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  1. Hey, it sounds really great ! Congratulations to your friend ! This reminds me slightly of some Tactics Ogre Battle theme.
  2. Why all the FFVI hate ? FFVI + 1 (You're not alone Motdafin !) FFIII - 2 (Damn Big Rat !)
  3. I got my Shiny Dialga today ! One month left... Did you guys already reserved it yet ?
  4. Happy Birthday ! I have nothing for you, but you can stare at my Stella Avatar as long as you want.
  5. For any time where I loose hours of game, because I didn't save.
  6. I have a soft spot for Martial Artist. They're fast and strong, and not too costy in equipment. Early on, they're pretty great. Sage are always usefull, as are Paladin. I also kinda like Thief. Stealing is always great (In video games, obviously).
  7. Do you think my cloned Pokemons for my Emerald Version will be considered hacked ?
  8. Thank you for your work ! Now, I'm also excited by this. I remember Rocket Slime was an incredibly fun game.
  9. I discovered that by chance : Pokemon Fusion Generation. Didn't played a lot yet, but it looks cool.
  10. The Killing blow ! DQVI + 1 FFVII - 2 DQI: 30 DQII: 30 DQIII: 33 DQIV: 30 DQV: 45 DQVI: 31 DQVII: 41 DQVIII: 40 DQIX: 30 DQX: 30 FFI: 30 FFII: 30 FFIII: 30 FFIV: 30 FFV: 30 FFVI: 30 FFVII: 0 FFVIII: 26 FFIX: 10 FFX: 26 FFXI: 28 FFXII: 30 FFXIII: 29 FFXIV: 13 FF Games needs more love
  11. Well, for DQVII (Well, and DQM too, to some extents), as others said, the amount of text is used. Now, if they go with the precedent standards, they wouold also have it to translate in the main european language (Italian, Spanish, Geraman, French at least), on top of the English one. And, say what you want abut their translation, they put a lot of works on it. They also seems to have others priorities (Naely Bravely Default..). I have few hopes for the others. (None for Rocket Slimes), but it's far too soon to worry about DQVII.
  12. I always said that I'd like more game on the Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre serie... Didn't they said they wanted to make a sequel for Bravely Default ? It's not here for now, sure. Also, ad the usual HSK's rant about the fact Europe never get anything (Well, that's starting to change slightly, Bravely Default could come earlier, and I think Layton too..)
  13. That's great that you share your passion with your chidren ! And that's always good to add new blood to the DQ fandom.
  14. That's really amazing ! I'm impressed ! In what materials are they ? Since I'm relatively new to the DQ fandom, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I learns about all these DQ goodies...
  15. But reamking FFVII would mean the end of the franchise...Go figure... Well, if the DQ games come here it would be thanks to Nintendo, like it was the case for all the recent instalments, and for all the SE works in the West... I still have some hopes for DQVII, but we will never have the others... They're saving a FF VII remake for when the company is about to go under to save them. The sad part is VII isn't even that good of a game. The reason it's so popular is because of the amazing graphics for it's time. The localisation was terrible, most of the characters are boring and it featured fun mini games like giving CPR to a child. I've tried on many occasions to play it and just can't get into it again. VI deserves a remake before VII does. On topic: I don't have a lot of spare time but I'll start poking around in the ROM for DQM 3DS. Never know what you'll discover until you have a look. The president of SE, Yoichi Wada said las year that FFVII is a "dream game", and no game caould surpass it. That stucked with me because it's so stupid. FFVI have far better graphism considering the console. The creative way they emulate Cinematics with the battle system still is a wonder.. FFVII was the first FF game for many. I, myself remeber the times when I watched it with my brother... Though having a serie whse main interrest is to totally change after each game isn't the best strategic solution these days. That's why they took so much time to anounce FFXIV and we get 3 episodes about FFXII... Atlus' main problem was that they totally forgot the Europeans. NIS and Ghostlight exported most of their titles here, with insane waitings (18 months for a bug-ridden version of Devil Survivor( and really limited copies), Etrian Odyssey IV only comes now, and EOII and II didn't even came here). T hey made no efforts to sell their games. Which is sad, because they made excellent games...)
  16. Welcome to the Dean, Ben. I mean... Welcome to the Den, Bean !
  17. Totally Rad ended up as a sort of parody of the original game it was localized from(even the translators admitted to it). You have a complete comaparaison of the Original and translated version here.
  18. I find it really strange than the US President refuses to take action, whereas the French President want to do it... But even him is pretty lonely with this decision. Everyone on the opposition, and even his own clan isn't as sure as him... (and in europe in general, he don't have a lot of support for this decision) I heard on the radio that it was just him sending the problem to someone else (namely the Repubicans). Whether it's a cowardly move, or a good strategic decision is up to you. (I also heard people talking about risks of a new Cold War...) And as long as the Russia and China would be here, the UNO will never makes any move.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx1RnReImmA WOOOOOH !!!
  20. But reamking FFVII would mean the end of the franchise... Go figure... Well, if the DQ games come here it would be thanks to Nintendo, like it was the case for all the recent instalments, and for all the SE works in the West... I still have some hopes for DQVII, but we will never have the others...
  21. FFVI + 1 FFIV + 1 DQVI + 1 DQV + 1 DQI -2 FFVII -2 Welll, the most annoying thing with FFVII is that one of the SE Higher Up (Don't remember who...) said that this game was perfect and could never be remade. That's the company who gave us a FFIV Remake every year, and even FFVI get remade (and FFVI is closer to perfection than FFVII ever will). DQI... I tried the GB Version : King :" Brave Hero the World is in danger ! Only you can save it ! Take this... 100 G. What, you want more ? Well, I have... this rusted key to go out of this locked room. Be carefull, she'll transform into dust after opening the door Well then... Good luck !"
  22. That's extremely close to gen 5 music. That's really troubling me.... Well, Gen V music is great, so that's cool.
  23. About the scouting... All I know is that it isn't completely random, obviously (same action gives same effects). Sometime, changing the monster used to scout change the outcomes. It was a while ago that I played it, so I don't remember the details for the scouting Passive skills... Not really usefull, but still nice to know.
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