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  1. @EmptyStar : You can already have DiamondSlime by Synth (GemSlime x2 + DarkoniumSlime x2). It's hard to obtain, but not impossible, and you don't really need for anything else (except LMKS, but it's scoutable) The others monsters that should be added are : UberKillingMachine, ManiacalMole, the Pompoko, Elder Pipit, Dimensaur, DarkLeonyx. And the DQMJ2 Exclusive : HunterMech, Conklave, Drollmage, BoarFish(not sure of the name), SeedyWeedie, Conkubines... Also, the eggs are Wi-Fi only, so you may also do something for the eggs monsters 'Leo Boy, Zoma's Devil, Barbarus, Warabou, Watabou)
  2. I added a Link in the special monsters page for the Incarni location
  3. I completed the 1x Scoutable monsters. I'm not really sure about when Captain Crow appear. @WaNNaPLaYiTLouD : If by strongest you mean the one that needed the most breeding, then it's "Hihyudorado"/EvilBst, the new Final boss (It's the giant red and white evil monkey-like) You can find his fusion listing here The others strongest are Liquid Metal King Slime. (Giant Metal Slime). He is really hard to scout and the monsters needed to obtain him are hard to obtain (BallonSlime) or to breed (DiamondSlime : GoldSlime x2 + Darkonium Slime x2). These two monsters are also amongst the strong
  4. I've added myself in the Beta testers list. I also added in the feedback post what I added here in my previous posts Also for S10, it's named aurora breath, but it inflict Fire/Ice breath damage, I just completed the feedback page. I don't know if it was noticed.
  5. @WaNNaPLaYiTLouD : I just check and Empyrea appears at the top of the cliff at clear day (not rainy) If it didn't work, do the final part of the arena as velato said Come near the box where you where at the beginning (1st basement of the airship, near the 4 chest. After the cutscene, Teleport to Cave, the last aera is now open. (don't remember who you must talk to) There are two series of fight. after the fight, talk to Don mole again. Edit : OK, in fact, Empyrea is obtainable at clear time, night or day. I just have completed the walkthrough.
  6. The Metal Hunter is unobtainable naturally in this game. There's a few monsters like this (Drollmage, the boarfish, the Conks... ). Also, Weedie can only obtained at the beginning. Empyrea is only obtainable during the day, not rainy. S10 is a Fire/Ice Breath, a little weaker than the C-C-Cold and Inferno Breath. Also here's a site that have a lot of content (Monsters Locations and synth, All the skills... ): http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?act=url&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://www.dqmj-2.com/b
  7. @velato : There was many person to quote, so I didn't know exactly how to choose. OK, finally edited the file. Since I'm not really good at this, I copy your page and made the modifications. used the patched version 1P. If you prefer me to give the unpatched version, please tell me. Hope it can helps. Edit : Just noticed an error of translation. The skill "Watabou" is in fact the basic plant skill, learned by some other monsters. The name I found for it is "Ecology", but I didn't search in a DQMJ skillLst to check.
  8. @WaNNaPLaYiTLouD : Yes I have Desmume save, but I don't know how to upload it. I'm really a newbie in this domain... Also, should I upload the original save or the patched one ? @InuYasha : I think I see what skills you're talking about. They are part of Wildcard Skillset (It's a Wind Skill, not Kaswoosh and the spell that show purple/dark mist on all ennemies) It doesn't show anithting or it show random signs. So the mistake is probably in the skill naming... Edit : For the "bugs" : T192 seems to be the trait for the skill that absorb one attack with a water shield (Mist me, I thin
  9. Really good work, thanks all. Can someone tell me how to share a save file, because, I've finished the game and I have the high end monsters. Here's my little contribution B30 = Skill list B45 = Rename monster B31 = Leave monster B127 = Unfindable (Monster Location in Library) G131 = SP Magic (All the Ultimate spells) G132 = SP Breath G166= Whack Guard G130 = the SP Skill with Swoosh/Zap/Crack, needed for SP Magic G250 = Xiphos Skillset G129 = the SP Skill with Frizz/Zam/Boom, needed for SP Magic G175 = Paralysis Guard G234 = Abiliterator Guard G238 = Scleimann Tank Skillset
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