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  1. ..or a dinosaur erotica with Obama, both works. Anyway, back to the topic : Next time on his channel, Ryuu will read in exclusivity extracts of his new working erotica novel. Don't miss it ! (I hope you'll enjoy the free publicity)
  2. Happy Birthday ! Joyeux Anniversaire ! Zum Geburstag viel Glück !
  3. I don' own a console, and I won't anytime soon. I always stick on handhelds. Actually, I think I finally understands the main problem I, and probably the others, have with SE : They makes money like crazy, and that probably won't stop soon, but they do nothing with it. Or, more precisely, nothing for their customers outside of Japan. They can distribute all the DQ Game over here, and promote them enough, so they have at least correct results, and probably even good. The monsters game may be really niche, but DQ7 (and X) would sell well in the US and in Europe (DQ7 would actually probably sell even better because we didn't have the original). At least as good as DQIX. But they just don't care. They're already swimming in money, so they don't care about any other potential market.
  4. The only things they have done correctly recently is Bravely Default. They took into account (Japanese) Fans feedback and producted a quality game for international release. It's a really good game, and we acan really see all the efforts they made to makes it the best. However, this seems to be at the cost of their others series, which is a shame. They don't understand what makes Final Fantasy fans (No, it's not to have Lightning wearing cameo costumes), and don't seems to see it as anything more than a quick cash cow (Android remakes, All the Bravest), and absolutely doesn't care of the DQ Fans outside of Japan (Nintendo were the ones who made all the works for recent translation). Honnestly, this is a stupid move. DQ Fans are a minority, but there are far more RPGs fans. And as a RPG fan, Dragon Quest was, is, and always be a proof of quality. I started playing DQIX again some times ago, and despite all its flaws, it's still really fun, and reminded me what I became fan. They don't deserve us as fans because they don't even understand why make us fans in the first place. But for now, we don't have any other choices.
  5. Oriental Blue is a pure JRPG with a pretty old timey feel (you have limited inventory, and have to select The main interest is that it's pretty non-directional. Things happens in a certain order, but you're pretty free to explore the world as you wish (You have access to around 1/3 or 1/4 of the map at the start. ) Some characters also have uses outside of their fighting ability, which I find pretty great. (That's the reason why Ren is so invaluable, because she's one of the few able to translate ancient text) It has two mutually exclusive characters too. The ROM can be found on emuparadise (will remove the link if it's not authorized), and the Patch is found here (It have links to the patch).
  6. And the team who translated DQM3 also translated Oriental Blue on GBA a few months ago. It's an incredibly fun game that was also never translated.
  7. Actually, DQM is a clear SMT Clone. SMT still stay more popular for some reasons...
  8. Welcome ! I'll hope you'll enjoy your stay here ! In order to be a true member, you have to make your avatar into a GIF.
  9. Once agaian, I'm late to the party, it seems... Well... Happy belated birthday !
  10. But Bravely Default is such an awesome game... (Though I wondered if that wasn't also for them an occaision to test the waters for future RPG localisation, among them being DQVII...) Seriously, boycotting them can only have the opposite effect. Why should they send us any new RPGs to us if we don't even care ? That's not how you'll move their greedy hearts ! The only thing we can do is show them that we are a potential market, as long (or less long, in some cases) time Dragon Quest fans. Not sure about DQIX's sales, but we have to let them known that, even without huge marketing campaign, they will have profit. Yes, it's cynical to resume our fandom to this, but I have absolutely no doubt that it's all that count for SE's higher ups. It's hard to still be enthusiastic in this situation... Oh, and you know what makes me sad ? DQVIII was the first DQ Game localised in EU (and FFVII for FF, but I'm sure DQVIII translation was far superior.) So for us, it's even more important.
  11. I wonder if translation isn't a part of the problem. Many game are released in English uniquely, which would reduce his appeal. And if you have to translate that much text in at least the other main language (French, German, Spanish, Italian), it takes a lot of time, even if they're working already with the English translation. Not playing something as text-heavy as a RPG in another language is not as attractive. especially when you have since more complicated like Valkyrie Profile : Convenient of the Plume (Seriously didn't get half of the dialogue on my first playthrough), or FF Tactics PSP. If you want to play good RPG you really need to be quite good in English. Unless you're Pokemon, that's a pretty huge investment. Though since DQ (and FF half the time) is always fully translated, I guess we should have a strong enough fanbase here. We also have full translation job for Fire Emblem.
  12. Arthur

    Your Top 5

    Tactics RPG works too, right ? 1) Bravely Default 2) Pokemon X Y 3) Tactics Ogre 4) Disgaea 3 R 5) Awakening Also, a game that didn't came out between 2011 and 2013, but that was translated only recently : Oriental Blue. This game is really great, and I had lot of fun with it these last few days. The main assets is the pretty open world and narration, and the fact that a lot of caharacter have uses outside of fighting, like Professor Ren who translates ancient writing, or Judge who open blue chests.
  13. Is that a joke? NA gets WAY more than EU. I think there's a FAR greater number of games that NA has gotten that EU hasn't than even the difference between JP & NA. Atlus. It has gotten better recently, thanks to Ghostlight and NISA (and the developpment of PSN and Nintendo Shop), but EOII and III were never published here. Devil Survivor was only made available some months ago, and Overclocked was here 18 monthy after you in a version full of bugs. So, this is just starting to balance things out.
  14. ...and Layton and the Azran Legacy. Though you had Devil Survivor Overclocked and Etrian Oddyssey IV and Untold way before us, so I think it evens things out.
  15. The demo is apparently pretty different for the main play. Anyway, since I'm European, I already finished it entirely. This game is really great and should be bougfht by any RPG fans.. Are all the job available on the demo ?
  16. Got : I think the game Tales of Abyss on 3DS. He was horribly pricey, and was extra hard to find, so my parents deserved every thanks for their efforts. Gave : Well... I was pretty happy of the glass owl I bought for my grandmother, but I apparentlly already offered a smaller version last year...
  17. If the remake could remove all the pointless walking(especially on Post-Game), this could be an amazing game.
  18. Just played EOIV. First EO I finished as well (except post-game stuff...). I tried II and III, but didn't go really far. I played in Casual Mode. This game is... beautifull and haunting. I really loved it. I was surprised how much I actually abused Chase and Binds. And my Runemaster was my hardest hitter. (Team was Landsknecht/Bushi, Fortress/Dancer, Sniper/Nightseeker, Medic/Arcanist and Runemaster/Imperial). Really awaiting Untold too.
  19. Those trademarks were for the smartphone remakes, not DQ7. We probably won't hear anything about DQ7 until after Bravely Default comes out. B-But Bravely Default is already here...
  20. That reminds me that I should start replaying DQ3 one of these days. I tried the GB Version and enjoyed it, but for some reason I ended up never finishing it. I found myself completely blocked at the beginning of DQ2 and didn't even pass the prologue of DQ1. ANd, who kows, buy the time you'll reach DQ7, we may already have the 3DS Version here.
  21. Well, we have Bavely Default International Version, so things aren't that bad. And it really have everything you expect of a RPG, and we'll get the sequel too. The monsters game that haven't Persona or SMT in their name are really rare, I'll admit. Not sure why.
  22. Not sure for the best, but the worst is definitely Alakazam. I'm nearly sure Magic Guard Alakazam is better in every way (Because Magic Guard is one of the best ability...). If a Mega evolution doesn't adds anything new to the table, it's mainly a novelty. Mega Heracross seems pretty amazing. Aerilate Trash and Return are sure to hurts a lot.
  23. Wasn't it also the same for DQM3 (that, and DQM3 would have sell FAR less than Mother 3). BTW, any signs for Europa ? We really need DQVII.
  24. There's the Battlle Chateau, but it takes time until the ennemy are strong enough... I made a small break because of Ace Attorney, but I'll beat the Elite 4 soon.
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