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  1. Great work as always ! I was planning to replay it at some point.
  2. I didn't left because of anyone here. (And Dwaine is a great guy) You know how it is. Lack of DQ news, and I ended up taken over by other things. Taken over by aliens? It's Dwaine. I don't wonder. I don't ask. It is what he does. Actually yes ! But I introduced one of them to this site, so everything turned OK in the end, I guess.
  3. Awesome. Love the EO series. I have EOU unopened and ready for an August start. Played the heck out of the other 4! It's thanks to the people here (including you actually) that I discovered this serie. Yeah, Etrian Odyssey is really amazing on many levels. Do you plan to start with Story Mode or Classic ?
  4. Thank you ! I will read your review later. Normally it should be OK, but I'll ask if I have problem.
  5. I didn't left because of anyone here. (And Dwaine is a great guy) You know how it is. Lack of DQ news, and I ended up taken over by other things.
  6. Yeah, the graphics were the main reason I was wondering. Thank you all ! The Snes Translation wasn't available at the time, but I think I'll try it then. Where is the Patch available again ?
  7. Nearly a year since I started to search a job... I hope it'll go better next year. Oh, and I'm back here. It was a while, uh ? I hope I'll stay here or a while.
  8. I'm finishing Etrian Odyssey IV, (exploring B2F of Hall of Darkness), and have started a Classic Game in EOU. I have tons of game to finish some times, too.
  9. I'm still counting on playing DQIII at some point, because what I tried some time ago seemed really fun. However, I'm still wondering what version I should try. What are the main difference between the two version, and which one would you advise me to do ? Thanks for any answers !
  10. Hello Hi Hey, Glac ! Enjoy your stay here !
  11. I can't and won't try to hide this game's problems. ANd it's certainly not my favourite (I guess it would be V or VI (I haven't played to DQVII yet)). And the only way I could access this game's secret missions was through Gameshark. However... I love thsi game's world. All these ruins environment who hints to a greater story. All those great landscape to visit. (That actually works with your theory of it as a proto-MMO) This game is just really beautifull. Not as much replayability as I would like, though And I like the removal of random encounters. Makes level up actually easier, because hunting Metal Slimes becomes less a chore to do. I started to find this really tedious at the time, so it was a nice change It is a really uncomplete game, and certainly not the best of the serie, but I'm still fonds of it.
  12. I still plan to play through it again at some point.
  13. Ace is clearly the best. Even without script, you can makes lot of cool things I use the Lite Version, so I can't really try script for now, but I still have the plan to buy the complete version sometimes in the future. Out of topic, but what I'd really like is a Sim RPG Maker Ace.
  14. I would prefer it for 2K3. Those sweet ATB battles.
  15. Well, the first few minutes on FFVIII honnestly doesn't makes me very positive... The controls are kinda weird... I'm still going to try it because it's a classic, and it's a total mystery too me (I saw my brother plays through VII, and had a friend who showed me and talked about IX and X/X-2)
  16. I'm waiting for Conception II to come over there, and Demon Gaze too. Right now, I'm finishing FFX-2. I spend nearly half my time training up monsters in this game... Training Tomberry, Chocobos, and Cactuar is almost as fun as training slime. Almost. And I have to finally play through FFIX (loves it so far !) and FFVIII I also have to finish The Magical Land of Wozz sometimes in the near future. That's a pretty fun game.
  17. I don't really get it. Especially with that game. Farming Metal Slime was made far easier, instead of the tedious activity it was in other game. Too soon to buy it again, but I'm still really fond of this game. I know it has issues, but it does some thing right (mostly worldbuilding. I loved that worlf and would be OK to see it again). And this game made us all hope for Dragon Quest's revival in the west, even if it was short-timed.
  18. I had the EU Version and was able to get them one way or another, if I remember correctly (probably the 100% Scout code)... It have zero moveset, and all stats reverts to 1 after a level up, because it was never supposed to be obtained anyway.
  19. Nothing. Actually, less than nothing; a whole load of doomed-to-fail games that sound completely terrible and unappealing....in place of something that could thrive here in the U.S., especially with the recent failings of Pokemon as a whole (lack of end-game, Pokebank delay, etc) Looks like it's about time to start doing some Play-Asia purchases. I don't consider EO:MG to be nothing. Anyway, it was far too soon to have any new concerning this game.
  20. Name : Shy Tenda FC : 0490 - 5280 - 8199. Tell me if you adds me.
  21. This became even more interresting when I wasn't looking ! Keeps up the good work ! I don't doubt it'll be an amazing game.
  22. Ringabel's english VA is top notch ! (And he himself is amazing). Agnes voice is.. Unacceptable !
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