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  1. ... Never knew the soul was a body part... Well, hello and welcome here. We only bite when there is a Full Moon.
  2. I started playing it on NES a while ago, but stopped when the DS Version arrived. I wa up to Baalzack I think.
  3. ...I'm so glad to be able to use this image...
  4. Wow ! That looks pretty great ! Thanks for sharing !
  5. Kefka always win, because... Well, it has the best law. Another somewhat fitting would be Estark VS Vegnagun. That would be a pretty interresting fight. We have the Creator in FFIVA. And I'd think Zenith Dragon would fit better against Bahamuth (their role is pretty similar) Or having the Elemental Spirit against their respective Summon : Flame Spirit VS Ifrit. Terra Spirit VS Titan Aqua Spirit Vs Leviathan Wind Spirit against... Ramuh ? Sylph ? Not quite sure here...
  6. It's my first DQ gam, so it is special for me. Even with an awfull translation (lines where pixed up between the different characters. It may be pretty hilarious, but it's not really convenient...) I ended up being really impressed by it. ut bias aside, it's still an amazing game (DQVII may take the top place, but it's still on my top three (with DQV). I know someone who started playing it and said it may end up their new favourite (It was DQIX before), and it made me pretty happy.
  7. So... Kiefer replace Melvin there ? Well, it's the only way it makes sense, after all.
  8. If you're inquiring as to what really happened? No, it's opposite, Mortamor actually brought the Dream/Spirit World and drew it much closer to the Real World, so much closer that it actually had physical presence, even if the real-world denizens could not see it, but the Dream/Spirit World counterparts of those Real World denizens COULD effectively "fall" to the Real World. So basically he ripped it from its own reality and planted it firmly on top of the Real World, then placed Dhuran, his greatest general, in charge of taking out Zenithia and forcing it directly into the Real World for
  9. When I was young, I always thought DQVI took place long after DQV, whith Zenith Castle being (literally) a long lost dream. But apparently, it's the opposite. Was it Mortamor who separated the Dream World and Real World ? I don't really remember... There is also the distinct possibility that many events in DQVII Past (does someone have already made a DQVII Timeline, btw ?) happens simultaneously with games happening before. Especially if we consider mariosmentor's idea. Obviously, there is absolutely no way to ever now, by definition.
  10. It's dated for a winter 2014 release in Japan. Considering Atlus's track record with past releases (such as in 2013 with Shin Megami Tensei IV and Etrian Odyssey Untold) we'll probably see the game about 2 or 3 months after its release...well, in America at least. As for Europe, that could take a lot longer since Atlus doesn't have a Europe branch. That would certainly be interesting! The possibilities could be endless. Actually, I think Horii would be a good addition to the Etrian Odyssey team. He could probably create some good stories and characters for the series, especial
  11. The Midgard Library Investigation Team was also Simon, Raquna, and Arthur's team, if I remember correctly. The Hero Transformation seems interresting. At around 1:16, you see a battle screen with the Hero on his Demon Form. I wonder how it'll be handled, but it could lead to some interresting gameplay. There's also a passage on the video who show Grimoires will return (There probably aren't any subclass). I'm pretty excited by it even if it probably won't be out there until late 2015/early 2016.
  12. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm playing the original right now and loving it to bits. (Actually playing it made me even more interested by the remake, if any. This game is amazing) Gabo as a Shepherd and as a Jetser looks freaking cute.
  13. Since I'm playing it for the first time, I can really realize how titanic this work is. Thank you for your efforts. Dharma should be at least as long as Falrod, but I'm not really sure. I thought Deja would be longer, though.
  14. I'm playing DQVII for the first time. (so see you next year too...) I think it will become my favourite DQ game (I haven't played VIII, and I through III yet. III will probably be the next.) I made a small pause after recruiting Aira.
  15. I remember playing a Luna game on GBA and it was one of the more tepid game I played. THe Random Battles wee also pretty annoying. It had a medic girl who fought with claws. That's one of the main thing I remember. Maybe I should give it more chance, though... Shining Force II was a really fun game, though. Aren't both accepted ? I prefer "couldn"t care less" myself, but thought both worked. Granted, this isn't my mother tongue... Well, supporting the serie is the only reason to ever buy DQIV (especially if they don't translate Party Chat). Especially for me, because I h
  16. It seems I haven't any of this.... I use an Asus laptop (It is 5 years old) I guess I'm already using a software renderer then ? I must admit I have no knowledge about this. It seems to works fine with this one thanks. I used PsX on the meantime, but I think it would still be better.
  17. Thanks. I'm also away next week, so that's not a problem. Edit : Is it the processor ?
  18. Not sure. How can I check this ? (Yeah, I'm pretty bad at this...)
  19. I have an error message "Missing render texting extension" and "No pixel format available".
  20. So, I will detail what I use : use EPSXe V1.9 and the Video Plugin is Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.77, with the default config (Open GL just display the image on a corner of the screen) So... I touched the config, like this : And I have this result (the image is also on lower res) :
  21. OK... So, since we may not have DQVII3DS before quite a long time (of ever), I decided to download the iso of the game (because that's basically the only way for me to play through it). Now, that may be a common knowledge, but the screen turn to black every time I open the menu, or talk to someone. What should I do to fix this ? Thanks for any answer.
  22. Do someone know if there are any plan to release DQVIII Mobile in Europa ? Because, for some of us, the problem is not if we want to gnaw on the bone they threw us or not, it's we don't even have the bone. (nevermind I have no functioning system for it right now... I'd be ready to buy it anyway, just for the chance of having future title).
  23. And it's even worse for Europeans... Especially for those leaving in UK.
  24. I bought a lot of those PSP games on my Vita (Though there are a lot that are still unfinished...). There was also Persona 3 Portable (mainly for the opportunity of playing as a girl), and Z.H.P. (That game is hard as hell, but it was fun.) I have a soft spot for Nintendo's handled though. I actually agree that the FFTA games were more fun actally. Tactics Ogre... I like it far more for the script than the gameplay actually. Couldn't really get on the Ogre Battle SNES game (and never owned a N64) DQVI is my first DQ so I am obligatory partial. It was great enough to get me
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