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  1. For Mortamor's hands, look here at the end of the page. The Right Hand is magic oriented with MP Recovery, the Left is physical oriented with Hp Recovery. For Giant Mud Hand. Well, it have "Psycho". So, the only thing you do with it is raise tension and attack everyone with a powerfull attack. ... Every other giant monsters can probably kill everyone before. And, if the ennemy monster have Perillous Parrier, this may be useless. Far from the more exciting monster, I agree. It's probably an exception, though.
  2. I think you should read Jamming Break. So it should be one of the Crafty Traits. Now, I don't know what element "Jamming" must be. I'm nearly sure that the traits listed comes from DQMJ2Pro (I think I heardGigabody 0-4 is an unused traits from Pro). The Multi-actions and Size traiits being separated make sense with all the other informations we have for now. Side note : the Slime scan from the official site seems to have a different X traits(the Fourth one) that the description given in other sites. Wierd.... Can't read Japanese, but all the others are the same, including the "Small bod
  3. It could transform into another monster (Like Ditto in Pokemon) with Transform. MadMirror also had it, but it was its defining point. And that's how it always looked. It seems to have a unique skilset (at least named like it) in this version.
  4. According to this Site. there are now two versions of these monsters. one is Rank D (Number 197), the other Rank B (Number 337). I don't know which is which, but I guess that they changed the Look in Pro too differentiate Wormongerand Giant Worm. I haven't see screenshot for both of them yet, so as far as I know, they could perfectly have used both skins for both of them. (Wormonger's Original Skin and Giant Worm are suspiciously similar) Some thing I remarked about traits and X/XY monsters. Size Traits (Big Hitter,...) and number of actions (Tactical Trooper,...) are separated once a
  5. Heh awesome ! and about the spoilers : Can you recruit it ? Oh and Giant Worm is now apparently a giant monster with the same Skillset as Wormonger ( but they are still diferent monsters) So, I guess that Wormonger will keep its Pro Look : EDIT ; Whoah, they have exactly the same pose ! Just see that now. EDIT 2 : I wonder if Wormonger's DQMJ2 Look will become Giant Worm Look.
  6. I was talking about the DQ Sword Size 3 one that's on the first scan. That wasn't really clear, sorry. That's probanly the case, yeah. I just hope that we don't need event exclusive mons to obtain them. Also, now I wonder if the Elemental Spirits will be here.
  7. So, If i see correctly, Gisvarg is Magarugi X Rigor Mortex. Pretty fitting, I'd say. A lot of monsters will be added to my list of favorites, it seems. I already want that giant Killer Machine. Well, apparently now every monsters seems to have a X and XY form . The XY form is rank SS. No idea for the rank X From the scan of the Guidebook,I would guess that you must have two Lv 25 Base for the X monster and two Lv 50 X for the XY monsters.
  8. They already have two "rafflesia goblin" but being two similar was never a reason since Joker (Or else explain Boreal Serpent/ Ethereal Serpent/Xenlon). The closer we have to a mantis is tis one for Pro. So, what about PearlGel ands MimeSlime ? Do we have any news of Kagebou yet ? Also, is LizardMan still a recolor of Springrer, and what is its Size ? (I'd prefer the Caravan Heart Version, but I doubt it). EDIT : About Caravan Heart, do we knows something about Griffinx and Icky/Obapi ?
  9. I'm pretty sure he was referring to why there was an image of an SS-rank Slime (via the rank up system) with Tactical Trooper/AI 1-2, and another with Tactical Genius/AI 1-3. Exactly ! There's two almost identical Slimes. All the traits are the same, except Tactical Trooper/Tactical Genius. Also, although the stats in the second screenshot are weaker( I assume it's max stats), they are proportional. There's too much in common between the two screenshots to be just a coincidence. Can someone read Japanese well enough to see what it means ?
  10. In the Breeding session of the official site, choose the second option and there is a part that show a Rank SS Slime, and there is another scan at the back of the page in a brown Box with a Red Title, just above the scan that show A Slime attacling A FairyDrake, Rhino. It's a smaller scan, but you can clearly see the "AI 1-3" Do you knows what's written ?
  11. I just checked the Stronger Version part on the main site and notice something strange : There are two versions of the SS Slime : One with Tactical Trooper and four others traits and another with Tactical Genius and lesser Max stats. It seems to be the only difference between the two. Does someone knows what it means ?
  12. Well, there was already retty awesome Slimes in Pro (The Slider UltraSlime Girl, Killer Sat Slime, Liquid Metal King Slime, at least) Let's hope these monsters are as cool as their look. And 'm all for more slimes and Caravan Heart monsters. For thje trailer earlier, I hadthe feeling that Size 3 monsters could be obtained before fininishing the game. If that's the case it would be pretty good.
  13. Yeah, but Schwarzmann tank was material. So, wecan't be sure. Well, we'll know soon enough.
  14. Actually, this was made far easier in Pro : t(hey add the + values of each monsters +1. And monsters can go up to level 75 (instead of +5) and +9 up to level 100 (instead of +10) They add the Slime boat for the new slime game. Cool ! I wonder if it'll be Material or Slime.
  15. Well, the final Tournament in Pro gives you ton of money and you don't have anything else to do. Even if it's incredibly hard and you can do it only once a day. The final Tournament consists of endless battles until you die, without any possibility to heal within fight and maonsters becoming harder after each battle (after 70 fights, you can easily fight monsters vith 900+ in all stats) There's also the SlimeBlaster (the Killer Sat Slime). Though, you don't need more than one in order to make all fusions since you can scout Estark separately. And Liquid Metal King Slime can be Sc
  16. He's the only one with this ability in Pro. Size one monsters have only one action, Tactical Trooper, Tactical Genius and Double Trouble. Tacical Trooper can be learned by XY monsters, in exchange of lower stats (Gigamute or Mischevious Mole, for example) Size 2 monsters have Megabody 1-2/1-3/2/2-3 Size 3 monsters have gigabody 1-3/2/2-3. Also Hit Squad was one of the interest of X and XY monsters. A swarmtroopers X was really easy to obtain and is an awesome Metal Killer. Lamia is actually gonna be an event monster alongside one of the Ninjas (specifically the dark
  17. It has "Big Hitter 2-3 times" . (Big Hitter and Grand Slammer are mixed with Tactical Trooper/Genius, Double Trouble an "2-3 times"; So Dimensaur can act 2-3 times, with an increased power ) It's the only monster in pro with this treat. But this is balanced by one of the inaction skill. Well, in the trailer, there was a new remix of the Breeding room. So it seems that they want use the lame DQMJ2 version this time. That's enough to make me happy. The others rmake are already good in DQMJ2 and Pro. I hope that the DQM2 Ice World remix is in it, too (Cragravation Submit theme). T
  18. This is the Final Boss of the Story. Am I the only one who hate this monster and his animations ? I always want to throw up when I see it. Joker sure is great for disturbing final fight... (Dr Snapped...) Even if I can't understand what is said, it sure is evil and twisted... Dimensaur is really interesting... And apparently it's quite good. But its basic apparence is quite disapointing...
  19. My .Liquid Metal King Slime;... . I hope it's still obtainable in game... My only worries is if some monsters are only created by DQMJ2 ou DQMJ2Pro exclusive. Let's hope not I guess it's the Light Metal Body skill from Pro : Halves Damage, but doubles MP consumption. (The "Metal Slimes Only"'s Metal Body is Damage/3 with no Drawback) ...Just read the article again... I think that it just confirms the return of X and XY Monsters, like in Pro, and not Transferable traits... For example, in Pro, Snail Slime X gained Early Bird and Snail Slime XY gained Light Metal Body.
  20. Yeah, I remarked that just after posting... For some reasons, I expected Coatol to be taller. It seems smaller than Wingsnake... The colour should have been an indication, though... I also always thought that Swordgon had spikes in his back, with his official artwork....
  21. You mean the red one in the Wi-Fi section ? I'm pretty sure that it's WingSnake. You can see a blue coatol in the trailer. Now that I think of it, it seems that they switched their color pattern. I wonder if they will use the same animation, given how similar they are... I would like Adult Terry to be obtainable, even if it's not ingame... Also, is it me or is Terry smaller than the hero from the Joker game ? That bugs me for a while...
  22. Captain Crow is used to made Xiphos. Xiphos is used for Gadis and Estark and Estark is used for Rapthorne. You need Rapthorne II for the High Rank Monsters. We should also add a Pippit if we used it to make Elder Pippit. (Pippit and Elder Pippit are used to make King Sanguini) I think that it would be better if you couldn't obtain him before the new world. We also have Schleimann Tank, Swarzmann Tank/Workshop, Slime Gang and Hell Cloud, RoboSlime My suggestions : Canzar + Shield Ogre = Swarzmann Tank OR Canzar + ruins = Swarzmann Tank (Magic S
  23. @EmptyStar : You can already have DiamondSlime by Synth (GemSlime x2 + DarkoniumSlime x2). It's hard to obtain, but not impossible, and you don't really need for anything else (except LMKS, but it's scoutable) The others monsters that should be added are : UberKillingMachine, ManiacalMole, the Pompoko, Elder Pipit, Dimensaur, DarkLeonyx. And the DQMJ2 Exclusive : HunterMech, Conklave, Drollmage, BoarFish(not sure of the name), SeedyWeedie, Conkubines... Also, the eggs are Wi-Fi only, so you may also do something for the eggs monsters 'Leo Boy, Zoma's Devil, Barbarus, Warabou, Watabou)
  24. I added a Link in the special monsters page for the Incarni location
  25. I completed the 1x Scoutable monsters. I'm not really sure about when Captain Crow appear. @WaNNaPLaYiTLouD : If by strongest you mean the one that needed the most breeding, then it's "Hihyudorado"/EvilBst, the new Final boss (It's the giant red and white evil monkey-like) You can find his fusion listing here The others strongest are Liquid Metal King Slime. (Giant Metal Slime). He is really hard to scout and the monsters needed to obtain him are hard to obtain (BallonSlime) or to breed (DiamondSlime : GoldSlime x2 + Darkonium Slime x2). These two monsters are also amongst the strong
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