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  1. What do you think of the new feature of different sized monsters? I believe it give advantages like higher stats but also stoppes the fact of a super strong team
  2. Yes i know this(sorry if that sounded rude) but if you go to where rigor was defeated there is a pillar touch it and it shows the ??? crown symbol. As far as i know i have yet to find someone who has used this pillar, so if no one is getting this it has to have something rare with it(or it has something to do with deleted content)
  3. There is a pillar in the dark world that I have never got to use. The boss pillar, where you fought rigor mortex, has anyone used it i can't find info on it
  4. I currently have a king cure slime with cure-all and healer maxed and he works fine he got me through the game, but i was wondering should i make him into another king cure slime with uber healer or should i make a brand new healer.
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