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  1. You should check out that one episode with the unicorn, They said it was supposed to be some kind of message about the trans community,but it really falls flat on it's face and it ends up being really offensive.

    It ends up just being a badly written mess that was probably just made for a quick buck from the 90s nostalgia crowd.

    Which is a shame,since the original show was really good and one of my personal favorites

  2. tbh I think a lot of people are overestimating this thing and how much money it will make

    Anyone that's into retro games probably already owns a portion of these games and an actual NES. If not,then yeah,this is a good starting point,but then comes the fact that it has no way of adding more games (which is not saying 30 isn't a generous number of games for this price,considering how much they are in VC)

    I also don't think kids will really jump on this either,but I may be wrong

    Tho I think it's a good decision for Nintendo to release this since they really don't have a lot of stuff coming as always

  3. heyy?


    so while going through my old computer,i found this site favourited. i realized i kinda forgot about this place for like,years? so today i took the time to go through this place again


    it's been kinda funny just to look at my old posts and laugh at how much of a cringy kid i was a few years ago,with all that nintendo fanboying stuff,correcting spelling mistakes (i even got mad when people didn't use capital letters) while i made a lot of grammar errors myself. (and still do)


    it's also weird how i used this colour to type everything even though it's impratical and hard to read. so i gotta start doing it again,just to remember the old days. i think i'll do it in purple this time i'm not actually gonna do that


    it's cool how a lot of people i remember from back when i was active here (maybe they also remember me? idk) are still active so at least i see some familiar faces


    maybe i'll stick around for a while? (i'll probably namechange though,since i don't have this name anywhere else and it took me a while to remember my name here was just my irl name)


    feel free to read any of the posts made by 7th grader me,they're pretty entertaining out of context

  4. Alright I was looking for this lmao.




    Thats my YouTube page. What started as one silly video of me and my friend owning baramos quickly into the lifespan of the game DQIX quickly blew up as other members gave me requests on what I should show. The Fact that I used 1 to 2 party members where as most everybody else who watched used a party of 4 helped give me a boost I think.


    Now I have all sorts of people who have copied my style of videos, but so far nobody hasa surpassed the original. I'm an avid fan of dragon quest and beyond my request videos, I started a lets play of DQ VI that got swamped over do to life and it's complications. I also post a video series called Roto Speaks where I talk about news concerning my videos, Dragon Quest news in general, and show off my DQ goodies I win from bids and purchase online.


    Thats it :o As I've said in my newest speaks video. If I can help even a few people pick up another game in the series, or gain interest in it. My job has been fullfilled! Sorry if I had some errors lol


    Edit: Also as if I didn't show off my love for the series enough already. I did do the wierd dance on a street near my house ._.


    I can say I fell off my chair rofling.

  5. Mmm, wearing a green shirt, in compliance to what you've said before. Still, your avatar was red.

    It's green now darnit! Be fair! Besides, yours isn't green, it's got a semi-green undertone to it, besides, mine's greener!


    And Pedro, I didn't know you where European, the name kind of implies hispanic history. Then again, most people hear my name and expect me to be Indian.

    ...yeah,I often get confused for a mexican if they hear my name.In fact,I think I'm the only portuguese person around these forums.These games ain't very popular here.

  6. So, that is what you look like, Hero?

    If you must know,


    Me and my mom with a my neice, before I got a haircut and lost some weight.


    And I didn't know you lived in Europe TRL. Cool, I know a european. Now that TRL mentions it and I've played a bit of DQIX today, DQ seems to have more religious views of it's own, than religions from other regions.

    The baby is doing a facepalm! Epic.I'm also european you know.

  7. Can anyone explain why Slime Knights shut down?

    Because Square-Enix would rather spend money on Final Fantasy instead of supporting a thriving Dragon Quest community.

    Yes, but the PM who was renewing the contract left the company.

    So,there is no hope?

  8. Because Square-Enix would rather spend money on Final Fantasy instead of supporting a thriving Dragon Quest community.



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