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    bicycling with my group, anime at night, DRAGON QUEST 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, DQM 1,2 DQH rocket slimes, other video games at night, football, baseball, basketball, and track
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  1. Will they make a game of Dragon Quest that combines all the characters and bosses from all the game they made for one awesome game

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    2. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      I could imagine it now. DQ ALL THE BRAVEST. Erdrick and abel use Pankras's Sword and the Thunder Storm to attack Master of Nu'un and Pazuzu while Perry casts thoridain on Rigor Mortex also happening when the entire cast of DQ4 fight the 4 guardians, Yore, and Ruin. All circulating with Raphatorne fighting Estark all happening in Grand Estark's Palm while fighting The King of Darkness who holds King Hydra vs Aquarion and smaller down is the hero of DQ7 fighting a bird of Terrordise...

    3. jay


      Didn't they do this with Battle Road?

    4. Zecron


      No the way shun described yes they did you basically described battle road but if this was to happen it would be time travel story and a plot of its own but bringing bosses and mosnters from other games

  2. Will Dragon quest

  3. Arent they already making a 11th Dragon Quest

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    2. MacaroniMan17


      I hope people abbreviate it "DQ11" instead of "DQXI", because I'll scan over that without looking carefully and think they're talking about DQ NINE

    3. Zecron


      Haha ok thanks what do you think its gonna be about though


    4. Zecron


      Haha ok thanks what do you think its gonna be about though


  4. Anyone know of good PS2 emulators for windows 7 that actually works and thats not PS2 alpha 1

    1. King Zenith
    2. Zecron


      i just got that im setting it up know haha


  5. I finally have DQ 1,2,3 on a emulator haha

  6. Ok so Every Dragon Quest game I have why do people freak out when they see a monster or magic or strange abilites THEY CAN GO OUT SIDE THERE DOOR AND THERE WILL BE A SLIME

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    2. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      DQ logic

      *You can be revived after being burned or bludgeoned yet a sick girl cannot be revived

      *Town B > Town A in terms of monsters and equipment even if Town B is a slum and town A is a castle


    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Only the chosen ones can be revived because it is god/goddess's will?


      The second part I could never come up with a good answer for though.

    4. Zecron


      yah your right only chosen heroes can be revived but its weird haha

  7. Would they bring back the DQVC store like did before

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    2. ignasia


      Though ya, DQ9's "DLC", along with a lot of Wii and most DS games will have their entire online content shutdown for good (until players can find workarounds).


      A few like Phantasy Star Zero, have their connections directly at Sega's servers, and are still functioning. All DS friend code systems, the DSi digital store, the Wii browser and digital content store's are still up and running (they're Nintendo run servers), and probably for the foreseeable future.

    3. Mattcraft
    4. Zecron


      Oh ok thanks for answering

  8. So why dont they made another anime based off a Dragon Quest Game cause the other one they made wasnt good at all

    1. solo


      witch one have you seen

    2. Megalosaro


      There are two DQ animes. Dai no Daibouken is pretty damn great. I don't care for the other one


    3. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      You could try some manga. Slime Morimori, Dragon Quest Monsters + and the DQX one featuring Soura, a 16 year old Weddie boy.

  9. Has anyone else heard of TeamFourStar or LittleKuriboh?

    1. Soulerisn


      I dont watch teamfourstar but I watch AT4W (Linkara) so I often see them in his shows.

    2. solo


      i have heard of littelkuriboh

  10. Did they change there mind about shutting off wifi for games yet?

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    2. Mattcraft


      what is that i don't even

    3. Shadow Kunoichi

      Shadow Kunoichi

      unfortunately Nintendo only cares about what's new or current. History or the Past has no place in todays society. it's sad really.

    4. Mattcraft


      I doubt they'd have to buy the Gamespy name, but they would have to patch -every single- game for it to work right. Way too much work.

  11. I wish all dragon quest games from japan came over so we could play them on ios and andriod and the other spin off dragon quests

    1. jay


      I wish it was that easy. It be more than amazing if we could get every Dragon Quest Game. Terry 3D, Cobi and Tara 3d, DQ7, Battle Road, Rocket Slime...Dare I need go on?

    2. Chanticleer Hegemony
    3. Zecron


      Uh i have dq7 for ps1 and I have rocket slime for ds as well as 4,5,6,9, dqm 1 and 2 for ds as well

  12. No one has DQ9 so I cant tag anybody I wish they made it so you could invite people world wide and also tag

  13. Best Dragon Quest game and why

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    2. Megalosaro


      VII - Long game filled with interesting content and characters. Some of Sugiyama's best work.


    3. robotnikthedrak


      Deja vu, I'm afraid... :/

    4. Saigan


      As much as I agree with Hawkeye's DQ3, I'm gonna say DQ8. It is a prime example of modern production values without hurting the gameplay of a long running series.

  14. sigh i fixed my ar code thing so I can use it but I don't want to lose all my progress ive completed the game and tons and tons and tons of grottoes I don't want to have to replay again so ill see if it works thxs
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