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  1. You must not have visited the bazaar to use it yet If you go to Morries you can open the blue chest each day for a free gold bar which sells for $5000. Four days in a row for me have been gold bar so I can't confirm it works ALL the time. Small sample so and all.
  2. So first let me preface this by saying I like it when a game that has extremely high costs of in game goods gives you ample opportunity to exploit features like alchemy to garner some of the necessary wages. In the PS2 version I remember being able to spam weapons and medicine alchemy to make boucous of money. Now it caps you at like 25 units and then only gives you the value of the composite total of items used. (Special Medicine = 2 strong medicine= 4 medicinal herbs = 32 G whereas if you only sell around 20 the first time it's like 90 per). Does anyone know why the heck they have nerfed the
  3. Thanks for all the hard work Enclave!
  4. Funny you should mention that Michster, because I RARELY lose with My 3 Golems. As a matter of fact, I tried to use all of the special teams you can get in the game and none came close to what those three can accomplish. The weak link in that team tho is when they refuse to combine and the regular golem gets picked off. At that point it is a tossup but I have never lost on the Rank A standings and I have rarely had an issue in Rank S. Like others said however, Talos and Octurion are the best pairing of early appearing monsters that give you the best nucleus of a team. I like to add a Giga
  5. Try those moves in a boss fight and see what happens! The moveset is nice and has always been a concern (see Twin Dragon Lash in VIII). I mean what you have essentially is a great field move that makes dealing with groups of enemies (non metal) a lot easier but is useless when you might need a low cost move to hit a boss. I think its a little OP, but other than spamming those in field battles I think they are useless moves
  6. I think this is a case of personal bias based on what we all liked when we played it the first time. Me personally, I was one of those bickering that we lost the puzzle structure from the beginning and were left with an unfulfilling and mindless moving of a stone and pressing the A button. BLECH. I do realize tho that people who never enjoyed those puzzles are far from upset they are gone, but my main reasoning for being upset is that instead of just removing them altogether, they made them pointless and superfluous in such a manner as they felt like a waste of time. All in all tho, it was
  7. Was wondering if anyone found any particular "lucky" machine or just went with the classic button mashing method til you win? So far the best game (no surprise) is Lucky Panel. Post any good tips here please!!
  8. Actually its kind of a play on the word Austere meaning "Plain, simple, or of humble origin"
  9. I'll get you next time Dark, next time!!!!!
  10. Man I so hope you are right! Don't hold your breath on a price drop soon. Just saw today that there will be a new Pokemon 3ds in October and several new models in December. I suspect the price won't drop to $149 point for almost 6-9 months and maybe not even then. Given how many releases of Pokemon already exist on the system, they're not going to assume higher system sales due to Pokemon. Even though Sun/Moon actually drastically alter the gameplay mechanics for the first time since the series began. Plus the N64, GC, GBA, DS, and Wii all saw price drops in their prime, around holiday
  11. DQ tactics: Chapters of the Fragmented Cursed Bride
  12. Oh goodness yes. This tore me up and especially since I didn't see it going down like that. I expected maybe to get separated and save him but nope. My heart aches for the reasons you gave. Everything about that in-game relationship felt real and authentic. Also the part that hit me in the feels was having to choose my spouse. It was hard beccase I felt like my choice was a momentous one that would leave others I loved dejected and alone. I have played the game three times for obvious reasons and still knowing what I would do each time hurt. Finally the whole pregnancy thing was also a moment
  13. Yes, Papas/Pankraz was awesome. I loved how he healed his son after every battle. Even though it's just a game, you can feel his love for his son. The saddest part of that game is, in my opinion, the moment he allows the enemies to kill him in order to protect his son. That scene is difficult to watch every time.
  14. Your responses are the reason this community is the best. It resonates with all of us that the failures of a parent company can truly destroy the legacy of its offspring. I fell in love with DW when I was a 6 year old and when I never got the sequel I nearly lost it. Finally when emulators became a thing I discovered roms to DW 2,3,4 and the burning love was rekindled. Then something insane happened. I saw a used copy of a PS 1 game called DW VII and completely lost my mind. WHERE ARE V AND IV??? I am so lost!! After VIII came out I gave up hope until all the ds remakes finally came to America
  15. Don't hold your breath on a price drop soon. Just saw today that there will be a new Pokemon 3ds in October and several new models in December. I suspect the price won't drop to $149 point for almost 6-9 months and maybe not even then.
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