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  1. I'm currently playing Dragon Warrior 2 (NES). Urge to kill...rising...

    1. Saigan


      Rhone? That sounds like Rhone rage to me.

    2. Arjak


      Nope, haven't gotten that far yet. I'm still at the "where the hell do I go?" phase after getting the ship...

  2. @ Ruesen: Fair enough; I'll take Dragon Slash (because of the experience of fighting Dragon-Rudimus) and Miracle Slash, if that's OK. @ Ryu: Alright! That's even better!
  3. Yay! We did it! (For now!) Arjak's want list for Disk 2: Note: Just because Arjak wants something, doesn't mean he has to get it! I've tried to be a little conservative, but what he can have is, of course, GM's discretion. Equipment: Full Plate Armor (To replace Chain Mail) Steel Shield (To replace Leather Shield) Iron Helmet (Arjak doesn't have a helmet!) Skills: Gigaslash (attack one whole group of enemies) Magic Mirror (Bounce magic attacks back at caster) (Arjak didn't like having fireballs thrown at him by Rudimus!) Let me know what you think Arjak deserves at this point in the game, whether he's earned everything on the list, or I'm being too zealous! Thanks.
  4. Just posted some backstory on Arjak's family. I just thought that it would be interesting to tie Arjak into what's happening in an interesting way. I hope you guys are okay with what I've posted. If not, tell me what you don't like and I'll edit it.
  5. No problem, I'll be in front of Gabriel. Gotta keep the party alive, after all!
  6. I made a quick post, just to keep things going. Arjak might be starting to get a little beat up by this point.
  7. A standard two-part boss is fine with me. Posting has been so uneven that it would be hard to do a puzzle boss of the type being suggested.
  8. Holy crap! I don't check in for one day, after weeks of little happening, and suddenly we're in action mode! I gotta play catch-up!
  9. Oops! Sorry, guys! I've posted and I'll try to keep on top of this better!
  10. Wow! You drew that!? I thought it was official art!
  11. I'm a little confused; was the guard who just visited Junker's house me, or someone else who heard the scream?
  12. Thanks, I'll give it another try. You might want to consider at least simplifying that part, though.
  13. I tried to give it a play, but that arrow tile maze in the tower at the beginning made me so frustrated that I quit. It looks good from a graphical standpoint. I can't comment on the gameplay and story due to not being able to progress. I might be able to put up with something like that when I'm already a few hours into the game, but putting something that obnoxious at the very beginning just made me angry. Sorry.
  14. Ummm... Am I supposed to just start playing, or am I waiting for something specific to happen? I've never done anything like this over a forum before, so I'm a little confused about how I start.
  15. Okay, done. Should I add other skills to take the place of the ones I removed, or am I good?
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