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  1. You forgot Seaking. In french, it's even stranger because its name change gender on evolution (Poissirène (Fish + Mermaid) >Poissoroy (Fish + King)). This always seems strange to me... But the thing is... It's not directly GF mistake, but mainly the translators... D'oh! Thanks for catching that one. I've heard another rumour that X and Y take you to the Orange Islands. Can anybody confirm or dismiss that? There's also Kingdra... About the Orange Islands... It remember a thought I had some times ago... What if they add the french's overseas territories ? That could be pret
  2. You forgot Seaking. In french, it's even stranger because its name change gender on evolution (Poissirène (Fish + Mermaid) >Poissoroy (Fish + King)). This always seems strange to me... But the thing is... It's not directly GF mistake, but mainly the translators...
  3. I'm not sure what you're on, because Hariyama CAN be female. Yes, you're right. That's what happens when you don't double check your information. Well, after all there's also female Machop and Male Gothita....
  4. Simple Woobat is pretty easy to obtain, I must have one of two of them. At least 1 female). I didn't have a lot of time, but I should continue my resarch as soon as I can. Somehow, my AR doesn't works for B/W/B2/W2... EDIT : I have indeed 2 female Woobat, 1female Drifloon, 1 female Foongus/1 male Ammongus, 1 female Leavannny 1 female Liepard 1 female Watchhog (and 2 male) 1 female Breloom (YES !) I also have Haryiama, who can never be female
  5. Well, their choices for the 2nd moves are... interresting. For Chespin, there'sthe Night Slash/Aerial Ace debate, they didn't considered Fennekin's 2nd move as a Psy move. Besides that, it's pretty well done. Well, the answer is... We don't have any clue about this for the moment. But the region seems to be entirely based in France, according to the trailer. Besides, France is really a country with a lot of different climate and regions, so they don't really needs to add another region (They can even make a Volcano landmark. They are extinct in reallity,but it's easily doable
  6. Heh, I'm surprised that they didn't do articles on(at least focused ones) Pokemon until now, one of the commenters said something about it being due to the next gen coming out this year. I sometimes go on Cracked to read their articles, I remember a chart article called The 5 most annoying things about sports to non sports fans. The comments are golden in this one. Cracked comments are generally pretty good. I could pass the whole days in this site.
  7. Loook at this article ! It's about Pokemon Invasion. The comment section makes it even better (Oranizedthem by votes...°
  8. Oh, yeah. I read that before on Bulbapedia. This is also the explanation for its Ground type accidentally. The Dragon Type seems to be here only for the joke.
  9. Reminds me of this doubt I had in my mind for a few months, relating to Flygon. Is it true that Flygon and Salamence's name were swapped by mistake when Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire got released and then they kept those names for the foreverness of forever? Because if Salamance was named Flygon and vice-versa, that would make more sense. Think about it. I doubt that, really. I could understand why Salamence would be named Flygon, but Flygon can't be named Salamence. Besides Fly-Gon is named after the Dragonfly, so it's name makes sense, and Salamence is named after the Salamander. It's
  10. That is my dream. I always liked Rock-types. I always liked Poison-types. What can be better than a Poison/Rock-type Pokémon? Konami got ahead of Game Freak with "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction", though... And something interesting to see would be a worm Pokémon. Not the regular variant, however. I mean the awesome variant. Funny you should mention that card.... just got it the other day. Anyways, yeah, a Rock/Poison Pokemon would be interesting. So would a Dragon/Poison-type. ...Or a Steel/Poison Pokemon. I can see it being an old rusted robot or armor. Kinda the one i
  11. People said that Chespin could have used Aerial Ace instead. Notice that for every other attacks shown, we see the attacker and defender. Nigh Slash being a glorified Slash attack, and a Direct Contact Physical move, you should be able to see Chespin attacking Golurk, the same way you see Froakie attacking in the trailer. Froakie's move seems llike a priority move, like Quick Attack. That's what I'd like to see him as a priority move specialist, something like Fencing Fox, but with a Frog. If it is Water/Fight, it should be more like Infernape in term of stats.
  12. I dunno if I'd really consider Diamond and Pearl colors The game itself looks good, but I'm not too sure about the starters yet. Guess I'll be waiting to see their evolutions. Although, the popular belief is that they'll evolve to be Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic (as long as it isn't Fighting, we've had enough of that combo), and Water/Fighting, and while it would help balence them out, it only gives Chespin yet another weakness. If that turns out to be the case, I don't think I'll be starting with it. Also, the male protagonist looks way too much like Black/Hilbert...eh, guess I'll get ov
  13. Yeah, I was pretty excited, so I wanna to post it immediately. Also, it's the first time Pokemon version doesn't have any colour on their name. Strangely, i think that's there are still a 2D feel, in the graphism. Maybe, the drawing line... Edit : Froakie really reminds me of Uncle Scrooge...
  14. Gen VI ! The announcement was about gen VI ! I didn't think it would happens so early ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MYbmIxzer8&feature=player_embedded
  15. Nomore love for Reuniclus ? Magic Guard is beastly. I won't use it on White 2, because Cofagrigus will have a similar use, and I don't like to always use the same pokemon. Training is really not a problem in this game, so Chandelure is definitely an option. I also found Ferrothorn and Golurk to be pretty cool, but I used them on post game only (Leech seed/Curse/Power Whip/ Gyro Ball). And a Golurk's Shadow Ball is pretty cool. Escavalier is also pretty good. ...There are too few slots for all the pokemon I want to use...
  16. Reuniclus (with Magic Guard, of course) is really great ! I used one on my old White version and it never disappointed. It can be used on any weather Galvantula (with Compoundeyes) can spam Thunder all days and is pretty fast. I also used one on my White playthrough. Haxorus seems great, but it needs some time before being really good. Chandelure is far more works than Arcanine, and Growlithe could be really useful for the Burgh Arena (And Roxie if you chose Challenge Mode). Krookodile also seems pretty good, and is obtainable early on. It also depends how much you want t
  17. @Democrobot : Well, I definitely think you should take Tepig. Also, use every berry you get. You need a Chesto Berry against Burgh, because Grass Whistle + Aerial Ace is deadly. However, you can abuse the breeder as soon as you reach Castelia, so it really helps (In B2/W2, the breeder can be fought indefinitely, you just have to leave the screen (for example, going into a house...). Also, do you plan to use the Memory Link ? If so, you should made an exception for N's Pokemon. In the Desert Resort, you can encounter N's Darmanitan. It's level 35 (~10 more than other trainers, ~15 more tha
  18. I can't wait to get either B2 or W2. I'm going to try a Nuzlocke run of Challenge mode. And from what you said, I'll have my work cut out for me. You have to beat B2 first to obtain challenge mode. I think that Tepig is the best choice for it since it completely destroy arty at a high enough level (you have to be careful about Aerial Ace, though...). I spend a day in the Pokestar Studio, to obtain various healing Items, so it should make things easier. Roxie was relatively hard, but Burgh was pretty easy. I also exchange a lv 9 Azurill with Huge Power and powerfull moves, so it he
  19. I just began White 2 on Challenge Mode. You really notice the difference. Mareep was essential to beat Cheren. (He has an additional Pidove...) When I played Black 2, I was surprised by all the healing Items they threw at you, but here, they reallyare necessary. For example, I needed these Oran Berries to be able to beat Cheren (I had Tepig and Mareep at level 13 each...) I also had to use the Fresh Water, against Cheren and Roxie... Well, you also gain a lot of experience, though...
  20. Steel Type ? I like Skarmory, Metagross, Ferrothorn, Scizor, Excavalier, Durant
  21. I just started White 2, and named my female Tepig Bayonne (like the ham...) Bianca's reaction : "Great choice ! Andbelieve me I have good taste !"
  22. Well, in Emerald, Absol wasn't this good. And I thought Substitute and Future Sight were good Idea... Favorite Groud Type ? I love Dugtrio and Marowak. Golurk was pretty cool. I want to have a Gliscor once... I always like the Swinub line... And I always have a found spot for Flygon.
  23. Absol, Drapion, Scraggy/Scrafty. Abol looked damn cool, but I couldn't use it well. Drapion was on my Diamond Team. Scraggy is pretty funny.
  24. However. I named White Hero,Lucio(from Light), Black Heroine Nera(Black), and Black 2 Oscar(From Oscuridad/Darkness). Now, I'm planning to buy White 2, but I don't know uow to name her. Any Idea ?
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