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  1. Yeah, I'm buying this game in English or Japanese, I don't care. And they better come out with a DQM2 remake, too. I just hope no one says "Blimey" or "Guvnah" in it...
  2. Well, have you ever used Hamachi? It worked well with OCTGN (like, a Magic the Gathering simulation program type thing), so maybe it would work well with this. It gives you an IP address to connect to and it's really simple. I think we could figure it out if we put our minds to it... Anyways, when would you like to try to do this? I'm PST, so... yeah. Send me a message on here and we could work it out, I guess.
  3. This is the one and only topic about it. Once you have TGBDual set up and your save file loaded, make a post here about it requesting a connection. I have fairly limited hours of availability, but would be willing to give it a shot sometime if we can make it work. Okay, um... I have my save file loaded and stuff, I just have no idea how to connect to the internet with it. I'm sort of limited in my hours of availability, too, but I have MSN and stuff if you want to add me on there for convenience.
  4. I really, really like this idea. I have some pretty good monsters on my game and I'd like to battle someone. I don't have TGBDual emulator or anything, but I'll try to download it... Is this the official thread for DQM 1 and 2 battles or is there another one somewhere?
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