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  1. THE WIKI IS ONLINE AGAIN !!! EDITING IS NOW POSSIBLE AGAIN =) http://dqmj2p.wikkii.com/wiki/Main_Page
  2. He's breedable. =) Kap + Hyperanemon (both can be scouted on New World)
  3. A very good idea, SOuimet, what do you think about this Post? I think, if we didn't need to edit the wiki anymore, we could transfer the hole content to another page, couldn't we? =)
  4. Ahhh Ok thx !!! And I thought I was banned or something like that -.-* Is there any opportunity for the wikii, or will the DQMJ2 Pro Page continue being on this wikii.com ?? Will this side ALWAYS (!) be for free??
  5. @ all: I've got a problem.. I can't edit the DQMJ2 pro wiki, although I'm logged in. There is no "Edit" button, neither on top of every page, nor on single "A"'s... =( Edit: I also tried another browser (I'm currently using Mozilla Firefox, but on "Internet Explorer" it didn't works, too.), but no solution, too. Furthermore I wasn't able to edit anything with a new accout, I created before. I also re-activated my javascript, so that couldn't be a problem anymore, too. Moreover I used the "Restore all default settings" on my profile, but that didn't allows me to edit pages, t
  6. Of course you can. Just send a message to SOuimet for recieving the latest patches.
  7. Well, since it's a "free" service, I can't expect it to be perfect. However, I can make sure we don't lose anything. I'll make an export of every page (there's only 67 pages so it's not that bad), so that we can re-import it in the worst case scenario. Thx very much. This export will let us feel more save, since this domain (wikii.net) isn't very good at all.
  8. Why is that? I think this problem is comparable with the PSN error... There is an error in it's database I hope the admins of this page are able to debugg the problem Otherwise... SOOOOOO much work of us was all in vain... (I made a page for GeoSociety, too. This page of the wiki has got the same error, so all in all this bug doesn't occurs only on the DQMJ2 Pro wiki.) Let's hope, the admins are able to fix it. EDIT: Its online again =) Everything works fine for now. Lets Hope, this won't happen again
  9. The wiki for DQMJ2 Pro seems to be down, is it?? It says "network timeout", but google and other sides are working for me Or is it just an error, which occurs often from time to time..??
  10. Well if you would have read through the posts you would know. Souimet said that until it is confirmed wether or not america will get the pro version of the game (which is likely to happen on the release day) he will enjoy the summer and not work on the translation since the game is already playable. If america gets DQMJ2 it will move on. @ miro1200: I must say, that Warez is totaly right. Of course I don't like anyone to be working on other things instead of the translation, too. BUT: It won't make sence to continue working on the translation, when the DQMJ2 will come to US in augus
  11. Yay, I wrote so many replies the last few days, that I can't really remember which person has what at all. So sry for not knowing whether you got it with AP or without Tut mir leid =(
  12. Sintaur can be found here (Underground Ruins Part 2) ONLY AFTER (!) Beating the Game. So make sure, you already fight Leonyx before you can approach him here. Just add all your information, you know on this forum --> this topic and we will add this information on the wiki or we will send the information to souimet. Furthermore you can send it to SOuimet by yourself, too. Or just add the information in the wiki as well. To add information on the wiki, here's a little tutorial for you: TUTORIAL for new members of the wiki: (the following lines are like in the wiki, so that'
  13. Added to the wiki. =) I think you got the NON-ap patched savegame... The latest Patch is with AP allways, so you'll need to "re-hexedit" it to the non-AP patched version. I want to do that thing, too, because I used a savegame for the non-ap-patched game, too. So one of us should do it and send the "latest patched rom" without ap to the other one, after hexediting it. =)
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