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  1. Thank you for this,installed on Luma and 5 minutes in it seems to be working perfectly! Playing regular Joker 3 while knowing there is another version with more content would have irked me to no end.
  2. I'm probably not buying it,but if a Animal Crossing (that's not a spinoff or a Mario Party clone) game comes out, I might reconsider my life choices.
  3. You should check out that one episode with the unicorn, They said it was supposed to be some kind of message about the trans community,but it really falls flat on it's face and it ends up being really offensive. It ends up just being a badly written mess that was probably just made for a quick buck from the 90s nostalgia crowd. Which is a shame,since the original show was really good and one of my personal favorites
  4. tbh I think a lot of people are overestimating this thing and how much money it will make Anyone that's into retro games probably already owns a portion of these games and an actual NES. If not,then yeah,this is a good starting point,but then comes the fact that it has no way of adding more games (which is not saying 30 isn't a generous number of games for this price,considering how much they are in VC) I also don't think kids will really jump on this either,but I may be wrong Tho I think it's a good decision for Nintendo to release this since they really don't have a lot of stuff coming as
  5. heyy? so while going through my old computer,i found this site favourited. i realized i kinda forgot about this place for like,years? so today i took the time to go through this place again it's been kinda funny just to look at my old posts and laugh at how much of a cringy kid i was a few years ago,with all that nintendo fanboying stuff,correcting spelling mistakes (i even got mad when people didn't use capital letters) while i made a lot of grammar errors myself. (and still do) it's also weird how i used this colour to type everything even though it's impratical and hard to read.
  6. It's kinda hard to believe the release of XY is so close! My body is not ready!
  7. My fav? obviously Lucario. ( BTW, if you want to talk about pokemon,check the link in my sig. )
  8. Go to http://webchat.freenode.net/ ( channel is pokemonchat ) and go chat with me about pokemon and whatever.( YES I'M STILL ALIVE )

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Havoccultist


      Bro, does your channel even lift?

    3. Pedro


      Gurdurr can lift. Gurdurr is a pokemon




    4. Havoccultist


      Hoenn doesn't even lift.

  9. I'm still alive.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stepchan


      This is a triumph...


      Sorry, you had me thinking of Still Alive from Portal.

    3. Saigan


      I'm making a note here; HUGE SUCCESS


    4. Gooptek


      Good thing you are still alive.


      ...You aren't a zombie, are you!?

  10. I damn wish my PC was fixed D=«. Now I can't even go to gamerchat. GRR.

    1. Gooptek


      That explains why you haven't been around lately...

      Anyways, I really hope you get it fixed.

  11. 1 year and 1 day since I've been in these forums.

    1. megabob555


      Happy anniversary

    2. Democrobot


      Happy aniversary+a day

  12. The Random Topic was deleted? :thank god:

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    2. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      a good troll? youre the one disliking, oh dont tell me youve never been an idiot yourself once in your life no ones perfect. and we are 7 people. so easy to tell one another apart but whatevah then whatevah.......

    3. Havoccultist


      Yes, but unlike you dumbasses I try to at least show a sense of maturity here. And no, it's not easy to distinguish you apart, your all morons. You should all make separate email accounts, any idiot can do it, it's not hard, go ahead, prove your 7 people. Making an email account doesn't even take 3 minutes.

    4. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      um we just did we are making a account now.

  13. To the bastard that is posting porn in the den: Woodus have mercy of your very own soul.

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    2. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      Ehhmm,I kinda have to agree wi Dwain,is it good???

    3. Dwaine


      Eh, I just saw the post in question.


      It is not of high quality.

    4. megabob555


      i didnt even bother with it

  14. ...and then,somehow,I realize the terrible truth. I AM A BRONY.

    1. Stepchan


      That's a terrible truth?

    2. Griffen78


      ....I have you scheduled to be shot and maimed at 6:00 That time work for you?

    3. Pedro


      Could that be at 8:00?

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