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  1. More like a "what are you NOT playing" but today I finally got confirmation that my Monster Hunter Rise copy isn't coming . I ordered it one day before release and have been waiting since. The shop sent me a replacement halfway through (also never arrived). After threatning them with a bad review and legal action,they just said "hey your address is wrong here's your money back" (my address was correct,so that was bs but I'm glad I at least got the cash back) Now I'm seeing the game on ebay for like 10 bucks less than what I payed, so I honestly might buy it anyway
  2. Took a break for the other stuff I was on and now playing the 3DS port of Inazuma Eleven. I picked the NA release, which was a bad choice since this dub is honestly horrendous. Also got interested in that SaGa stuff with all the talk about it,might try the DS game that got a translation patch,if that's any good.
  3. Been slowly chipping at the 3DS game list. My thoughs on a few so far: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure New Super Mario Bros 2 Yo-kai Watch Currently playing Shovel Knight (Nintendo published it in Japan,for some reason) and still putting time into DQ8.
  4. Off the top of my head, Undertale is a pretty short one (though not as fun if you know the premise, which you probably do), as is the demo sequel Deltarune. There's also Child of Light,which I played (not completed but I hear it's short) and though was pretty good. Other than those, yeah there's really a market gap for short and sweet RPGs. Umm.. I can probably beat Pokemon Red in a bit over 10 hours?
  5. Well,I wouldn't say it's bad,just not very innovative. If you played any of the New Super Mario games,you have basically played all of them. I'd still say they are quality games,just a bit bland and repetitive. It's kind of like eating a decent pizza without any toppings; yeah it's pretty good, very filling and tasty,but only because it's pizza (which is naturally good). You'd probably want some toppings on it but there's really nothing there. With that said, I haven't played any New Super Marios since the Wii U released,so I'm enjoying it more than I expected.
  6. On a new, very stupid quest to play every Nintendo published 3DS game. As a way to not consider this wasted time,I'll probably do a little fanart for each and compile my thoughts about all of them in a 10 hour video. The list is 5 pages long and has a bunch of RPGs so I don't expect to be done with it for a few years. Right now I'm play New Super Mario Bros 2,which I could give all my thoughts about after playing it for 10 minutes but eh I'll probably complete it
  7. Yeah, Sacred Stones is a pretty nice one and the game splits into 2 routes,so it has good replay value as well
  8. oh yeah,GBA Fire Emblems are so good,7 is my personal favorite from those but 8 is cool too. Though if you go on the emulation route there are a ton of good hacks and almost entirely new games as well. I haven't dabbled much in Breath of Fire,I should get to the SNES versions eventually since they're on NSO
  9. Darn, that's a shame. Those 2 games were my GBA highlight. No worries, don't force it, we all don't love the same games. There are aspects of it that are fun, but there a bunch of tiny annoyances that pile up. The biggest one is kind of my fault,but I don't like how sometimes a character goes "oh you gotta go to [town name] to progress the story! go! it's really important!" and being kind of a slow person, I need to read the line again in order to understand what to do. And then they never tell me where to go again so I just have to pull up a guide
  10. I'm playing Golden Sun due to a friend recommending it, kind of a garbage game IMO but I do like the graphics so I don't mind sinking an hour or so inbetween playing DQ8 and working
  11. I didn't even know it came out,came across it one day in the app store,played for 5 mins and realised it ran terribly on my phone. So not a lot
  12. Thank you for this,installed on Luma and 5 minutes in it seems to be working perfectly! Playing regular Joker 3 while knowing there is another version with more content would have irked me to no end.
  13. I'm probably not buying it,but if a Animal Crossing (that's not a spinoff or a Mario Party clone) game comes out, I might reconsider my life choices.
  14. You should check out that one episode with the unicorn, They said it was supposed to be some kind of message about the trans community,but it really falls flat on it's face and it ends up being really offensive. It ends up just being a badly written mess that was probably just made for a quick buck from the 90s nostalgia crowd. Which is a shame,since the original show was really good and one of my personal favorites
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