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  1. It's far too soon for any new about DQVII. It only have 4 Months. If we have no new for the E3 of 2014, then we're definitley screwed, else, I'll still have hope. I have lost every hope for Terry's Wonderland, though...
  2. I'm not sure we already met before... Well, welcome back !
  3. So... What should I gave you exactly... ? Horde... may be interresting... I think it will be reserved to some specific areas, though... Well... One more reason to have Surf and Earthquake... Also, Ridable Rhydon (alliterative is fun...) EDIT : And now, a video of the animal who inspired Clauncher... the Pistol Shrimp ! Enjoy ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC6I8iPiHT8&feature=player_embedded
  4. Gardevoir is Fairy Type too ! Since it always was one of my favorite Pokemon, that makes me happy !
  5. "Coagluant". When I saw the items, I wondered how they could pass such an obious joke, so when I saw the monsters, it makes me strangely happy... I prefer to use the term Slimes, but "gluant" is a really great translation, I have to admit.
  6. Hello ! May your journey here be the best !
  7. Well, the French's translation didn't have Bianca's accent for once... It's still pretty Puntastic, though... (DQIX taking largely the cake...).
  8. In think you mean horribly unbalanced JOKER is also Wildcard's japanese name. Joker 2 fixed many of the problem Joker had, and Professionnal helped balance things out. Jetskis can be a little annoting at time, but for the world building alone, it's kinda worth it. That was a pretty cool story, actually.
  9. Nice find ! My German knowledge is also pretty limited, so the only thing I get is that they love DQIV... They're not fan of DQX Europa still haven't DQI-III ? Well, that would way in favour of a Remake (please release DQVII intertionally...)
  10. That's great, really ! ..Do we know when Smogon will be availabl again ?
  11. Well, future doen't seems really bright for us, honnestly. Anyway, if we don't have any information at E3, this will definitely sign the death of DQ here.
  12. Yeah, I discovered that some time ago. This reallywasn't clearly explained...
  13. I started playing the new Mystery Dungeon. I'm globally pretty happywith the changes (though I'd like to have more Pokemon). But... How the hell can Keldeo write a letter ?
  14. This region seems a little small... I wonder if more will be revealed later... My guess for the starting point will be the the town on the south east, just behind the forest thing.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. I think we will have to revert to the old technique to find correct stats. Buy tons of Rare Candy, and feed them to a Pokemon of neutral nature until he is at level 50 (or maybe less). The official Pokedex is really inaccurate, but it will gave us at least an idea...
  16. You can change your clothes ! Pokemon is one step closer to DQ IX ! Seeing the updated site just made this game seems closer... What do you think are the 3 unknown menus for ?
  17. I ;love the Fighting Panda. I think I may use it on my team ! I'm also curious about the Robin Pokemon. Flame Charge is pretty cool. This game really sounds cool....
  18. @ Shinryuu : Do you know if Behavior order up affects Last Word user ? I think there are also skills that randomly change the order (SuperTensk have one of them). Do these skills have an effects on him. @wecondo12 : Maybe someine can confirm this, but I'm nearly sure it usesz DQMJ2Pro system of psitive value, that is both monster positive value +1 (so if you have a monster with +3 and another with +2, the results will have +(2+3+1)= +6). So if you make two Zenith Dragons, their total will most certainly be over 99.
  19. Gen 1 : Notable for getting me on Pokemon, accidentally deletting the 150 Pokemon Collection of my brother, and giving me nightmare about Glitch City. Also all this periods of crazy rumors. Have Marowak, who still is one of my favourite Pokemon Gen 2 : Notable for being the first game I played in Gibberish, and favourite first route music. Plus Eusine and Clair's Music are awesome. Also, presence of the Unowns. Have some gems in the dialogue too. Gen 3 : Favourite Music of all pokemon games (Including Rival and Petalburg City). Also, a lot of the Pokemon introduced gets far better in
  20. I first read that as "Jinx is already offensive enough"... Because of all these scandals, I doubt they will gave her an Evo, sadly... Exactly.
  21. I want a Corsola evo, as well as Mawile, because their stats is the only thing that stop them from being good... I would also like a Palpitoad Alt-Evo, to match Poliwhirl better. And what would you want to see for Gen 5 Pokemon ? I'd like to see an vvo for Cryogonal and Heatmor. A Stunfisk evo would be cool too...
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