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  1. Got an email saying that my Switch Lite shipped today only to find out that it was out for delivery.

    1. ignasia


      Nice.  I love my Lite.  The screen size is perfect.  It actually enhances the visuals, making them look better than the Switch on the TV much of the time (if not most of the time).  That condensing of pixels definitely enhances elements and helps unwash colours.  Enjoy mate.

  2. Bought a switch lite and ordered a game. Don't know when I will be getting the system but I do know I'll be getting the game I ordered in today.

  3. I don't know if I'll be able to get to any of the human models anytime soon due to the fact that I had to get rid of my desktop with dedicated graphics. I want to see if I can do an egpu set up so that I can continue working. The smog and shadow monsters had issues when I tried loading them which is why they didn't get converted. The human boss the heros father didn't get converted as all the files for him are spread out directory wise.
  4. By the next 125 address are set aside do you mean like - are for the primary router the next router being - Because if so that explains your IP conflicts. You'll want the primary router(Which in this case is your Grandmother's.) to be the next router you'll want to be any router after that you increase the number by one so that it is in its own sub set.
  5. I've been pretty busy for a while. I had hoped to get back to working on dqxi models but I kinda had to give up desktop.

  6. Sold my 3ds and ps1 for some money to put towards a switch wound up loaning a bit of money to my sister so she could fix her laptop. Wound up going to the hospital at the end of May and got diagnosed with Vertigo also found out that the dentures that got made last year were made wrong.
  7. I believe that option no longer works so you will have to find the update elsewhere.
  8. An option exists that the anti adblock can't detect all that well. Though you can't white list sites and you need an administrator account to edit the file. https://someonewhocares.org/hosts/
  9. Some sites it is easy to bypass the anti adblock. You open up the browsers dev console and remove certain parts of the HTML.
  10. Sadly had to give up on the mobile hotspot. I'm still going to be coming on the site every once in a while. Hopefully I can start saving up for a Nintendo Switch.
  11. I've put up a few more videos: https://youtu.be/MUyrNEmSiKg https://youtu.be/CVQ3tXQ9wbM
  12. Not sure about competitive online but during regular game play it helps them. Went and retested it with a level 1 monster the other monster was at Max level in about 8 rounds it took both demon at arm's out. I noticed it seems they added some monsters in version 1.3 which a few seem to be from Dai.
  13. I played both joker 3 and Joker 3 Pro. One of the more interesting aspects of Joker 3 pro is you can coalesce(Don't know what the game calls it!) monsters together during battle which if you pick your traits right during monster Synthesizing of certain monsters I think +75 you wind up creating a monster that can potentially be stronger than the base monster with certain traits carried over from the other monster. If you have a monster with AI 4(The ones that have it are size 4 and can only be obtained from the wifi section.) and you want it on let's say a slime the slime can inherit the AI 4 trait from the other monster while keeping it a size one monster. Here is where coalesce gets fun you take that AI 4 Slime that you made and coalesce it with a another slime which is only AI 1 and is also size small your coalesced Slime now has AI 5 sadly giving the AI 1 Slime AI 2 doesn't increase the AI. If you increase the size of the AI 1 Slime from small to large(The one that takes three spots.) and you coalesce the AI 4 Slime with the Size 3 Slime you get AI 7. Video documenting this(Old version of Citra):
  14. The other DQ is giving away Ice Cream Tomorrow.

  15. This is one of the reasons I use an ad blocker the other reason is malvertising.
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