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  1. Thanks a lot for doing a walkthrough for the game (or redoing it cleanly). Btw, I don't like the way this wiki works either, so if you prefer some other wiki, feel free to take the content in a better wiki. When I started it, I didn't know the differences between wikis, and it was faster and better than it is now. Now, I have a hard time going back at it to modify stuff.
  2. I'll try to get back to the text dialogs, and find back the info. For now, here's the easy stuff. The forum/thread might not be the best way to transfer the information though. Already extracted, decoded Filename What is does msg_tokusei.binA Traits names msg_actionname.binA Skills names msg_taiseiname.binA Resistances/weakness names msg_itemname.binA Item names msg_monstername.binA Monster names msg_menu.binA Menu options msg_battle.binA Battle quotes msg_actionhelp.binA Help text on skills msg_library.binA Help text on traits msg_skillna
  3. I guess I really should come more often. Actually, compression is the biggest thing remaining. Dialogs would really be the next best thing in the patch. For the menu, names and other stuff, there seems to be a limit in the number of characters available, and I'm almost at that limit. I couldn't find the place, pointer or size, where that limit is, so I can't add much more. However, it's "understandable" even if it's not perfect currently. I've checked the other thread, and you have a good bit of information already (for me, the hardest part was the table, the rest is kinda easy
  4. It's normal that xdelta closes immediately, if it's run in windows. It's more of a commandline utility, where parameters are passed. I didn't use xdelta gui, but the idea is the same. The main file is the original japanese game, and the delta file is then added to it to generate the new patched file. As for the changes, I don't remember everything, but I used a lot of what you wrote. I don't remember if I could keep everything as space is limited.
  5. It was a company on their behalf. It was a bit before the DQMJ2 was out, when it was still unknown (to us) if it would be a pro or standard edition. However, no helpful advice was given, and no payment either. It was just a threat like "stop releasing or legal actions will come" sort of information. As for the disassembler, if I knew "DS" disassembler, it would have been translated ages ago. I kinda know plain "x86" asm, but I'm still far from analyzing the code of a console game. That was the kind of help I needed to progress, and I asked here and at a few other places. It's really seems
  6. There was a space at the end of the url. I edited it. Should be ok now, or coping and pasting it should also be ok. http://snk.to/f-cdc5wi3u
  7. I just dropped by to say hello and since I didn't hear about square enix for a while (over 2 years), I don't expect them to be still following this. I thought I would leave behind the latest patch I did. It's getting old, and I still haven't found how to get around the dialogs, so no miracles there. Anyway, here's the stuff: http://snk.to/f-cdc5wi3u
  8. For the info, I'm not lost and I still check in frequently (I'm not always logging in). The setting to receive an e-mail is enabled and I received the e-mail (about 2 days ago). I normally don't answer emails right away (yes, I'm that busy...) and I also check if it's from someone who's serious or a user who just registered to get the patch. I didn't re-uploaded any recent versions on the wiki since I received an e-mail from a squarenix's license tracking company asking me to stop. I don't want the patch, even in it's incomplete state, to go public. Basically, I don't want someone
  9. I've been programming for the last 18 years, including in C/C++ and Assembler so I kinda know about pointers... Actually, I was able to extract pretty much all the info that is out on this game and the english version because I know how to search pointers, in memory and in the file. I've made my own action replay codes, my own mods and patches. All of those couldn't be without pointers. The space barrier I encountered isn't a simple pointer or value to change, or it would be done already. I've got a few tools from gbatemp also, to enable me to extend the data and extract the files. However
  10. I should come back more often, I've missed a few things recently. Great job Shinryu once again! However... I've got at least a good and a bad news, both can be resumed in the same: I've (privately) "released" a newer patch than the one you are using. If you want, I can send you this newer version. Most of the things you noted are changed in the latest version. Also, my current problem is that I have a fixed space for: skills, traits, items, menu, skillsets, resists and monsters. So I reduced a lot of the text only to make it fit... Anyway, I'll check back more often no
  11. Well, currently, it's not going anywhere. I can't "easily" convert the dialogs, and all the menu, combat, skills, names, etc. are pretty much done. Also, I've hit a space barrier, so now, if I add text somewhere, I need to remove about the same number of bytes somewhere else. I've given the patch to some beta testers, to help complete the remaining stuff (mostly wifi and tags stuff), but didn't receive much feedback yet. So technically, it's not dead, but not progressing anymore.
  12. I've checked and re-checked, and even confirmed on japanese sites, hunter mech or "hunter metal" as google translated, or メタルãƒãƒ³ã‚¿ãƒ¼ like it's written originally in game, have no synthesis recipe (to make them), and are not seen in the wild (well, I didn't find them either, nor seen anywhere where to get them). They do have battle stats (lvl 15 and lvl 14, with parts or metal ticket, and a valid scout chance), so my guess is that they must be gotten from tags against DQ6/DQ9 or something like that. They are not required for higher breeding formulas, as proto-mech and killing mac
  13. I'm currently "off the web" most of the time these days, so I don't check in often. Things haven't progressed recently, due to a lack of time. I'll have another try at cracking the dialogs text in the holidays. For the rest, I'm currently waiting for the beta testers (and to those wanting to beta test that I haven't responded yet, it's just because I haven't had the time to do so, not because I do not want...)
  14. Only menus and other stuff, no breakthrough yet. I have to use "brute force" to get scripts halfway readable, with some unwanted repetitions.
  15. Well, I just won me a Cap crow in Pro while translating a part of the Wi-Fi battle gifts. That's how they made it to be able to get more than one in Pro I guess. I'm finalizing a few things and will probably send the updated version to the beta testers.
  16. Well, those that want to be beta testers can PM me here, with a valid e-mail address. I'll send a few beta tests. (I do hope to get feedback on things that aren't ok) If I see or hear about leaks of the patch on the web, I'll stop. The Wifi is usable, it's my current focus right now, but the work is going slowly, as US wifi and Jap wifi aren't at the same time, so I can't directly compare both. Also, they aren't exactly the same either.
  17. Well, those that insist on being beta testers can PM me here, with a valid e-mail address. I'll send a few beta tests. If I see or hear about leaks, I'll stop. (I actually completed me note a few minutes later...)
  18. Well, for now, I would "need" someone with DS disassembler skills to progress or beta testers for the latest stuff I did (basically, picking up most of the english text). Actually, I would have a version to release now, but my only concern right now is that I need beta testers who won't leak stuff on the web.
  19. I sent practically everything I had (well almost, as I'm discovering new things every now and then, and not everything is useful), to King Zenith, who added a bunch of stuff here already. Items are here already, with monsters stats and a couple of other stuff like synthesis. Traits and skills are probably somewhere in one of the next parts that will be added. Feel free to check on http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm5ds/ in the section at the top right to have the info.
  20. Latest DQMJ2 = DQMJ2 (usa). The character map was the same for DQMJ2 (j) and DQMJ2 (p). It was also easier to keep it for DQMJ2 (u). It doesn't mean anything about DQMJ2P (u) though. However, if you want to believe that they are preparing it, I can tell that DQMJ2P(j) had all the structure for multi-languages, and DQMJ2 (u) has all the DQMJ2P data missing, in the same spots that they were in DQMJ2P, like if they were removed after being added. So, in my opinion, it would be easy for them to work on DQMJ2P (u), which they might already be doing in our backs. But don't take my word
  21. With the spaces problems, it's kinda hard to see, but I checked it in the reply code and yes, it is ok. Here's a link to a google spreadsheet with the letters I currently have. It is based on DQMJ2P, but I extracted just about everything I could in DQMJ2 using the exact same character map without any problem. From what I saw, the latest DQMJ2 added a few characters, but kept everything that was already there in DQMJ2P (in the character map I mean).
  22. I don't have a script dump exactly. I do have a character table dump and dumps of different parts (like traits, skills, monsters names and stuff like that), but not for script. I can extract the files, but they are still in the raw format. The reason I extract them, is that I can manipulate them outside of the game and when I re-insert them back, I can add more or less bytes to the file and it's still vaild (well, if I did my work ok and didn't mess the format). The compression format is so "lazy" that big parts of the text is in uncompressed format and thus can be seen easily. It's li
  23. Sorry for the late reply... I hope I'm not too technical. If I am, or if this info does not belong here, feel free to tell me, I'll remove it. The same alphabet is more or less used for DQMJ2P(j) and DQMJ2(u). Basically, I have found them and got them in a text and spreadsheet file. Every letter is 1 or 2 bytes. Numbers, starting at "0" begins at byte 0x01, upper case letters starts at byte 0x0D, and lower case letter starts at 0x27. After that, there are some special characters (foreign languages accents). Japanese characters starts at 0x6F with a ã‚ letter. Up to 0xDF, those are japan
  24. If I was able to find a solution to this, the DQMJ2Pro would be translated currently... I was able to find some kind of structure, using 3 bytes, just before the beginning of the non-compressed text, in japanese. It was still not enough to manipulate it correctly. I still don't know if it's the same in DQMJ2, as I'm still working on all the other stuff. If you can find how to work with this compression, I would be more than interested on how it works...
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