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  1. you should use the 'grotto calcullator' which you can find on this website (go to the main page and press on dragon quest ix and then grotto calculator on the right), but its just a matter of completing a high level grotto with you're hero at a high level. if you're hero is level 80 and the grotto is level 80 you have a 19% chance of getting a grotto with a MKS, also the more times you're hero has revocated the more chance you have of getting a grotto with a MKS. it may also good to know you can only find a MKS in either a cave, water or fire grotto on another note do you have a good way of killing metal slimes? because there are two skills which give you a 50% chance to get a critical hit, which means you have a 50% chance of killing them in one hit. the two skills are called thunder thrust and hatchet man thunder thrust: you get when you level you're spear skill up to 58 hatchet man: you get when you level you're axe skill up to 58 and if you get either skill tree up to level 100 you can use those weapons in any class
  2. ye i have one - i made a topic on it back when i found it. the grotto is level 73 .... , but it happens when the game makes the area to big (since the layouts are made by random), so it can't load any enemies - its a similar reason to why you can get mks only floors etc. this is pritty rare since i have beat about 300 grottos and only come agross one map with a monsterless floor. i thinks its pritty cool
  3. sounds like a good idea - i think i will do thïs - büt good look to you
  4. the fact some quest are locked unless you connect to the internet is terrible for sure, but since they are all unlocked on my first cart i don't care personally - i am fine with my second cart being incomplete, but it is a shame for future gamers . i never really used the online store i only brought the items you can only get from it then left it alone
  5. i might buy it again on 3ds but more likely to buy it if it was on wiiu, though if it had any improvements - such as online play or more dlc then definitely
  6. well what can i say i am in love with this game, i hail it as my favourite game of all time along side super mario 64. But why?: well even though i would agree that the story isn't as good as the others due to its fragmented feel, also on that note that fact you're other party members don't have a back story was disapointing (at first atleast). Now then the first thing that i enjoyed about ix it the fact thats its a top down rpg, i had big issues with the camera angle in dq8 and that game is easily my least favourite and what about the graphics do you like them?- because i think there perfect i can't realy explain it to you better then that they just work perfectly. The soundtrack is brilliant obviously. The fact you can fully customise you're characters, something that every rpg should have in my view because it really helps to immerse you into the game which it what rpg's are about and Even though i was excepted random battles ix showed me tnat there is a better way, in which dodging monsters becomes a game in it self.But before a blable on lets face it i have 800+hrs logged in my first cart (all in single-player never played multiplayer) and with the amount of content in this game i have many many mores hours to play, what with getting every monster at 999 kills and perhaps i can clock out the grottoes completed clock and such.... But i couldn't play this game so much if the battle system wasn't up to scratch and i have to say that this game has the best battle system i have ever played with. its just a shame dqx looks terrible, not the graphics so much , but i don't care about multiplayer and well i don't mind if we just skip x here in the west i can pretend i doesn't excised.
  7. anything thats doanload only - is a big no-no for me, the very reason i havent brought pikmin 3 is because of the dlc , it sounds like they just made the game to small and they are hiding it with dlc. Also, everytime i buy and love a game like 'dark souls' and then they bring dlc out i always feel let down- like they dont care i payed for they're game. They just wont more money. when i buy a game i wont to buy the full game (its the same deal with consoles these days you alway have something to downlaod), but even if the dlc/update is free it can destroy the game - for example x-com on 360 i havent put that game back in my console since i heard that the new update completely changes the game . I dont wont a game i brought and played alot to change, just give me a dam sequal with this updated combat, once a games out its to late to patch or atleast it should be. As for games that are download only it takes alot for me to pay up, unless its an old game like 'a link to the past' which even though i could get it for snes its alot cheaper and easier to get it on the eshop (though i will get it for snes at some point). I tend to just hope that these download games come out on disc ,which can happen i have the bit-trip series on wii disc( which i found for cheaper then bying them seperatly online)
  8. well i dont care to much about the games, but i do collect the cards, though X&Y do have me excited anuff to bye day one, plus the 3ds i seriously missing out on rpgs
  9. 999 kills doesn't realy do anything its just the most times you can kill any-one monster, so its just to make me feel good (i do have a few on 999 already). as for dqx the things that do my head in is the battle system (which i don't care what people say it could n should have been turn-based, i mean that was the main reason i loved the fanchise so much) - and i have never played a DQ game in multiplayer before n dont feel like doing it now, but single player in X makes the battle system look more anouying! i would have also liked it to be a topdown game,but thats been the least of my worries.
  10. i pritty much love everything about ix, well theres 2 things i have beef with. 1.the other characters in your party dont have a back-story 2. i have become so used to having monsters on pop up on the world map, any 'new' rpg that still uses random battles - realy seems to p#ss me of, which destroyd the pokemon games for me BUT ye i realy enjoy the grottoes and won't stop playing the game untill its 100%, 999 kills etc... i would and do say DQix is the best rpg ever made, but with DQX on the way im real sad to say dragon quest is only getting worse, if i do swollow my pride n tiers and bye X i don't know how long I will last being a DQ fan - DQX looks like the last good bye for me
  11. well since people have been phantasy star, i have to say the first one for the master system is a brilliant game, one of my all time best rpg's n it deserves to played, im not a fan of the newer phantasy stars - it should have stayed turn based in my eyes
  12. well i am playing new game + mode and extra mode on 'infinite space' (its a shame nobody i know has this game so i can challenge them to a battle), finishing of 'fire emblem sacred stones' and as always playing on DQix - i must also remeber to beat the 'crimson shroud'
  13. dam right i have played infinite space, n it is easily one of the greatest rpg's ever made, and these days im realy iching for a sequal - i want to destroy those overlord pr#cks - with nintendo taking an intrest in 'platinum games' i live in hope, since it did sell well in japan. o ye sorry for the realy late post only just come across this topic
  14. i dont think there will be an playstation V the way sony are going.
  15. thats the age people have girlfriends/boyfriends - its a big thing around that age, i was much younger then that when i had my first girlfriend, but it may be different in the uk then in the u.s or where ever you're from
  16. well i got that nes kid icarus '3d classic' game free via club ninendo and it is great - if a little hard
  17. i think we will have to wait and see what happens to the vita sales after the next design of 3ds comes out (which im guessing will be christmas 2013 since the wiiu comes this year), before we start talking about it failing etc....
  18. ha - well i tell you i feel sorry for 'Meganium'
  19. That explains so much. 'just for the record' i would never paint why'll on drugs
  20. wow i didn't mean to type that post, so many times, sorry about that i was drunk. but ye that was horrible what she did
  21. well that is a bad day - realy bad day well that is a bad day - realy bad day well that is a bad day - realy bad day
  22. they didn't have 'the last story' either, but at the price's they are trying to charge people it seems no wonder that they have problems -(these are true in store pricing around my end) lets face it who will pay £38 for mario kart? or £40 for tekkan? (which these dtores didn't seem to be the only one over pricing that game at £38 in another store), perhaps £35 for S.mario 3dland? well perhaps not when you can walk not that far way and get each game for £30 or less i also looked at the vita games, but when i noticed the £45 price tag on uncharted i walked away.Also when zelda:skyward sword and S.mario3dland were released these stores didn't even have a midnight launch, which forced me to go to a 24hour tesco - i later found out i saved £10 on zelda.ltd and £5 on mario, so i stopped bying from them and im sure many people have stories like mine. and ye the people in game never have any idea what you're on about - i asked 'do you have dementium 2 for the ds' they answer ' whats that?' - idiots
  23. conclusion: all in all with the perfection of the time trial mode and the heart pumping online race's, this game holds alot of exciting game play. Mario Kart's foundations have never been this strong, but with out the much loved mission mode (which shows no sign of coming back) and with time based power slide's instead of waggle based, I can not be so sure if this is my fav... in the franchise. none the less this is the best game of a franchise, which is both one the best multiplayer games and is playable by anyone - i feel this is worthly of a rating of 93% P.S i play as wiggler - all the time
  24. So is mario kart 7 the best MK game? - mmmm, ye pritty much there is no denying that this game has the most 'in race' variety, for you can now fly and drive under water. The flying and driving under water, though you may fear they will feel to different then the driving (which is still the main focus of each track) - they do not, work very well in both making the game more exciting and it doesn't make this game in the franchise feel to different then others - if you like mario kart you will like MK7. To be truth full there is some problems here, which is because of the flying, you see when you're flying if you try to go somewhere that the game doesn't want you to go you can feel it pushing you back, plus for some reason at some parts instead of pushing you back the game will get rid of you're wings, which makes you fall into lava etc...To be far this type of thing does make each race more evenly matched, people would have abused this skill way to much if it didn't have limits. This game also features coins (coins have been seen in 'super mario kart' for snes and 'mario kart super circuit' for GBA), which when collected (Max.10) will give you a speed bonus, but the speed bonus you get isn't realy that much and since getting hit or falling of stuff takes away some of those coins in any race mode they feel pointless - now saying this when you go in to the time trial's the coins become very importent to get the best time possible and with thanks to the amazing use of street/spotpass, this time mode will easily find a place in you're heart, which is the first time i could say that about this mode on a MK game The kart customisation is a wonderful thing, though there is not much to change (only body and wheels realy), it does make sure that no two players online will have the same kart thanks to the amount of parts you unlock. this also does change the way you're kart drives greatly, which is what you would hope, so you will find that you will spend more & more time changing you're parts around the more parts you get, in order to create that perfect kart for you, but there is still a problem because, though when you are changing you're parts you do see some stats of you're kart, which do make sense for driving on the road, the problem is it never explains how these stats effect you're flying and under water driving - this make you're job of finding the perfect kart abit harder then you would like. The Grand Prix mode in mario kart always feels the same, so i dont have anything to say. The online mode's on this are the best yet, though what is the point of balloon battle i just don't know, with anuff karts on the track to create mayham (unlike MK DS) and not to much that players get left behind where you never see them again (unlike MK WII) - plus you have the new water/flying sections to play around with. The new items this time round work realy well and driving up to someone and smahing them of the track with you're racoon tail puts a huge smile on you're face,part of the reason being is that it takes some skill to do so - the fire flower power works pritty much how you think it would. when im player online i most enjoy playing in a community, which lets you have a grand prix 'basically' and everyone can clearly tell who is the best (you get a shiny cup too).You can create you're own communities, in which you can choose to only have certain power ups - upsettingly can't choose from all of the power ups.
  25. you know this is what im going to do today (level up my legacy bosses)- thanks for the idea
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