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  1. Yeah, I'm buying this game in English or Japanese, I don't care. And they better come out with a DQM2 remake, too. I just hope no one says "Blimey" or "Guvnah" in it...
  2. Oh Dragon Quest Monsters 2 is by far my favorite game of all time so I could beat the GBC game with my eyes closed. But the PSX version has a few changes, so I did get stuck not being able to understand what they wanted... But so far it was fairly easy to figure out and playing it in Japanese is super enjoyable for me. The only real problem I had was choosing which skills to delete every time a monster learned too many. I could never remember which were which and I had to have the skill translation guide open while playing. I have yet to play DQM1 for the PSX though, so I don't know how different it is from the original.
  3. I was having a lot of fun playing this game even though it's not in English (and I can't translate Japanese), but once I beat the Ice World I'm totally lost. Has anyone else played this before? I would wait for that translation to come out, but it's been years since they started that... Anyways, there's some guard blocking the stairs to the king's chamber and name changer. And Warubou is sitting on top of the stairs to the Magic Door. So I'm stuck. I can't train and I can't figure out how to progress. I think I have to beat the S rank tournament, but I was dumb and bred a couple of my strongest monsters right when I cleared the Ice World so there's literally no chance of me winning (I did beat C and B though). Does anyone know where I could find an unofficial walkthrough for this game? There are a bunch on Gamefaqs and stuff for the GBC version, but no PSX. Even if it were in Japanese that would be a huge a help. -EDIT- I just figured it out. If anyone wants to know, you have to check all the pots in town and give your mother a sirloin or something, then check a bottle on the beach, then the top left bookcase in the library, then the lower right pillar in the arena, then the slide that goes down the tree, theeeeeen check the straw where the Dream Egg goes.
  4. Well, have you ever used Hamachi? It worked well with OCTGN (like, a Magic the Gathering simulation program type thing), so maybe it would work well with this. It gives you an IP address to connect to and it's really simple. I think we could figure it out if we put our minds to it... Anyways, when would you like to try to do this? I'm PST, so... yeah. Send me a message on here and we could work it out, I guess.
  5. This is the one and only topic about it. Once you have TGBDual set up and your save file loaded, make a post here about it requesting a connection. I have fairly limited hours of availability, but would be willing to give it a shot sometime if we can make it work. Okay, um... I have my save file loaded and stuff, I just have no idea how to connect to the internet with it. I'm sort of limited in my hours of availability, too, but I have MSN and stuff if you want to add me on there for convenience.
  6. I really, really like this idea. I have some pretty good monsters on my game and I'd like to battle someone. I don't have TGBDual emulator or anything, but I'll try to download it... Is this the official thread for DQM 1 and 2 battles or is there another one somewhere?
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