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  1. I dunno how I feel about people now deciding to buy Japanese copies. =L Square is still gonna end up making money off your purchase, further lowering their incentive to translate it (if ever). If people end up buying Japanese copies, they're not gonna need to translate it (also for everyone buying a Japanese game is another English game that ISN'T going to sell). So after all the crap they've been doing to us, NOT bothering to translate the past 5 DQ games, they STILL end up winning. It's like salt in the wound. I totally understand the frustration though, there's no answer in sight,
  2. Yeah, they're from DQX. They're enemies/ companions. There's also one with a white mage hat iirc. =)
  3. Boar with hat, big green dragon, and wind puff thing confirmed-- some new DQX monsters. Whale Mage and some mantis too.
  4. Not a single **** is given. We're not going to see it over here anyway, so I'm not gonna get my hopes up and follow this like I did with TW3D. I learned my lesson.
  5. Yeah, maybe. =s I'm personally just calling it quits on this one. Last year we were all in agreement that if this wasn't at E3, it was dead. I think we just need to put this to rest-- no more excuses. If they had any plans on releaseing this, why not show it now? Those master lists usually just announce shovelware iirc. Welllllll. petition time. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/dragon-quest-monsters-3d-terry-s-wonderland-3d.html This is pathetic. **** Square.
  6. I went through the entire site, nothing. Not even the 2013 3rd party titles.
  7. I dunno. I mean, I was hoping to get TW3D becasue I grew up with the GBC version so it would've been a great nostalgic opportunity to play through again. But that said, this will have more monsters, and I never played the originals so it'll be a new experience for me. Whatever though, at this point in time I don't care what we get as long as we get something. It's gotten to the point where no one can afford to be picky.
  8. Mixed reactions to this. =/ I knew this was coming miles away. I'm sorta conflicted. When Pro got announced in Japan, it made me skip DQMJ2 just because I figured Pro would come out overseas. It never did. I doubt this will come over here, but nonetheless I think this will be a blow to TW3D being released here as well. And if we do get TW3D, we'd still be losing out a a more complete game in terms of monster total (not as bad as pro because the story is totally different). But I never played DWM2 so I'd prefer TW3D here anyway. Mehhhhhhhhhhhhh, :<
  9. Nah, don't get your hopes up. =[ There have been at least 10 Nintendo Directs since this game came out in Japan and there's been virtually nothing. Best bet is E3.
  10. Gonna be a livestream by Nintendo of America tomorrow at 6 AM to discuss "upcoming titles". This may or may not be one. I wouldn't get your hopes up though. They might as well just wait til E3 at this rate. Plus I'm sure they're just going to be discussing titles which we already know about. As usual. Just fyi. =)
  11. Not inherently indicative of an international release, but I am super glad that they're making these real easy to obtain over wifi. xD Infinity better than having to win them in a tournament or by going to 7-11.
  12. http://www.gametrailers.com/shows/pach-attack Pacher isn't always the most popular person in gaming, but if anyone's interested, he addresses the topic of Square-Enix being hesitant to localize games this week on his show. I agree with what he says, I mean that's what I've been thinking this whole time.
  13. This is fantastic. ;_; Here's an old favorite of me with an orange. webcam'd FOLLOWUP: Here was said orange, after inexplicably splitting in half while I was peeling it. Edit: Just went back a few pages. I forgot what you all looked like, haha. =) Looking good, Dragon's Den.
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