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  1. Really solid translation. A good mix of the new style and old. I'm just wondering for those with a japanese copy, a lot of websites mention co-op modes. Is this just the trading feature?
  2. One of the combat messages reads "Opmph - Atk boost expires" This is displayed even when a move like sap which lowers attack expires. A rewording to something like "Attack change expires", I think, would be better.
  3. Maybe you should remove this video for the time being loud. Or at least the description. Especially since it also includes a link to the rom... http://www.youtube(Dot)com/watch?v=oGKqglxRIkA&feature=channel_video_title
  4. Few more. m241 = This one is weird. This happens when your skill sets over lap. For instance, if you learn sizz in one list, and then sizz on another. Fought BjornJr. He used a move called wave right at the start, didn't have enough MP, then the battle ended with a message c34 c17= If the monsters in your current party are wiped, this is displayed and your reserve party comes out.
  5. I made this account just to thank you souimet for attempting a translation.
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