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  1. Apologies for the double post, but aside from those listed in the site bulletin, which sections of the wiki would you lot want to give attention to? I'd like to clean up the equipment pages for IX myself, but it's more than a little overwhelming for just one editor to handle.
  2.   We'll take all the help we can get! Which sections did you have in mind though? It occurred to me after posting that I was talking about a different Dragon Quest wiki. But my improvements would probably work with this one as well if it is set up similarly. Basically I wanted to add more information to spell/skill/item tables to identify translation differences. I know there's a table that has Japanese and Spanish brackets already added, so you shouldn't have to do too much legwork for that.
  3. We'll take all the help we can get! Which sections did you have in mind though?
  4. Does Square Enix deserve you lot as fans? No, not by a country mile. Square Enix deserves better fans, ones that actually appreciate what they receive instead of taking every oppertunity to sit down and $#!&@ about it like spoiled children. I have been a slient part of this...'community' for the better part of seven years now. I was there when IV arrived on shore and people complained about accents, names, and the lack of a party chat instead of acknolwedging that one of the best titles of all time is theirs, in portable form no less. The same moans and wails reemerged after V's launch, but that was supplanted quickly by the hushed whispers that the series hadn't sold well enough overseas for SE to continue localizing them. Seeing so many of you running around like chicken little left me wonder when one of you would claim the sky would fall, and every bit of that paranoia has ingrained itself into this site like a malignant tumor to this very day. Even after IX's release, with a jaw-dropping marketing campaign that targeted the biggest demographic for the system, you all still $#!&@ed and complained, saying there was never enough attention given to the series. You think the series isn't given enough attention over seas? Try saying that to a Mana or SaGa fan and see what reaction you get. Square Enix deserves--no, Dragon Quest deserves better fans that the spoiled, ungrateful, vehemoth group this forum has proven itself to be, and I can only hope that this is but a silent minority of children compared to the real fandom.
  5. That will help for links in text descriptions, but I can't exactly use them as main illustrations. Still, thanks fo the kick start! What I'm trying to do is raise the wiki's standard as much as possible, especially when its compared to other gaming hubs. It will keep the kids off gamefaqs, and reflect positivly on the series itself as well. There's no way I'm going to let the FF wiki outshine the better series.
  6. Salutations, I'm preparing to perform a large info dump on the wiki's IX page (stats, resistances, spell ranges, etc), as well as add illustrations for much of the armoury. However, I have not had access to a scanner since I uploaded the 25th anniversary book over a year ago, meaning that the guides I have are effectively useless. If anyone on this board has any scans of the items from IX, please post a link in this thread or send me a private message. Once I have the files I can start uploading very quickly, and the wiki will look all the more professional for it.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/#31h160ddc2upe Here, a present for all you chicken-littles.
  8. Thanks for the speedy reply, FlyingRagnar! Your first suggestion is going to be the best way for this to be approached, and it will make the wiki look considerably more professional. I believe the way the Iron Armour page is laid out currently is a good example; paragraphs organized by game describe its traits in each appearance, and its alchemic family is addressed under the appropriate section. For the few instances when a set contains a previously separate piece of equipment, it think it should have a separate page, as bugging down one page with all that statistical data might be too much at once. Does that sound unnecessary though? As far as adding and wording the raw information, I'll be sure to pace myself and keep at it. I would like to say that the little quips and alliterations I add to monster descriptions are just for fun, and anyone can supplant them with they're own puns if they like.
  9. Salutations. I have been editing the Dragon Quest wiki for some time now, and the presence of many superfluous pages has come to my attention. Many of these (particularly the IX armours) are my the results of my own actions. As an experiment, I have gathered the necessary text for the Legendary armour line, and placed the information in the page of its initial form. I personally think the wiki would look more professional if the information was organized in such a many, as opposed to there being several small pages for monsters and armour with but a paragraph and a half between them. That being said, I would like to get the opinion of the board before I make any more motions in regards to this matter. Should the pages remain separated as is, or should they be organized more thoroughly, as I have done with the aforementioned legendary armour line?
  10. Quick question, but it might be too early to tell yet: does the wisdom stat affect the potency of spells and certain abilities like in the Level-5 games, or does it still function as magic evasion like in V, VI and the original VII (stat of 410 equating to a 41% chance to dodge a spell, etc.)? Also, every last one of you who has been complaining about the changes should be ashamed of yourselves; I thought the DQ community was more mature than the common fandom, but no, you lot of self-entitled brats has proven that wrong. I swear to Celestia, I can practically hear the fleet of waaaaambulances coming to pick you whiners up.
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