DQXI for PS4 (again the news was greeted with mixed reviews from the fans).
  12. Haha! Oh, I just got to that part. That's right. That was our DQ Heroes debate. I think you liked the bubble magic and I preferred Rain of Pain.
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