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  1. I don't know if it's true but I'm under the impression the English Version is doing a little more with the puns, and particularily the accents than the others versions. Bianca speaks normally in the French Version, and the only accents I really remember are Alena and the Laissez Fayre (Teafortwo) Aera (Where they replace the French with English, in the French Version, as is apparently the convention.) They're also all te Alltrades abbey things in DQIX where they just call it the Abbey of Vocation. (The Father is named Blaise for the Blaisepheme (from Blasphemy) joke.) And honnestly Bal
  2. I'm OK with Roto, but Loto is just a gambling game, not a hero name. I don't mind many of the name's change. I actually think Mortamor is a far better name than Deathmore/Deathtamoor (seriously, Deathmore feels like the name of a bad comics villain... Or a high power DQ Spell). I could even makes a boint for Nokturnus VS Dark Dream. And the spell names feels less unrefined as they were before. Besides having each family of spell following a formulation similar to the Japanese ones (element plus Prefixes/Suffixes to indicate power) is a good idea. Seriously, how do I know that boom, bang
  3. Yeah, I suppose thematically. But the whole thing felt like an undercooked, mobile-only version of Dragon Quest - it only had a quarter of the world size of DQ8, a quarter of the classes of DQ7, a quarter of the length of DQ6, a quarter of the heart of DQ5, a quarter of the charm of DQ4... But it DID have a monstrous and completely pointless post-game grind of epic length, which I guess some people loved but I didn't see any point in whatsoever. Post-game, to me, should tie into the core content, not be an essentially endless (and tedious) exercise of the battle system. But it was clearly
  4. I don't really have the money or the place for a PS4 version, so it would be 3DS for me. I prefer to play in an handled anyway. And the ability to change between both modes is really pleasing me.
  5. Hey I like the Vita *runs for cover* We probably will get the Vita version if it comes over. There's been a lot of localizations for it lately. GameStop might even make it a retail exclusive like Tales of Hearts R. That would actually be very bad. GameStop... ew. Saying this, I can see SE doing that. Why did Namco even make a physical release? Most Vita games don't even get one and a lot of people were turned off by the really poor localization previews (like the horrible name they gave the main character...) to begin with. And it wasn't dubbed, which wouldn't be that big o
  6. Didn't noticed the green boots as first, and now I can't see anything else... I'm rather unimpressed by his looks, but at least he loks different. I completely hope not. The voiced protagonist is what will kill Fallout 4 for me. When the protagonist is silent, there is a direct link between you and the world. You are the character. Making the character voiced cuts off that connection and severs the role your imagination serves for filling in the blanks. I'm glad Yuji Horii has some sense unlike Todd Howard. Here's an actual quote by Horii: "H: Oh, yes? Generally speaking, I think having
  7. Not that stoked about it? I'm excited as hell myself, and could possibly see DQX in the west too considering the PS4 release. That said, I'm 100% confident we'll get the PS4 version of DQXI, and quite hopeful for the 3DS release considering it's not a remake, spin-off or MMO on the 3DS. Not really a demake either, just two visions for the same game, one an old school styled effort and the other one an HD release more to follow in the foot-steps of DQVIII. Genius either way, I want both. I really love the dual screen uses for DQXI. Three actually. The Past, the Present, and the F
  8. For the 3DS version, if you use the circle pad, you will play on the high screen, and and battle will be DQ9/3DSDQ7 style, but if you use the D-pad, you play on the lower style, and the battle will be rendered in 2D. That's a pretty original use of the dual screen.
  9. It can really be a system seller. Even if we litterally don't know anything about it, except that it exist (or will exist).
  10. It is pure fanservice. And apparently Sugiyama was asked to work within the mood of DQI.
  11. Looks like it. Wow. I wonder what version it will be on it...
  12. The 2D Map on the lower screen just makes it more charming.
  13. Reason N° 1 why I prefer DQVII to FFX. But it has more to do with the game not acknowledging how ridiculous it is (FFX-2 fixed that). ANnd the fact it wasn't "my story". In this case (at lest for me), it broke the insertion of the game (that, and the ridiculous costumes) and all the emotion I was supposed to have felt flat. I've never played a Final Fantasy game, and I don't really intend to. Nothing I have heard about the series sounds interesting to me. Final Fantasy VI is an amazing game. I think you'll miss a lot not trying it. But that game have no Hero, so to speak, b
  14. That's the one you advised me to use and it worked perfectly for me. So I'll also recommend it.
  15. Welcome to the den ! I hope you'll stay here for a while !
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