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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2251625027 - Dragon Quest Heroes Weapon Pack 1 of [2]

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2251632723 - Dragon Quest Heroes Weapon Pack 2 of [2] 


    I got together a majority of weapons, shields and item models for Retro2Modern [who made the Healix and Nera GMOD models/NPCs in my last post], and he completed most of them and placed them into two packages. These are props, no actual usable weapons, though. For now... :V

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  2. On 7/11/2016 at 6:07 AM, SlimeVagrant said:

    I have wanted Dragon Quest Heroes models in gmod ever since it came out! I wish I knew how to do that kind of stuff.

    So just over four years later, there are now two models for GMOD [playermodel/NPC/ragdoll support]: Healix and Nera. Both of these were created by "Retro2Modern", the first commissioned by a different person, and the latter commissioned by yours-truly. However in addition to that, the creation of Nera's set inspired me to use the voice lines I extracted of hers for my Aetherius classic [GZ]Doom modification and make what is called a "TFA-VOX" pack [a voicepack that can be used with a specific player model]. This ended up being my first ever Steam workshop addon I ever made. I might consider a similar voice pack using the Healix sounds/voice-files I extracted some years back, but that might not be immediate.






    P.S. I hope this isn't against the rules to post this over 4 years after the last post, but the previous posts were extremely relevant for this post. x.x

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  3. 345948593_NeraStandardPoserevision2.png.6d5ccbefeced3c5951cc7296bc029ab6.png357607082_NeraSigilPoseDONE-revison2.png.4e8bd9f4eab51abb16af2425b3c9b341.png759137503_NeraPunchDONE-revision2.png.9461c42641d189298995df059dfb1f39.png448667171_NeraPunchDONE-revision2-noFX.png.e481c7f7d1d7f7ca1cfdd509e960d54d.png882609249_NeraPuffPuffDone-revision2.png.31f8d558aeeaf97c6b24d2025a559090.png746558892_NeraHellcoreDONE-revision2.png.07be8d4566a44b22d3fecd11075a0a2e.png1695147445_NeraHellcoreDONE-revision4.png.f534c2eb28486a9509928d9e0e7150e9.png1996510799_NeraCrossbowDonewithoutArrows.png.899994d4f02ecfa2924d248a526e50b3.png17242325_NeraCrossbowDonewithArrows.png.b0a4e811e0bce15c7607595f6693a177.png

    So after about a couple of years, I managed to get another commission of poses completed. With "cameos" from the Ethereal Crossbow from "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders" and the Sigil of the One God from "Strife: Quest For the Sigil" [both Doom-engine FPS games] V:

  4. What the hell, we gotta wait until May 25th just for Yangus to become available?!


    That makes Yangus a sad Yangus.

    Yeah, I guess in my case though I don't have to wait quite as long as you for my two fav DLC characters to show up [ :V ] but yeah 2-3 weeks wait is a bit annoying [since I still have to wait 3 weeks until Dragonlord is available too]. I was honestly expecting the DLCs for Heroes 2 would've been prepackaged with it here like they did for Heroes 1. I wonder what made them go the other route? o.o

  5. So someone in the DQ discord had pointed out that SE had done a Launch Day stream and that at a few points in the stream where multiplayer was shown off, there was a point where you can see in the top left a pair of options for the character lists you can choose from [where it says L1 and R1], and this was appearantly on an English version, so I have to assume this means it'll be out at some point, or there's a specfic requirement to unlock them somewhere. >.>;



  6. How does one get them to start showing up for the SpaceTime Dungeons? I'm fairly sure they're included as part of the US release stuff since all the weekly DLC packs were included, right? I've gotten as far as acquiring Cesar and unlocking class changing, but I've yet to see any of them. I even tried going into a co-op game, having heard [perhaps incorrectly?] that you apparently need to be in that mode for them to appear, but I haven't seen them yet. D:


    Does anyone know the requirements to get them to show up? I thought I had seen a video a long while back, with them showing up fairly early on, as long as you had made it to Accordia, but I don't know what I'd need to do on my end. I sure hope we didn't get gypped out of them in the western releases. >.>;

  7. Yay for Steam release! \ :V /


    Time to save money again, considering I just bought a new 1630$ laptop w/ a new GPU [GTX 1070 "Mobile" version, about as strong as a Desktop 1070], so my savings got wiped pretty bad. >.>;


    At least I can run Heroes 1 at a full 60 FPS instead of ~16-22 like on my old one. :P

  8. Yeah, I saw the first 22 or so of these when they were being uploaded. Sadly my Blender experience is at the bottom of the barrel.


    Hopefully however, this will ultimately mean GMOD/SFM/etc will see these models someday [i'd love to see the Player Characters as full player models with weapon hand support, etc :D]. If I had the experience I'd try to do it myself just out of being tired of seeing almost zilch in DQ to show on GMOD, but again, I have no Blender experience and I'm working too much on other things to try to learn right now. :V


    GentlemanPotato, thanks for your work on these and the sprite sheets on spriter's resource. I am wondering if you were going to rip the textures and other assets as well, or if it's going to be just sprites and models? :o

  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw8caFw_XbOwS2QxWDRvdXdlZWs/view?usp=sharing- All the character/monster grunts/sounds and special jingles. Be warned, it's 113MB and has over 18,000 sounds in it, and a ton of them are duplicates mostly due to multiple versions/recolors of specfic monsters having their own sound back instead of all monsters of one kind using the same sound bank, etc.


    Credit for the utility I used to get them is to id_daemon2 from the above forum I linked to before, as he went through to trouble over several days to figure out the exact sound format and create a proper tool for getting them. :V

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  10. Go ahead and send them to Woodus if you wish.


    And if you're talking about the voices for the "other folder", I'll let you know that while that file is indeed most/all of the dialouge and spoken lines, the jingles, sound effects and character grunts are actually NOT in that file. There's another set of sounds that id_daemon2 is looking at for me that might hopefully have those [as those are more of what I really need to get for my project thing].


    I will say I found some really interesting dummied out stuff, such as most of the playable characters calling out not only THEIR attacks, but the attacks of other characters as well, including spells they never use themselves, like Heal, KaClang, Insulatle, etc. I think each character even has a line for doing the Hustle Dance, even though only Jessica's actually made it in the official gameplay. :V



    Thanks to the efforts of multiple people and some prompting and questions from me on some other things, I have the OGGs for the DQH soundtrack, and also just recently the OGGs for the different voices and sound effects.


    http://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?t=2159- Give your thanks to people over on this topic like PlanK69 & id_daemon2 for the actual process of decoding the files. I only converted them to OGG format. The links for both are below.


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw8caFw_XbOwV0FFTzVJQmhpQTQ/view?usp=sharing- BGM [OGG format] (not sorted/renamed)

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw8caFw_XbOwT3d5T3MzeTJtemM/view?usp=sharing- Sound Effects/Voices [OGG format] (not sorted/renamed)


    One other odd things we discovered was that the FMV movies have AVIs for the video, but use unique OGG/KVS for the actual sound [so the sound is seperate from the video in almost all cases]. I might upload the AVIs for the videos later if anyone wants them, but for now here you go. If someone wants to take the soundtrack OGGs and give them their proper names [i don't have a perfect memory to what to name these], then please by all means. :V


    The Voices/SFX OGG archive is for people like me who might want to fish around with in-game sounds for things for various projects or personal things. :V If anyone here wants to try to sort these sounds out by character's voice, or jingles, or what not, that's up to you, though I'd like to request that anyone who does posts the properly sorted file later for conveinence's sake if they do. :o


    Again, I only converted the sounds from KVS to OGG, I didn't actually do the agonizing process of extracting the KVS files from the data files, that was other people's credit, mostly because I wouldn't have had a clue what to search for. :P

  12. Essentially, more characters (i.e. Debora, Morrie, Meena, etc) while keeping all the legacy characters from DQH1 [since at least about four of them are already in according to promotional images, they might as well keep the rest, and make Psaro a non-secret character while they're at it :V]


    Also, MORE WEAPON VARIETY per character this time guys. Besides the annoyance of having four different sword users while everyone else literally has an unique weapon type, it's just not practical in the long run if we are adding so many more new characters. At least three weapon types per character would work. :V


    Also, options to actually drop the MC from the party for non-story missions PLEASE. I hate being limited to only three characters to choose from because the game make it mandatory to keep the MC for even quest missions that aren't part of the main story campaign.

  13. I don't know if bumping such an old topic is a great idea, but I was also wondering if anyone here's learned how to extract the music and/or sound files into a playable form since the last post was made. I'm curious to go through all the different sound files for various reasons. :V


    I know it appearantly involves the "g1l" files though, but trying to look up methods of extraction just doesn't seem to give any real solid results. :\

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