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  1. Why is it when you tell someone the easiest way to do something they make it seem like the hardest thing to do.

    1. ignasia


      Doesn't always happen.  I think when it does, they're not on the same wavelength, so they're not comprehending what they're told, and thus are still cautious.  Perhaps it's a fear of uncertainty that there might be extra variables unaccounted for in the advice given, or they're unsure if they'll miss it.

      Judging from my own experiences in being on the other side, I tend to be overly cautious to assure I don't miss the event, or some trigger, or that I get everything done precisely as I think it should be.  Afterall, being the one given the advice, I haven't experienced it yet.  Being the one giving the advice, the mentality of the ease of the actions taken and outcomes is built in with experience.  It really alters the perception and sense of what is.  Plus not everything easy comes easy.  Sometimes it takes awhile normally to figure out an easier method to do something.  After the fact, given experience and experimentation, it becomes almost as a reflex, and feels easy in the mind, often overlooking the hard work used to get there.

      Then there are the times where I can fully visualize what it is I'm told.  In such cases, I find repeating the action rather simplistic and easy, as I can build upon my own experience and adjust that memory and visual from there prior to taking the actions described.  If I have limited to near zero direct experience, it's nearly impossible to accomplish this as I have no memory to reference and work from.

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I was just going to say maybe they're set in their own ways / don't want advice, but Iggy made a much better point above.

    3. ethanej


      Feel bad for the cable company tech that has to go to my cousins house and install networking cable up to the second floor. 

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