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  1. I bought the game in Japanese, of course, but I'm stuck at the shrine. They changed it too much and now I don't know what to do. I got two shards, I'm at the statues where you need to find the armor, sword, helmet, and shield. But all the doors are locked and I don't know what to do. And that stupid fairy keeps saying something, but I can't read Japanese and he wasn't in the original DW7.
  2. Oh, well yeah. I've seen that one, and have it.
  3. I would see that one, but I think the link or something is broken because like Derpametric said, it's not showing up.
  4. I'm looking for artwork of Gabo. Also, if anyone can do art of Gabo that would be great, because I can't find any good artwork of him. Thanks!
  5. Peaches


    Yeah, we can only hope. *Sobs* Well, I'm planning on buying a Japanese 3DS and getting it when it comes out in Japan.
  6. I've played it and I've gotten close to beating it. I'm going to replay it now and try beating it again since I've learned that there's going to be a remake! Woo!
  7. I remember awhile ago I posted on this forum that I wished they would remake Dragon Quest 7, and look! They're actually going to do it! I'm so happy and so excited, I wish it would come out in America sooner. *Cries tears of joy and sadness*
  8. I'm pretty sure the first Dragon Warrior game I played was Dragon Warrior 3. I remember those days on the bus ride home from middle school trying to get the magic key from the pyramid in that one place in the desert...Yeah. Those were the days.
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