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  1. Yeah, I don't know too much about it either. We would have to configure the settings in the NetPlay menu:






    One of us would act as the server and the other would be the client. We would then need to exchange IP addresses to connect. I am not sure if this requires you to both be on the same LAN network or if you can connect to an external IP address. In any case, I also don't know if we need to do anything with our firewall settings etc.


    Maybe somebody knows more about this?


    Well, have you ever used Hamachi? It worked well with OCTGN (like, a Magic the Gathering simulation program type thing), so maybe it would work well with this. It gives you an IP address to connect to and it's really simple.

    I think we could figure it out if we put our minds to it...


    Anyways, when would you like to try to do this? I'm PST, so... yeah. Send me a message on here and we could work it out, I guess.

  2. I really, really like this idea. I have some pretty good monsters on my game and I'd like to battle someone. I don't have TGBDual emulator or anything, but I'll try to download it... Is this the official thread for DQM 1 and 2 battles or is there another one somewhere?


    This is the one and only topic about it. Once you have TGBDual set up and your save file loaded, make a post here about it requesting a connection. I have fairly limited hours of availability, but would be willing to give it a shot sometime if we can make it work.


    Okay, um... I have my save file loaded and stuff, I just have no idea how to connect to the internet with it.

    I'm sort of limited in my hours of availability, too, but I have MSN and stuff if you want to add me on there for convenience.

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